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Military life does not come without its challenges. Most of us expect the typical challenges like frequent PCS moves and deployments. The one that can be a hard pill to swallow is the obstacles that involves job searching for military spouses as some employers are reluctant to hire us due to our frequent relocations. If we are lucky enough to be hired, many employers are then unwilling to understand the dynamics of military life which can make it hard to spend time with your spouse before deployments or during R&R. It can sometimes be an insurmountable issue for employers to transfer our position to a different location during a military move.

The good news is that this only happens with “some” employers. Many employers have taken the time to understand the difficulties that military spouses face finding careers, and have pledged to hire them and bridge the gap in the military spouse unemployment issue.

T-Mobile, for instance is one of those companies that have made a tremendous effort to support not only veterans, but military spouses by hiring them and creating an environment that understands the needs of today’s military families. They have committed to hiring 10,000 veterans and military spouses by 2023, and are a designated best workplace for Military Spouses! They also offer perks like childcare subsidies, military leave and 401-K/stock options. 

Just this week, T-Mobile announced that the have helped craft and sign the “Pledge to Prioritize Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing in the Workplace,” in partnership with the Department of Veteran Affairs and U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The goal of the pledge is to encourage companies, including T-Mobile, to commit to providing workers — veterans, military spouses and civilians alike — with the services and resources they need to stay mentally fit.

Clarissa Logan, a military spouse and daughter of a veteran is a Customer Experience Manager at T-Mobile. She recently shared a few of the common challenges faced by milspouse and how her current employer rises to those challenges:

 What advice do you have for milspouses looking for a job?

When looking for a job as a milspouse, my advice would be to look for companies that have focus on the military family and Veterans – and have made it known. Make sure you do your homework going on company websites and seeing if the company actively talks about how they support the veteran community. Companies that hold those values tend to have a larger understanding of the challenges of the military lifestyle. I see this active support every day at T-Mobile!

Also, when looking for a specific role, start asking all the questions. For me, it was important to be transparent about relocating, so I asked all about this upfront. 

What is the most challenging part about starting your career as a milspouse? 

The most challenging part of starting your career as a milspouse is knowing that sometimes work will limit time spent with your spouse. Having a spouse that is active duty and with the possibility of being deployed, or the possibility of them traveling for training, time is very valuable and sometimes rare. On the flip side of that coin, if they are away, having a career is a great way to spend time and a healthy distraction.

How does T-Mobile help support your unique needs as a working milspouse? 

T-Mobile has opportunities for me to develop in many areas, whether through new roles or projects at the company. This allows me to enhance my skillset that then allows me to plug into multiple cross-functional teams across the country. From Customer Care sites, Retail Stores, Regional Support and even remote HQ positions. With T-Mobile I know that my career is not restricted because of my unique situation. If anything, it opens up so many doors and opportunities.

Why do you think T-Mobile outs so much support into the military community?

Well, I think it just makes sense if you want to have a powerhouse business! Those in the military community come with a unique set of skills that transfer to being a successful employee at the company.  And it is not just about veterans, T-Mobile has made a point to expand support to the entire military community, including military spouses, who have a unique background and experience to bring to the company. In fact, T-Mobile has been recognized as one of the most military-friendly employers by Military Friendly for 12 years. In fact, this year, they are also a top employer for Military Spouses!  

So How Do I Find A Military Spouse Friendly Job?

Try to find a company that prides itself in terms of their military/veteran/milspouse employment schemes, as they will be sympathetic to your challenges. While whether you ultimately land the job will be down to your abilities and the hiring company’s decision making, below are a few things you can do to further increase your chances of finding a career that fits your lifestyle.

Veteran Run- Look for companies like T-Mobile, or small businesses that are either run by Veterans or have a Military affairs department. This usually tells you that they understand the military or are making an effort to, and most likely are sympathetic to the needs of their military affiliated employees.

Remote Positions- Look for employers that hire for “remote positions”. Do not search “work at home”. Remote is the buzzword that you’ll want to inquire about. This will allow you to have a portable career you can take with you anywhere.

Ask Questions- The ideal job should be mutually beneficial. In order to perform well, you will want to make sure the job you are interviewing for or inquiring about is a good fit for you. Be upfront about your situation, this way there are no surprises after the fact. You may find that no one has taken the time to explain some of our challenges to civilian employers. This may open up an otherwise closed opportunity.

Sell Military Life To Get The Job- Resilient is a word often used to describe military spouses. While sometimes overused, it’s quite true! Because of the “hurry up and wait” mentality Uncle Sam expects us to have, we have the ability to adapt and overcome really quickly. We are multi-taskers, resourceful, quick learners and thrive in ever changing environments… use those attributes to ‘sell yourself’ to your interviewer. 

Volunteering is Work Too- Do NOT underestimate the value of any volunteering you have done. Many military spouses volunteer in positions that include managing others (FRG), Admin, and public speaking. These are great qualities and skills for many positions.

Ready to begin your milspouse job search?

Learn more about T-Mobile and their military hiring initiatives or check out some of their recruiting partners like FourBlock, Recruit Military, and Hire our Heroes. And if you’re simply looking for the best Military-friendly wireless network, be sure to check out for T-Mobile’s Magenta Military Plan which offers industry-leading deals for military and veteran families. 



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