I know I have been MIA once again but believe me it’s not because I am bored with blogging or I plan on neglecting Army Wife 101.
I have a new project I am working on for all military spouses which I believe my readers will absolutely love. I will make a video announcement about that soon.

In other news my husband will be home extremely soon and we all know how that goes. Their is preparation for homecoming attire, house prep and a few other prep needs that I won’t go into *hehe*

Here’s a journey through my last deployment:



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6 Comments on Homecoming Is In The Air

  1. I am in the same exact boat and almost same time frame as you. I am almost finished with the house. I have beauty appointment starting week after next. I just can’t wait for it to be done. 1 year is too long.

  2. What an awesome video! Glad I had a box of Kleenex sitting close by. We’re getting ready for our first deployment to Iraq…leaving sometime in Sept. I should be use to my husband being away, as he completed 3 consecutive one year unaccompanied tours in Korea from 2005-2008…but have to admit…this one “feels” WAAYYY different. A lot of anxiety is starting to set in. I LOVE your site…great info! What is the name of the first song/artist on your video…I need to add it to my iPod.

  3. Very nice slideshow AND music!!! Brought tears into my eyes! My husband left 3 days ago and I already miss him like crazy. I hope that this year goes by very very fast!

  4. Hello,

    I am writing from the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) in collaboration with Part2 Pictures. We are in the process of finding subjects for our new documentary series, “Our American With Lisa Ling,” that airs on OWN TV. One of our episodes is going to be dedicated to veterans who have returned from war, and we are hoping to get in touch with the spouse of a soldier who is about to return home from his first deployment from Iraq/Afghanistan, and is about to experience their first homecoming. Do you know of anyone who fits the bill, and if they would be interested in talking with us? If you know of anyone who may be at the point in their lives where they are about to return home from service in the war, or are about to experience a homecoming of their military spouse, please let me know! I look forward to hearing from you soon. I appreciate your help. Thank you.


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