It seems so many military families are PCS’ing to Hawaii . It is because of this, that even though I absolutely hate this place that I feel it important to discuss some of the most important questions in relation to coming here. Throughout the months I have been listening and watching the Army Wife 101 fan page and I have compiled many of your questions for these types of posts. I hope you find it helpful.

In this post I will discuss questions in relation to housing and living offpost.

How long is the waiting list for housing onpost?

As I always tell spouses never ask another spouse that only because the wait time varies greatly. You will hear stories of people who PCS’ed here and within a a week they had housing. Then you will hear from those who moved here and lived in lodging for 2 -3 months. Your best bet is to call the housing office and they can give you a round about estimate. You can be placed on something close to a waiting list. When you arrive you will jump ahead of those who have NOT arrived on island yet.  As of the time this post was written you can call the main housing office at 877-487-4323 or visit their site at

Where will I stay while I am waiting for housing?

This is a common question and in my experience I’ve learned you will hear various answers. The first place you definitely want to contact is Schofield Lodging. You can visit them at The way it goes is that you need to contact them first and see if they have space available, if they don’t then they will issue you a statement of nonavailability and you will usually wind up at a hotel close to Honolulu Airport. You will hear some people say that they went and stayed at the freaking Ritz Carlton or the Hilton Hawaiian and the Army paid for it. My advice, do it the proper way this way you are guaranteed to receive your TLA and have no issues. PCS’ing to Hawaii is not the time to play around financially.

What does housing look like on Schofield?

Fortunately for me I live in new housing and I will post a few pictures of that below.  Unfortunately you have a great chance of being put in what they call “New Old Housing” which is not that bad in comparison to the old stuff that let’s just say you have to see it for yourself. Housing can also place you in what is known as military reservations. Wheeler is Schofield’s airfield and is right outisde the main gate. They have very new housing and extremely old housing. Let me just say when I say old housing I am talking about Pearl Harbor Era. Some of the housing on Wheeler are considered of historical value and cannot be torn down. At that point they try to revamp the inside but their is only so much revamping you can do to a house that old.

Helemano Military Reservation is about 15 minutes from post near the North Shore. I hear mixed reviews on it but personally Schofield is far enough , I wouldn’t want to be even further at Helemano. The other place they can place you at is AMR. I have friends who live there and they have new housing but there is old housing there as well. AMR is very hilly and high up , but the good thing is you are right near Honolulu . It seems like you have to go to Honolulu to have any kind of life here. Keep in mind in Hawaii military can live in any branches housing, but there are always stipulations on everything . For instance Army can live in Navy housing but they might not be able to get new navy housing.

Many wives ask me what housing areas on Schofield they should ask about when at the housing office. I always say Kaena, Porter, Moyer and Kalakua. Those are the newest housing areas to my knowledge.

Here are a few pictures of a new 3 bedroom home on Schofield in Kaena (my home)

You can view more here if you have Facebook

My Backyard
Front of Housing
Kids Bathroom
I love this staircase!

Do I keep my BAH when I live onpost?

Uh No…I wish! Now when I first arrived here, there was some pretty crappy housing that they actually were giving some onpost residents 15% of their BAH back. Generally speaking your BAH is taken out of your check and that’s that. if you live offpost you get to keep your BAH and utilize it as you wish for a mortgage or rent and possibly utilities.

Do we pay utilities onpost?

You can read my previous post about Mock Light Billing here.

In regards to other utilities it’s the same as any other post. You pay for your cable and phone. Water is free  I wonder for how long.

Who takes care of the lawn maintenance onpost?

I am still trying to figure that out myself because since my husband has returned from his deployment we have cut our own yard, Yet and still we see the landscaping guys in our backyard and cutting our bushes.

Best places to live offpost?

If had to live offpost the 4 places I would look into are Mililani, Ewa Beach, Pearl City, and Kapolei. If you wanna know about the site . Read my post about Offpost Housing. I know many people are quick to want to live off post but please be aware Hawaii is very expensive. I know because we looked and I gladly would take on post housing considering the prices, and the utility cost I have heard about here.

