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2 Comments on How Army Wife 101 Is Getting Through The Holidays!

  1. Hello

    Thanks so much for your input…We are currently in the process of PCSing to there to Hawaii… My husbands report date is Feb 2011. I was wondering do you by chance have any information on the Colleges there? We have two youngmen a junior in HS and a College Sophmore. We have applied at Chaminade, Hawaii Pacific University and the University of Hawaii. I have heard about the public schools there, I am an involved parent our sons have been to some many schools in three going on four different school districts(both public & private) so I feel that they have a good foundation.. And one other queston, What about employment for Spouses both on post and off?

    I have other questions so hopefully we can keep in touch. I am on facebook ,Twitter I really don’t use but I am on there as well.

    Thanks so much again for your input..

    Take Care


  2. when I first started reading why hate hawaii, you had me scared lol. However as I kept reading I realized that we were very different people in our likes and dislikes.. My family will be arriving the first part of Jan and we are very excited. Brfore the Army my husband work on boats and there for a min, I am a scuba diver and can not get enough of my toes in the sand and swimming with sea life (including sharks). My son love the ocean but love the woods as well. As a family outside is our home and other than my husband we love all the lil gritters that live in it. I am more of a tom boy and I HATE HATE shopping and never need to have something to do. I am an artist and very crafty as well as my son so we are always busy. Island life is not for everyone but I think my family and I will be just fine as long as we keep the big bugs from my husband. funny the man can go off and fight a war but a lil bug can send him into a pannick.

    I did enjoy ur writting and how u are not affraid to tell it like you see it

    Natalie Mishoe

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