I love to see brands and companies recognize those who have served our country. I really enjoy seeing our Wounded Warriors getting to have some real fun because after everything they have sacrificed and gave they surely deserve it.

Recently in partnership with the Wounded Warrior Project Red Baron (Pizza)

Army Specialist Jason Braase (Ret.) and Marine Corporal Adam Harris (Ret.) attended the premiere of the new feature film “The Avengers”  in LA as part of the Red Baron Heroes Beyond The Battlefield Program.

Both real life heroes were injured during battles in Iraq but have chosen not to let their injuries limit them and currently help others to do the same.

While we are military spouses these two men are part of our military family and I wanted to celebrate them and their honor by sharing some pictures of the fun evening they had. The event was also celebrated with the likes of Robert Downey Jr. , Scarlett Johansson , and Samuel L. Jackson.

Look like they had a great night. Thanks for your service heroes!





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