See there look at how fair I was and I didn’t even talk about how much I hate it here :)

I think I just about covered all the common housing questions. If I missed one feel free to share it in the comments section.

Hooah & Smooches

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  1. Hey,
    I live on Wheeler in the ancient housing that can’t be torn down & it’s horrible but we were able to get a house quick since no one really wants it lol. But the lawn maintence onpost question is if you have a fenced in yard then you have to cut it but if it’s not fenced in it’s the mowers that do it. If your husband ever gets deployed though you can go to the community center and show them his orders and they will cut your fenced in area for free. I love the new houses I just don’t have children yet lol.

  2. I live on wheeler in the new housing at Willi Wili. Looks very similar to the pics shown by AW101 above. as for the maintenace, the previous person is correct… in new housing while you still have temporary sprinklers the maintenance people will cut both front and back yards. after the sprinklers are removed (after 90 days or so) you have to cut your own back yard. they will still do the front lawn but will not weed the bushes. i love the new housing, if i had to choose again i would still not live off post. :) and yes, you did very positive posting despite your infamous dislike of hawaii, great job!! haha.

    • Fixing to have the option of choosing. Do you just turn down a house or what girls. I would like the new housing with a fence. How do you hold out?

  3. I would very much like to contribute to this website for free…. I have been in the military for over 20years and have been with FRG since 6years now.. I have a vast knowledge of military life, deployments, yellow ribbon and FRG’s.. Can I help write a column or answer questions? I am SFC as well as a mother of 4, wife or a WO..
    Thanks Robin

  4. My family and I will be moving to Hawaii next year. I read this page and I just wanted to know what you hated about Hawaii? From the looks of things, it’s a beautiful place.

  5. I live in WiliWili on Wheeler in the new housing as well! Lindsay hit the nail right on the head with her response. While I love love love our house, living in brand new housing has some disadvantages–youre not able to plant anything in the ground and you cant paint the walls for example. Its nothing major though, the pros far outweigh the cons :)

    • Do u have any pictures of ur place on wiliwili community? I got offerd a house there and I’m curious on what it looks like.

  6. I just PCSd here from Fort Lewis WA to Schofield Barracks. I gotta tell you, so far this place is awesome! I stayed at the Inn for a week n a half, found out I got a very nice place on post within 1 WEEK!!….so yes the waiting list varies at times….I thought I was going to have to stay at the INN at Schofield for months but nope!! I hope that for those who come here in the future especially with family willl be able to get a house that fast! Im pretty sure that for those with children get bumped up the waiting list! Just make sure they are command sponsored and on your orders, because if they arent, your out of luck!

    Good luck to those coming here!

    • Hi Lani…we are headed to Schofield next month. When you say “nice place”, are you speaking of new housing or is there actually “nice” old housing? All the research we’ve done, EVERYBODY HATES or complains about the housing on Schofield, unless it’s new housing. Especially when only qualifying for a 2 bedroom. I will be interested to read your response to this post. :-)

      Living off post is not an option for us so I just pray its something decent. LOL

  7. Hey AW101
    I had the pleasure of residing on Schofield Bks. In old housing & Semi old housing from 2002-2006.The very old housing was atrocious. Compared to some installations, I think Hawaii has the best location and it’s like a mini vacay. Try living on Irwin, 30 mi away from any & everything living literally lol. Only thing i disliked in Hawaii, was the school system, seems a bit behind. Due to come back in july, we have for kids now so i’m hoping we get new housing. btw Thanks for all the great info ladies.

    • From the 24 on Irwin to old barstow is actually 42 miles, I was that bored driving :) I can’t wait for Hawaii!

  8. Hey Ladies,
    Me and my husband have been living in Hawaii for a year now, we live in Helemano, its ok, but we were looking for newer housing. We have no kids and my husband is only an E4, I know its going to be hard to get into newer housing, but does anyone think that its possible?

    • Hi Samantha. I just got an offer letter for housing on Helemano. My husband is only E-4 and we are qualified only for 2bd as well. its on Komohana Court. And its not available to look inside right now cause smb lives there… So we kinda have to accept or decline it just by looking from outside… Do you know if this housing is old or new? i would appreciate any information. thank you.

