If you haven’t heard the name Sarah Beasley at all in 2016 you may have been living under a rock, or perhaps like me, just don’t pay much attention to TV. However, there’s a good chance you’ve seen her smiling face on the cover of People Magazine as you sat in the waiting room of your doctor’s office, dentist, or dealership. If you have, then you know that Sarah was featured this time last year on the People cover as one of several people who lost 1/2 their size. She was also featured on Good Morning America where she got to share her story with America and the world. Most recently, she was featured on the cover of Her magazine. It seems like every time I turn around this young woman and mother is making news. What you might not know about Sarah though, is that she is a military spouse and a hugely successful home based business owner.

Sarah runs a multi-level marketing,or as it is more commonly referred to MLM, business. What started as a way for her to get a discount on products and get healthy, quickly turned into a passion that she has put her heart and soul into. You can see it in her  positive messages, encouraging words and unwavering dedication to helping others as they pursue their own goals and dreams. As a military spouse Sarah knows first hand how difficult it can be to balance the load of work, mother-hood and military life. Prior to launching herself into full-time boss lady mode she also worked as a child-care provider in order to help out their growing family and make ends meet. Since being apart of a MLM business is a popular way for military spouses to try and earn income (or discounts) I wanted to talk with Sarah about what it takes to make a MLM business work.

1) What drew you to working from home?
I started out in the company I work for just to create my own transformation in health and fitness and get some weight off. I never imagined it would have turned into a actual business for me but being a product of the products that changed my life made it easy for me to share my joy in weight loss with others.  Which, of course, brought me to helping others join my own challenge groups and give them the tools I used on my journey to create their own story!

2)What are the pros and cons of an MLM?
The pros are the fact that you take things at your own pace when you are apart of the these work from home business’s. I’m not sure how other business’s work but with ours the training is truly unlimited and at your finger tips. It is up to the person to create their own joy in it. I feel anyone can be successful as long as they have a true love and joy for what they do. It’s what wakes them and makes them want to get to work. In my business that’s helping others see and feel the joy of creating a healthier lifestyle.
The cons… I’m not sure there truly is a con for those willing and wanting big things out of their lives.  You do have to put in the work to see results happen in a business like this and you have to show up each and every single day. Many people come in thinking they will just “sell” something for a week or two and create a six figure income which isn’t how it works. It takes time, consistency, and hard work!

3) Do you think your success is attributed to your personal story or to how hard you push/work your business?
I think my personal success is 50/50 of both my own story with the products as well as the work I put in.

4) Can anyone have the type of success you’ve achieved or do you believe it takes a certain type of person?
I don’t think everyone is cut out to work from home in a mlm business. They have to be able create their own schedule and organization system to work from.

5) How do you deal with the negativity?
I wake up every day with a new mindset and a positive attitude. I start my day with a good read of personal development as my business has always taught me to do.
It’s just another thing I think is so wonderful about this company as it teaches us to grow our minds day in and day out. For us to encourage and help others along their journey we must first be in a good place of our own.

6) What advice would you give to encourage other mil spouses who are starting out in either their own business or a multi-level marketing company?
Learn all you can your first year without expecting to get a big paycheck from it. You have to start from the ground up your first and maybe even second year because you are building a business, a empire for the future and that doesn’t just happen over night for anyone. Learn and grow in your business and mind. Watch and learn from others that have been successful in your line of business. Find your own way and stay true to who you are. I see so many come in and try to be someone else but we are all special in our own story and that’s what people are attracted to not what you have to “sell”. I say “sell” because in what I do I don’t think of a product being sold, I think of a gift being shared because that’s what this journey gave me. The gift of a better life. Also never be scared to get uncomfortable. Every time you do, you will later see that was a part of you growing.

7)What has been the biggest benefit (aside from financial) to you as multi-level marketing rep? What hasn’t been a benefit honestly? I have been able to help women around the world make changes for a better lifestyle for the rest of their lives. I’ve helped women be able to have babies that were told they couldn’t from eating healthy and changing their daily routines. I’ve seen women be able to quit full time jobs they hated and be able to stay home with their children. They were able to do the simple things, like going in to be classroom Mom, that they hadn’t ever been able to do before. The joy that I’ve seen come to others lifestyle changes has brought me more joy in my own life than I could have ever imagined. It’s not just the people I know I’ve helped or their stories, its everyone that’s heard my story that’s never talked to me before and told me how I’ve changed their lives without me ever knowing. That’s the best part- getting little messages like that several times a week from someone I’ve never talked to before. All because I used social media as a tool to help myself stay accountable when I started my journey in health and fitness! Everything this journey has lead me to has given me a better mindset and in turn given me better relationships with the people I love. Not to mention the energy and excitement I have about life now. I have things to look forward to like I didn’t before.


If you are considering a going into a MLM like Sarah, or opening up your own home based business, hopefully her insight will give you some tips and motivation to follow your dreams and passions wherever they may lead you.




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