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So it’s my duty to share with you all things military related , even some that might be alittle out of our price range but hey who am I to stop someone from getting their dream car. If I could afford a brand new BMW I am sure I would be flying down the road in one myself.

In the mean time for those who have a dream car in mind and actually have funds to foot the monthly payment here is some cool information you may be interested in if you are stationed overseas.

In Their Words

Name of Program: BMW Military Sales

Whose Eligible: BMW Military Sales is a privilege program designed specifically for U.S. service personnel overseas. It is open to all active-duty military personnel, DoD Civilian ID Card holders and DoD contractors on temporary (TDY) or permanent (PCS) orders abroad at the time of purchase

What Exactly Is The Point Of This Program: There are many reasons for buying a new BMW through BMW Military Sales:
– Significant saving thanks to military discounts
– Tax-free purchasing
– Full support from authorized BMW Military Sales agents who understand your needs
– Worldwide limited warranty cover
– Organization of official paperwork and help with home shipment

You can choose from a range of stock vehicles for immediate delivery or have your new BMW built to your personal specifications. Either way, you get a BMW that complies with U.S. import regulations and road laws.

Click here for more BMW Military Sales Details.



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