  9. WOW! is the main thing i can really say about all the comments and i guess my feelings have became a little more mixed than before reading the site. Well im in the same boat as you Samantha only im not there yet i will be leaving next tuesday (june 7th) and its just me and my hubbee, i really hope and have my fingers crossed tight that i enjoy living in Hawaii and hopefully we get housing that its too out of date im a little nervous and i just pray everything goes well when i get there. Thanks to all the ladies for your comments and advice! really appreciated……GLAD I HAVE MY MIND ON WHAT TO EXPECT


  11. hello! i just wanna say a BIG THANK YOU!!! for even having this up for others to see…we are moving to hawaii in 2 months and i was desperatley trying to find pictures and information for THIS and you helped a million tons!! esp about the estimate on the utility bill,..i think this website is by far thee best..i thinkevery base should have info like this for those who are totally new and know nothing on their next desitnation…please keep up the good work,,youve helped me in so many ways and took alot of stress off my shoulders haha..i mean you totally nailed every darn question i was starting to wonder about and long behold..i scroll down and there you have it!! lol,…hopefully we get the new still yet confused of all the names they have for those diff. places to live . [on post]? its crazy…lol but i guess i should get used to it once we move…thank you again!!!! it just sucks how rediculous expensive it is just to live there an IM HAWAIIAN!!! i just never lived its sad but oh well..i guess ill suffer the 4 yrs were there…take care!!

  12. Housing seems to be a major concern. Atleast now I don’t feel so alone in my worries. The information given will be very helpful. I do have one question though. Do the on post housing have washers and dryers in the units, or atleast the hook-ups? I need to know if we should sell ours or bring them with us.

    • There are washer and dryer hook ups in all the houses, depending on ur husbands rank is how they decide if you will be provided with them or not. i think its e4 and below get them.

  13. hi
    everyone I will be coming to hawaii in a few months but I am just trying to get some info for me and my hubby, we are coming from germany but I can’t wait to get to Hawaii so I just need some info about the housing and the daycare for my son. just things like that all the help would be great,
    Mrs, Doud

  14. Four years ago i arrived to schofield barracks and living on post has been the worst experience ever…. the military was so wrong when they went to privatized housing. I live in the old housing i mean ancient old, if they offer u these house run…. You will know when u see them it looks just like the projects in any major city near you…yes you save 15% of your BAH but it is not worth it at all…. first they are still lying to people saying you will only live here 1 year 1\2…. they don’t care about taking care of these, the mold is aweful, and the bugs are too….. now that im leaving here soon they came to do a pre inspection and are attempting to charge us for normal wear and tear on a home…it’s insane, if you can afford to do it…live off post!!! waikele, mililani, and kapolei are very nice areas for families and the schools there are better if you have kids.If you have to live on post housing check with the navy or air force housing offices because you can get housing through them also, they will walk you through the process and are much nicer and more helpful. Navy does have some housing on wheeler and close by schofield…
    On post schools are run by the hawaii public school system also. if you have elementary school kids try and send them to wheeler elementary if you have children with any learning disability, the have on site team which includes a psycologist, behavior specialist etc. and will not let your child fall through the cracks. utilize the disabilities association advocates for all other school, see ur EFMP office for more details. Good Luck to u all and make the best outta your time here in Hawaii, dont let being on Schofield Barracks ruin your chance to experience a beautiful place. I have a job off post and have met wonderful people outside of schofield barracks.

  15. O yea!….
    There are washer and dryer hook ups in all the houses, depending on ur husbands rank is how they decide if you will be provided with them or not. i think its e4 and below get them..

  16. Hi Ladies,
    Im moving to Hawaii in the next couple of weeks. Though my husband and i have been blessed to stay at one post for 8 years, we are now moving and im scared to death. This is our 1rst move! I have 3 children and have no idea how good the schools and daycares are. Its hard to think i am goin somewhere alone, with no family or friends.. but such is life. Im so worried to move into a god awful house. All the talk about mold and bugs is scary, especially with a newborn. DOes anyone know how ,any bedrooms tehy give you for 3 kids? ANy tips would help…

    SO scared

    • Hi We served two tours in Hawaii and are thinking about a third
      We lived in Aliamanu twice and the housing is decent apt. Style
      Think less about the housing And more about the scenery and beautiful beaches and great food. Yum! Just have fun!

