At least once a week I get questions to place on the fan page wall asking specifics about an online college and which one is a better choice. As military spouses many of us are seeking to further our education online because it’s convenient.

Although this is the case, a lot goes into the online college process such as affordability and accreditation.

Military Discounts and Veterans Center recently posted a great article to help spouses and military members understand the difference in Regional, National and Specialized Accreditation is.

I thought it would be beneficial to pass the link on to my readers.

Read “What To Look For In Accreditation“.



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6 Comments on How To Choose The Right Online College and Understand Accreditation For Military Spouses

  1. I made a mistake with my education, thought I knew what to look for now, Im still paying back on my student loans for a program I couldn’t use outside the state I got certified in..

  2. Avoid for-profit schools like U of Phoenix, ITT Tech, Kaplan, and the like. These institutions prey upon individuals who they presume would not be accepted into traditional colleges, and thus charge exorbitant admission fees. If you receive a BA from UofP, expect to pay 60K to 80K. They are under investigation by the federal government because they are using federal funding to pay for their advertising campaigns. More than 50% of people who attend these schools default because they are viewed as non-hireable by many employers. Many state schools now have online degree programs are cheaper prices than these for-profit schools. Not to mention that these state schools may not, and do not have to, accept transfer credits from for-profit institutions. If you insist on attending these types of schools, because of convenience, do your due diligence. They are not worth the trouble, debt, and stigma.

  3. If you’re looking for a degree in the arts, I highly recommend Full Sail University’s online program. I had initially started out with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division, but I felt I wasn’t getting an adequate education. At Full Sail, they’re flexible with you. Your classes change every four weeks, so it is a fast paced curriculum. Of all the online and campus schools I’ve looked at for Graphic Design, Full Sail was the least expensive. The books you need for your classes are included in tuition and are shipped to you automatically before the class starts. They allow transfer credits as well as AP credits from high school. The best thing about it is that you can work it around YOUR schedule. Hope this helps anyone who’s looking!

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