As you all should know (my faithful little followers :) hubby deployed a few days ago for the sandbox and what do you know…I of all people am completely doing fine or I was until….

So I’m at my kids school chatting it up with one of the other wonderful ladies whose husband deployed recently also. All of a sudden the sweetest little boy comes up to the mom I am talking to and says Hi Mrs E (we will just call her Mrs. E for now) my mom cried all night becauseeee she is sad that my daddy left. Oh wow can you say my heart crumbled for not only that little boy , but his mother as well. The thing that really made me tear up was that this little boy who was no more then seven was so genuinely concerned for his mom.

The final straw that broke my day was… I’m heading to ACS( Army Community Services)to pick up my Blue Star Card (card which is used for discounts during deployments). I get my card and as I am coming out the building what do I hear but the Schofield Army Band playing music for soldiers who were coming home. Ahhhh can you imagine the feeling. I am not an evil person and of course those spouses greatly deserved that joyous day, but I couldn’t help feel just a tad bit envious that a chapter was ending for them while mine was just beginning.

I fretted for a while until my day was completely made by seeing that wonderful odd looking calling card number that always showed up on my phone last deployment. The minute I saw the area code 199,I knew automatically it was my husband calling to tell me he had safely arrived at their destination.

What a great way to end what could have potentially been a craptacular day.

Until Then
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