  17. Thank you so much for posting these pictures. My husband is PCSing to Schofield an we are considering living on post. We now know that we want the new housing.. we have NEVER lived on post since he has been in (8years). So this will be a big change for us. I do know that we will get a 3 bedroom with our girl boy twins. Was wondering what they have on post for Cable.. and internet?

  18. hello me and my hubby will be moving to hawaii in feb.. can someone please tell me what the prettiest and newest on post housing is called.. i really dont want to get stuck in an old ancient house with bugs and mold.. i have four kids.. also what areas off post are pretty as well? thank you and god bless!
    also does anyone know of a good psychiatrist.. and pain mangagement place there?..i have really bad back probs..thanks:)

  19. please email me with any information that you have or friend request me on face book sherry leal..would love to meet some friends there as well!!.. right now im in ft stewart ga and i hate this place.. the people here are very i dont have any friends and it sucks!! cant wait to get to hawaii…:)

  20. Hi,
    I will be moving to hawaii real soon and I was wondering if you may know of any black hair salons in the area. I actually have natural hair so I know it is hard to find someone that does natural hair at all besides like african braiding or maybe even a unisex salon that does dominician or brazilian blow outs.

  21. Hi this is great information and I love that I found it. I’m not actually an army wife but I’m an army child…not brat! We have orders to PCS to Hawaii this June and I’m terrified! This will be my junior year in high school and I wanted to know how far behind the school system actually is. I am transferring from a magnet school (like a pilot school) in Georgia. I can understand if the school system is behind a little but I just really want to now how much? This isn’t to just one person but anyone who has helpful information. Pleases I’m desperate! Knowing about the schools and housing would make this a much easier move. (:

    • I think the education is what you make of it. There are honor classes from what the locals say. It can be a school where u float through or apply yourself .. do homework…listen.. apply.. and get a quality education. As far as the High School although I havent walk in the door yet.. its 25 percent army children so .. you will have one in four children you have something in common with. My daughter is 13 and starting high school years here in Hawai’i .. we are staying near the waikiki beach now and love Hawaii.. we love the beaches. Housing is also going to be what you make it.. School is what you make of it too..Good Luck..

  22. I would like to thank you for posting your photos, I am so anxious to move to HI. My family and I may be moving to Schofeild Barracks by July, I sure hope and pray we can move in as soon as we can.

    • Nevermind…I just found your reasons. LOL I chuckled at the roach comment. I was there as a newlywed in 1995 and was so freaked out by roaches. I had never seen a roach before and seeing those hissing ones was horrible. I eventually got used to it. LOL I did, however, love the food. I love seafood, so you can’t get any better. My husband and I used to buy the Entertainment Books and use the coupons. They even had buy one get one free airline tickets in the back to go island hopping. I wonder if they still have those books? I would give anything to get back there.

  23. Hey .. thanks all for the great info! My husband and I are PCSing to Schofield in a few weeks. He is just graduating Ranger School, and we have another week to get things squared away before the move! I was just wondering what housing is like for 2LT..?
    I saw that someone said only an E4, or lower gets a washer/dryer is this true.. I haven’t heard that before just wondering if I will need to get one once we get there.
    I am 6 mo pregnant.. and hoping we can get into housing relatively quick.. although I will be just fine living in the temp. housing while we wait for a home. My mom was just in Hawaii a few weeks ago.. and someone told her they were building brand new military housing out by Schofield.. anyone know if this is true?!

    any info is so so so sooo appreciated! you can email me at

    bless you all!

  24. Let me elaborate on the misery of PCSing over here to Schofield:

    1)Due to extenuating circumstances, we were bumped up on the housing list (#7) but we’re told that even with that, we have between 6 months to a year of wait time for on post housing.

