There are fourteen more days until it’s officially Summer and before you know it people will be inviting you to bbq’s and other gatherings. If you’re like me you will say “oh what can I bring?” and they will say “oh bring anything! ” and then your mind starts to scramble wondering what great looking dish you can make.

Being the Pinterest lurker I have become I really have been trying to get my baking and dessert skills in check, but I think I just need to accept that I don’t have the baking gene in me. However, because of Pinterest I have been able to find some really neat easy desserts that require no baking that are great for the hot weather.

I present to you “Patriotic Strawberries”. Now maybe mine aren’t exactly Pinterest worthy , but if you have a steady hand and patience (neither of which I have) than they can be. These treats are easy to transport ,quick to make, and soooo good. Best of all to make one container of decorated strawberries only cost me $6.76 with all items from Walmart. I am not one for creativity so I’m sure my candy dip could have been smoother but hey you get the picture!


(1) Container of Strawberries $1.78

(1) 1 Container of Wilton’s Candy Dips in White $2.50

(1) bottle of blue sprinkles (any kind works) $.98

(1) pack of lollipop sticks $1.50

(1) Can of Redi-whip (optional)

(1) bottle of red sprinkles (optional)



1. Melt Candy dip in microwave as per instructions until smooth and glossy.


2. Dip Strawberries in candy dip halfway .


3. Dip bottom portion of strawberries in blue sprinkles.


4. Wallah finished…I’m sure you can make yours neater but the taste is AMAZING!!!



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