Part of the Blogher fun is going to events for bloggers outside of the actual Blogher conference. While at Blogher Lifetime Moms held two events for some of it’s contributors , bloggers and so on.

At one of the events we were whisked away to Lord & Taylor in NYC where the entire cosmetics department was open to just us.

I and several other bloggers had a chance to spend a day getting pampered by getting makeovers , drinking mimosas and getting some style and shopping tips.

It was also fun to get to hang with one of my favorite military spouses Angela from Homefront United. She chose to get her face done at Nars (love them too) and I chose Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

Can I just say the man who did my face is AMAZING! I haven’t fully unpacked all my stuff but I have his business card and I will be adding all his information to this post.

I  find it so insane that I have some of the same makeup products at home and yet could not come close to erasing the bags under my eyes like he did. He also made my face flawless without the use of a foundation , instead opting for concealer and a powder.

I am going to toot my own horn a bit and say I know I have gorgeous hazel eyes. The problem was I wear glasses and never knew how to play up one of my best assets. The makeup artist informed me that my eye shape was so versatile and there was so much I could do with it. Since it was daytime we opted for a daytime version of the smokey eye.

I loved the look so much that I barely let water touch me that evening before I went to my next event.

After that we got some pointers on some of the seasons hottest accessories and then I got to briefly meet Buffi Jashanmal from this season (10) of “Project Runway”. She is one bad chick and anyone that can rock leopard print on one side of their head can be a friend of mine. While I could never pull off her style , it is truly eclectic.

I really enjoyed learning things about myself that I had no clue about. It was also great to hang with another military spouse and get some well deserved down time.

This is just a snippet of the things I did while in New York. Be on the lookout for more pictures and blog posts.



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