    2) We’ve been here for 2 weeks and I’m on the computer/phone busy looking/calling around for an apartment but the only ones available are Section 8 apartment “type”. They are not at all appealing to live in. Unless you’re willing to be stuck in traffic, you don’t want to drive too far from Schofield. If your not at all picky then you’ll be fine. But if you are, don’t come here. I probably wasted close to $400 in gas searching for a place to live to no avail.

    3) do you have pets??? Well forget landing an apartment anytime soon!! Apartments here in Oahu despise renting to pet owners. Which leads me back to why we can’t find a place to live in. So, if your pets are important part of your family, don’t come.

    4) if you have high schoolers, Lielehua HS is a very bad school to place them in. Just mention this school to the locals and their eyes pop wide open and they start shaking their heads. I checked it out myself – HELL NO!! I will NEVER send my kids there!!!

    5) Your spouse will deploy – its a given.

    6) don’t be deceived – pictures are always beautiful (after all who wants to take and post an ugly picture???) but reality is VERY UGLY!! What you see posted online may be nice, but after you’ve been here for a week, you’ll realize you’ve been duped!

    7) I like greeneries around me but this is too much!! It’s a freaking jungle!!! if you haven’t experienced the bayous of Louisiana, or lived deep in Alabama or have ever experienced deep into West Virginia, I don’t recommend coming here at all!

    8) If you think you’re going to have a “Hawaiian Christmas”, you can forget that too – because all through the winter months, it’s gonna be raining HARD!!!

    9) Bugs???? OMG they are the biggest suckers I have ever seen!!!!!

    10) this island is only 44 miles in radius I think (I could definitely be wrong). The speed limit here on the freeway is only 55 – I guess that’s to make people feel like they’re going anywhere when in fact you’re just going around in circles.

    BUT I will give Hawaii this much: they have the most polite drivers here compared to all the places I’ve been to. I like a little bit of quiet from time to time – but this is too quiet and too slow of a lifestyle for me. This place is for some – but definitely not for a whole lot of people.

  25. Disillusioned wife are you waiting for a certain housing community? Just wondering why housing would take so long when people should be leaving the island at some point. We are Pcsing in a few months to SB & when i talked to housing they said 2 months would be the max. Did you try Navy housing as well?

  26. I’ve always traveled to Hawaii as a kid growing up, but now my husband is getting stationed there and I’m not sure if I’m going to like this.

    Deployment? Does every one really get deployed from HI? How long do they wait to send them out?

    Housing? What’s the preferable option on or off base? I’m really not a chick for bugs and that’s why I’m really not feeling this deployment, but if I gotta go, I guess I gotta go.

    Any advice will be welcomed, thanks.

    • Yes from what I know, everybody gets deployed at one point or another. I tell you what, as soon as hubby is deployed I’m going back to The mainland. Ugh. I really don’t like this place.

  27. Trace,

    Two months waiting time is for the ghetto Area of housing. Like I said, if you’re not picky, you’ll do fine. We decided we’re better off living off post.

  28. Ladies! Please help me understand why getting the once in a lifetime chance to live in Hawaii is so easily overshadowed by houses and bugs! We are PCS’ing in July from Fort Drum, NY, and I am interested to know if any of you have made the same move? I am overjoyed to trade -20 degree winters (and by winter I mean Oct-May) for beaches and hula skirts! I will admit I am nervous about housing NOW, but does that really ruin everything?? I joked about getting stationed in Hawaii for years, I never thought we would really be so lucky! For my hubs, deployment was going to happen wherever we got sent. I really couldn’t be more excited about spending those months gazing at the ocean versus shoveling a driveway full of frozen snow at 5:30 every morning before work :-)

    • Yep did that move in 98. Spent 6 yrs at drum yuck and I’m from upstate NY. We are between Hi and drum. How are the schools up there? As far as Hawaii goes we did 2 tours there in the early and mid 90s. My husband and I had a good time. If you love the beach this place is for you if not don’t go. I hated it after a while too, but now I miss it! It was one of the best experiences we ever had, twice lol. Housing is housing you’ll be outside more than in. It’s beautiful, but the housing list are long. Look into the ones off post. Hope this helps.

