OK Im wondering how often are tsunami warnings?

What is the deal with pet quarantines?

What is it about bugs? I was trying to find a post regarding the bugs but nothing.
Has Hawaii changed from what it used to be 20 years ago, school system and all.
My hubby was a military brat and he was 12 when he was there, he loved it… now he is wanting to go there again but I tell him how I’m sure everything is different than 20 years ago. What do you think?
Angela M.
Hi Angela and thanks for writing me.
I have been here since March of 2009 and we have only had one Tsunami threat which turned out to be nothing but it was very scary. Fortunately being at Schofield , we are supposed to be on the higher side and we have mountains to protect us.
In reference to pet quarantining  we got our pet after we arrived here but  you can learn more about that by clicking the link below: http://hawaii.gov/hdoa/ai/aqs/info
I am not sure how Hawaii was twenty years ago but I can say that while I have had a good experience with the school system, this is one of the worse school systems I have been at. My biggest complaint is that there is not enough class time (in my opinion). The school day seems shorter then ever and last year we experienced furlough Fridays in which case there was no school most Fridays. Every Wednesday here is ½ day as well. Another example of the school situation is parent teacher conference is half the month here,so the kids get out early for almost 2 weeks.
A great place to read reviews on schools nationwide is : http://www.greatschools.org/
If you want to know my full opinion about bugs and everything else Hawaii check out these two posts: https://armywife101.com/2010/09/part-2hawaii-why-i-hate-living-here-bugs-mac-salad-rice.html
I hope this helps and good luck on your future PCS to Hawaii!



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  1. We just PCS’ed from Hawaii this past summer. I really loved it there for the most part, but the schools aren’t great. Elementary schools are fine, in my opinion, but schools for older kids just suck. Again, my opinion. I have a high schooler and we PCSed back early just to get her out of Hawaii high school. They do seem to have a lot less total school time than the Mainland schools because of Furlough Fridays last year and so many early release days. You get used to the bugs, we did, and I even liked the geckos in the house (because they eat the bugs), but watch out for centipedes! They can hurt! Overall, it is a great tour and I would recommend PCSing to Hawaii.

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