On September 24th  I went to my local nail shop to get a basic manicure. This particular time around my nail technician convinced me to try this new Gel Nail polish which is supposed to last two weeks or more without chipping fading etc.

As promised the gel polish certainly did last two weeks. It survived several runs through the airport, the NYC environment and household duties.

That being said these are my nails after two weeks:

My biggest issue with the gel nails is that when your nails grow out, it appears that you have fake nails on. In addition the nail polish is not exactly easy to come off because it is almost like a coat of gel so forget an easy swipe with the nail polish remover.

In my opinion $20 is way to much for just nail color and not a full set of nails.

My rating=Fail!

Have you ever tried gel nail polish or do you get nail extensions added?

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10 Comments on Ehh…No More Gel Nail Polish For Me

  1. I’ve had gel nails done just once and they were alright. As for gel nail polish, I’d never heard of it until just now, but just based on the staining of your nails, I’d say I definitely don’t want it done.

  2. I have never tried gel nails or nailpolish.
    After reading and seeing your photos I will stick with acrylics.

  3. A lot of the girls I know get the “french tip” style. That way when it grows out you can’t really tell. Plus, it is supposed to be a lot better for your nail health than the acrylics. Good luck!

  4. I have this nail polish and i love it they do grow out but your always get the clear coat only and it helps them not brake or chips as easy .

  5. I love it! But I never get colors I get a french so when it grows out you can tsee…They have have cal gel too by opi

  6. I had Gel nails, I got them in July, I got one fill in 2 weeks later, and I took them off first of August, my nails are just getting back to normal now!!, never again

  7. I recently tried the gel nails & I will never get them again. I didn’t really care for it.

  8. I used to get the acrylic nails done, I loved them, but HATED the way my nails were after I got them taken off. It damages your nails really bad! I decided to try the gel about 2 months ago….I LOVE IT!!!! It lasts 2-3 weeks and doesnt damage your nails like the acrylic does. Yes its a bit more expensive but in my opinion…totally worth it!!!

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