    • HI! We are also stationed in fort drum at the moment and will be heading to hawaii in jan. I am with you totally, i am excited to not live in the winter climate for 9 months out of the year lol

  29. LOL on the previous post. We came from Alaska to Ft Irwin, and she is rite about the snow, so a tropical destination don’t sound all that bad. Step on the bugs, and make your house a home.

  30. I love Hawai’i. I can not believe that we are blessed to have this chance to experience it. Home is going to be how you make it. Its just four walls in each room that you decorate with your things. I know most miss the family and friends and feel the distance, but its the price we pay for this// Army Medical, Army Housing Pay. Bah is amazing. Medical is good. Discounts. new friendships. Army life we are cared for. So many Americans homeless, dont know where the next meal is coming from. Ya’ll have family members probably looking for work. or trying to pay rent. We have got it good. So suck it up cup cake ( yeah my four daughters hate that term I use) Its 82 degrees year around. Take the kids to the park. Remember that God loves you enough to wake you up today so take time to pray. Those that have a sore finger today.. remember those that have no arms. Maybe its not Home Sweet Home but its HAWAI’I.

    • Thanks Dee. We are scheduled to arrive Hawai’i NLT Nov. Will be coming a few weeks earlier than my husband’s report date, just to get my job situation worked out. Can’t wait and will miss my son, who will graduate from college next year. But, where the husband goes, so goes the wife :-).

  31. When I read all the negativity about being stationed at Schofield Barracks, I completely understad. But then I read the good, and its all true too. This place is very much “you take the good, you take the bad, and there you have the FACTS of life” :) We got here may 15th and have been at the Inn since, and its now the last week of July! Im tired of being in a hotel and just want my house already. Yes, TLA is nice, but sometimes, you just want to feel like home again. My husband and I have 4 children (2 his and 2 mine) and were lucky enough to get attached to a 5 bd house at first. About 2 weeks later, we decided to give up the 5 bd and go with a 4 bd due to it being the same sq footage, making the 4 bds just a little bit bigger for everyone and just have the youngest share a room. Housing told us that there was NO WAY we would be able to get new housing what so ever due to the fact that everyone wants one. So when we got a phone call that someone denide a new home in the Porter community and they needed someone to move in right away, we jumped at the chance! My husband went down to turn in some paperwork the next day, and low and behold, housing took the house from us and said they will work with us and put us in the old (and I mean old, ciner block housing). We had NO other option. TLA only granted us a few days extention from the time we were supposed to move in to the other house. So now, we just wait (crossing our fingers that its only 1 more week). If you havent been here and are waiting to PCS, if you go online and look at the houses, they post the pics of all the nice houses in certain communities. They dont say anything about the old housing at all. And it lists how many bds are on the floor plans, but when you get here, they’ll tell you no that they dont have those houses in those comminities. Some are lucky and get new housing, but lately, all I hear is BAD stuff about getting a house period. Personally, I think they just make it sound all nice and pretty, but they just screw you! BAH used to be just over $2000 a little before we got here, then it was lowered to just over $1800. So if you were here when it was higher, you still get the higher BAH, but if you come after, you’ll get the lower BAH. And yes, in the new houses, if you go over the baseline for utilities, you have to pay, if you stay under, you get some of it back. In the older housing, you dont have to pay for utilities at all. And if youre in the wooden old houses, you pay just your BAH, if its the cinder block houses, you used to get 15% of BAH back, that too has lowered, I believe its now 10% (comes to $180 a month that you get back). As for finding a job, GOOD LUCK!! Its very discouraging. I got lucky and found a part time one after a month on base, but only because so many people were PCSing out. Cost of living is outrageous and minimum wage is around $7.50ish (I didnt bother to look it up, but I know its around there somewhere). When you have so many people looking for jobs, and yes, most off post jobs go to islanders because they live here and need to make a living, well guess what, we live here too now and with how much things cost, every little bit helps! We are lucky enough to get BAH and COLA and such, but thats a bennifit to joining the military, if islanders want that kind of bennifit too, they know where to get it (US Military)!! As for the school system out here, it costs $270 per child for the school year to ride the bus to school. We will be living on Schofield and the kids designated schools are on Wheeler! So with that said, theres no way my kids can walk or even ride a bike! Wheeler isnt too far away (driving of course), but when you have an emenetary school age child and you have to go across the entire base, out the main gate and through another gate on a different base, its rediculous, and to have to pay that much! Since being new here, my kids havent actually gone to school here, so I cant comment on the teachers or education part of it, but I have not heard anything good. Most people we have ran into around the island are pretty nice. I havent met anyone rude as of yet, but Im also the type of person who understands that everyone is entitled to a bad day! Theres a few things to do here, but yes, it does get old (and mind you, Ive only been here just over 2 months! lol). My advice, is just try hard to keep an open mind. It gets very frustrating. Make your home a home, whether its new housing or old housing, if you get the bugs inside (which you will, theyre everywhere!) call housing and bug bug bug bug bug them to do as much as possible to work with you on keeping them outside where they belong. Its deffinately an adjustment living here, you adjust to shopping less, being very frugal, and a different way of living. The beaches arent bad and a great place to spend time with the family and kids and go snorkling and such. I dont think the military knows how to run this base, and its like this island needs some major help! Poverty is a good word for that, unless you have millions to live in the nice areas of the island, which there arent many. I dont see why people would want to live or even vacation here, but thats my opinion. It may change once we fully get settled, who knows. I hope you all enjoy your time here. Sorry for venting and writing a book lol

