I get it , eating healthy is the one thing that is gonna help me to live a long healthy life blah blah blah. Of course I want to be here for my kids and that is why I been attempting the whole in depth health thing. I’ve looked up healthy food ideas, debated on doing the whole Paleo diet thing and several other options.

Needless to say I am two seconds away from quitting and here’s why.

Please tell me I am not alone or how to fix this lol?



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14 Comments on Fat Girl Problems: This Is Exactly Why I Don’t Bother To Eat Healthy Like I Should

  1. I don’t follow diets. They are complicated and expensive. They are also designed to keep you buying their stuff. With that said I believe everything in moderation is ok. In my case after 2 pregnancies cutting back in portions and drinking tons of water was what helped me to lose all the extra weight. Not a “special diet”. So do whatever you feel is right for you.

  2. I figure everything in moderation. If I want a donut, I’ll have a donut. I won’t eat a dozen donuts but I can have one. I try to eat healthy but yes, I like my junk food. Again. In moderation. (Okay, some days I go nuts. But my husband is deployed so I earned that right..)

  3. I am a big girl too. I am slowly losing weight. 11 pounds down since the beginning of April. Cut out processed food. Plain and simple. I am not saying you can’t treat yourself on occasion, but 90% of the time fresh foods are always the way to go. If you set a calorie goal for yourself that will help. And yeah you can eat anything you want until you get to your calorie goal for the day, but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you. There is a difference of wanting to diet to lose weight and a real life style change. Also moderation is key to eating anything. People lose weight differently. It takes a lot of patience and dedication.

  4. Dieting is hard period. I’ve found that starting small is the key to success with dieting. I started with cutting out sodas and drinking more water and that alone made me loose close to 5 lbs. think of it as a life change and not dieting and remember that the weight wasn’t gained over night therefore won’t be lost overnight. Set yourself small goal that ultimately reach your bigger goals. If you are eating 3-4 pieces of Hawaiian sweetbread a day make it your goal to only eat 1-2. Making this life change is definitely not easy and you have to have your whole family on board to be able to succeed. It doesn’t work when you are constantly cooking your husband fried chicken and you are having to make yourself something completely different. Get him on board and have him be your biggest support!

  5. I used to be a fat girl too and there’s only one thing I can tell you…. until you stop making excuses and are ready to change you won’t. Truth is that you don’t get this way by eating healthy. I had to hit rock bottom emotionally and physically before I decided to change my life.

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