I remember my sheer panic when we were preparing to PCS from GA. I took one look at my blinds and knew that housing was about to take me for every BAH dollar I had left because my four year old’s little cute little grubby hands had got to those cheap blinds that would bend or break if you blew on them the wrong way. Lest not forget the constant dust buildup on them.

Thankfully now that we are in Hawaii we have vertical blinds but in general blinds are sucky to manage anyway, especially when you have to worry about clearing housing and you have toddlers.

Below is a little tool I found to help keep blinds clean, now it won’t stop your toddler from bending them or getting Chef Boyardee all over them but it will lessen the amount of dirt that appears on them, which in turn is one less thing for you to worry about. Don’t forget to share your blind horror stories or tips in the comments section !



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15 Comments on Blinds in Military Housing

  1. We live here at Ft Leonard Wood. I have a 2 year old and we are about to PCS to Hawaii. Well lets just say 6 blinds are broke due to my two year old. If you have these blinds its best to go to Lowes or Wal mart there a lot cheaper then paying 15.00 when there only 5 dollar blinds anyway. When we get there im going to have to buy that thing from Ross. Thanks for the info.

    • What size blinds did you have to get. We live on
      FLW too but I’m not sure what size to get and I hear they have went up in price through housing AND they make you buy a new set. We only have one that is broken

  2. We have an 11 month old border collie who has severe anxiety when we leave her at home. One day I thought i had securely locked both latches of her plastic kennel. Much to my surprise, upon returning home, she had chewed an entire section of METAL blinds to our living room window. Nothing else was damaged. So tight on money, we took the blinds from our spare storage room and put them in the living room until we could purchase new blinds on payday. Well, a few weeks later, we noticed that she had started chewing a hole through her plastic kennel. So we had no other choice but to stick her back in the cage in the downstairs half bath so we could run to walmart and get a new METAL cage. Well we donot have door knobs in our apartment, we have door HANDLES. She managed to get out of the cage, open the door and chew out an entire section of the blinds AGAIN, just to see outside for us. So as of now, the only blinds we have left in our apartment are our bedroom blinds. Luckily we have curtains and will be make a trip to Home Depot this week.

  3. Been through the horror of trying to clean metal mini blinds after a cat’s got a hold of them. Talk about a nightmare! Since then I’ve had vertical blinds. To some it seems like just shelling out money for no reason but I have found that anytime I’m out at like Home Depot, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc that I check the window sections. I can find them for cheap or clearance especially when they’ve been precut for a custom order and returned. I pick them up here and there. That way when the kids or dogs pull one off or one falls in the middle of opening/closing, I’ve got a spare. It’s a lot cheaper then what PPV charges to replace them.

  4. When we had to move from one house to another (newly renovated!!!! :D) house on Fort Gordon, they tried to charge us $25 for a new set of blinds because my toddler had bent one. Thankfully I realized they were the ONLY metal ones left in the house when they had been switching them all to plastic. We got them switched without having to pay but they charge you $25 for each bent or broken blinds set. TOTALLY sucks! haha You can’t buy replacements on Gordon from walmart or anything because they special order theirs so you can’t find the sizes in stores. Watch your blinds if you get stationed there!

  5. Verticals or horizontals? These days, you can get those industrial strength verticals…check them out next time you are out shopping. The darn things actually stand up to kids and pets (get the ones that don’t connect with a chain on the bottom but are free swinging)….never liked horizontals anyway (yes dust and damage)….maybe the Army will get with the program and figure that out!

  6. When we were at Robins AFB we just called in Broken blinds about 2 months before we had to pcs and they replaced them no problem. We did not have to pay for any of em. The maintenance man liked my family though because we had so many issues with the managers of the housing development people. Hunt properties are awful awful people. Anyways so he replaced them for us. Hope you guys do not have to get taken to the cleaner when pscing. I cleaned the house myself and the only thing I ended up missing was behind the oven and they charged us 15 dollars for that…

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