  32. Hello,
    I really enjoyed reading everyone’s opinions, regardless of the bugs, and “old housing”; I hope my hubby and I get stationed here. I have a few questions that relate to housing, and jobs. If it’s only myself , and my hubby do we only get approved for 2bdr? How easy is it to get “new housing” also where is the best place to live on post? Jobs…on-post/off-post, wondering what’s available. I have my CNA license, hoping I can find a place to continue doing that. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. TIA!:]

  33. Hello my name is lashia and me and my husband and three children just moved here on tuesday and so far they are to have us stationed at scholfeild barraks. As of right now they cannot give us a answer to how long we will be without housing and told us we have to wait til monday to find out any major details, and so far I have heard that the renovated housing is ok I really am not to picky on what we get as long as we get a four bedroom and have a top and buttom floor and a fenced in yard. Though I am not exstremely happy with the scholfeild inn because that is where we were suppose to be at and they decided to call the night before and tell us they messed up our reservations and they now did not have room for us so we are at the Ilikai hotel and suites until we find out more details. As such how are the prices at the walmart on post px and comisary and the sams club out here and what about food stamps and wic how easy is it to get for my family out here? I had wic in our last duty station but we did not have food stamps and am curious?

  34. We lived in Hawaii for 3 years. Loved everyday of it! The bugs are bad in only some parts of the island. We lived in Kapolei, off post, it was the drier side of the island with the least amount of bugs. Our neighborhood was called KoOlina Kai, it was on a golf course and within walking distance to man made lagoons that were soooo clean. There were other little neighborhoods in the KoOlina area which were a little cheaper on rent but not by much. The commute to schofield was around a 45min drive but well worth it. You can find rental listings on craigslist. they like the military renting from them.

    When moving to or from the island. Make sure you call Schofield Barracks Inn and ask about availablity before you check in, if no rooms are available try to get a letter of non availablity. We got to stay in the Hale Koa in Waikiki at military rates, approved, Hale Koa is a military hotel but is soo much cleaner and better than the Inn. Eat at KOA pancakes for breakfast, cheap and also good. Shop at the NEX!! Its like a 2 story PX, they even have a commisary. The pineapple ice cream at the Dole plantation is so yummy, worth going back and back again for more (-:

    I chose to go to tripler army medical for peds and family doctor. Never had issues getting appointments and they gave my daughter the best care I’ve ever had at any duty station. She had a lot of medical problems, so we were there alot. Forewarning though, the parking is aweful at tripler! Plan on at least half hour to find a spot…not joking. Tripler also had free daycare on site. The daycare was ran by YMCA. Max was 2 hours, they gave me a slip to have signed by the doctor to bring back when the appointment was finished. So nice to not have to take my kid with me to appointments.

    Beware of the red dirt! It stained the trim on my new white car. It stains everything. Triathlons galore. If you love hiking buy one of the hawaii hiking books and plan away. You have to walk to anything real pretty and there is alot of it. The swap meet at the aloha stadium is great for soviners. Hickam airforce base has very pretty beaches and places to have a bbq at. Plus its the only park that allows alcohol with a permit, I learned this when I was a FRG leader. Great camping on the East side. There is a spot along the North shore where turtles like to bask in the sun. You have to park along the side of the road and catch them at the right time. You can get right next to them, but no touching!

    Hawaii is on Aloha time, which means slow. They all are slow and are in no rush to do anything. You do have to get to the airport 2 hours early because they are sooo slow. If you have a pet go to your vet right when you find out that you are PCSing and tell them to do the blood work that hawaii wants. Otherwise you pet has to be quaratined for like 4 months! Oh and there is boarding for cheap ran through the military, I can’t think of the name, but ask schofield vet for the name. Its a lot cheaper than normal pet boarding places on the island. when you fly with a big animal its best and cheaper to be on the same flight and check them in as luggage. if they are below 90 lbs, I think is the max, they don’t have to be cargo if you’re on the flight.

    thats all I can think of. Hope this helps anyone out looking for information. Hawaii is what you make of it. If you’re not active and sit in your home, you’ll hate it. Its small but there is a lot to do if you look for it. Aloha!!

  35. My husband and I were given the choice to look at a house on HMR. It is somewhat far from base but definitely safer than living off post. I was wondering if any of you ladies have any in sights on the HMR housing, its pros and cons. I assured my hubby that no one tells it better than an army wife so this is a great start :)

    • both me and my husband lived on HMR!! and let me tell you it isn’t all safe!! our back gate was broke into and a man was standing in my backyard at 2 in the morning trying to steal stuff! not just that housing charged upon move out over 3 grand for damages because of “red dirt” I was even told I should never have worn shoes in the house and they could have cared less not to mention we lived there for more then two years and there was a family who lived there before us! I feel red dirt is absolutely a normal wear and tear it stains so easy and it is extremely hard to get out of everything I even steam cleaned but still got charged!!!! also I don’t think I should be liable when a lot of the stains on the carpets were there before I moved in (which I reported) and there was a previous family who lived there!

  36. Anyone know anything about ft shafter, i hear lots about schofield but not ft shafter, headed there in a few weeks!

  37. We are pcs ing to hi in march 2014, i am wondering if people have hard time getting housing that works for them. My husband and I have been stuck in crappy house after crappy house. All i ask is to get a house with more than one toilet. We have one child, and just telling us if we want another toliet, then have another child. Umm No ! Has anyone had any luck with something like this?

  38. Ashley-Have you gone to the island palm communities web site? We are currently at Joint Base Lewis McChord and moving to Schofield Barracks in March. We went to the website and have been on a waiting list since summer. We need a 4 bedroom home due to having 3 kids, so that will certainly make a difference. We were able to email the housing office and upload orders and ask questions and get answers. They were very nice…of course, we aren’t there yet. I requested to be in one of the newer areas as we have been stuck in a 1940s era home for almost 5 years. At only 950 sq ft, our family of 5 is really squished! I didn’t read anything in any of the emails that said we couldn’t be in a certain area. I will tell you that housing areas are divided up into groups: 1) E1-E6, 2) E7-E9,and 3) Officers. My husband is an E6,so we will be in the lowest ranking group. Hoping we get a nice house in a nice area and then we wont feel like moving again as soon as we get there. Good luck, and maybe we’ll see you in the spring :)

  39. Hi we’re currently in fort Lewis, wa and are moving to Hawaii in September. I was wondering if anyone knew how far in advance I can call to be put on a wait list for new housing. We have two kids and I believe my husband has his orders already. Any information would be greatly appreciated this will be our first time moving far away with two kids!! Thanks

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