This weekend I had the honor to attend the Women In The World Summit in NYC as part of the Toyota Women Influencers Network aka TWIN where I sat amongst some of the most important women in the world who are making a difference in not only our country but the world. I was truly inspired and obtained so much that I am still working on the recap post which you will be able to read soon.

In the mean time while there I had the pleasure to attend a party thrown by fashion design icon Diane Von Furstenberg and oh man all I can say is I was in celebrity heaven. In any event as we were leaving the party we were handed some pretty cool gift bags which included a Diane Von Furstenberg IPHONE Cover that says  “Proud To Be A Woman”and it’s really really HOT! Unfortunately I am stuck in the stone ages and am not willing to part with my “crack-berry” so I decided that one of you tech savvy mama’s deserved it.

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Just leave a comment below about topics or things you would like to see on Army Wife 101.

Winner will be announced 03/19/2012

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Disclosure: I received this as a gift and am choosing to give it away. This is a not sponsored giveaway or review.



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61 Comments on Diane Von Furstenberg IPhone Cover Giveaway…A Small Thank You To My Readers

  1. I’m so happy (jealous) you were able to attend the Womens Conference…what a privilege it was for you! You deserve it for making things happen…your rock Krystel : )

  2. My iPhone case is currently falling apart and I’d shock my friends with adding something girly to my wardrobe.
    The conference sounds like it was great!
    Your blog is super helpful and I’m still navigating my way around so I’m not sure if you already do this, but getting guest posts would be cool to see. And also maybe some experiences with traveling with Space-A?

  3. Oh boy a new cover for my new iphone? Just stepped into the “smartphone” world!!! Anyhow, I would love to read/learn more about everyones experiences with Korea; moving home; PCS’ing without spouses help!

  4. Your blog is so fun to read! You cover a lot of topics that I really love/need to talk about and so I all I can say is keep up what you’re doing!

    Love this iphone cover :)

  5. I have an Iphone and go through cases like crazy lol…love reading your blog and can’t wait to see what comes up next.

  6. What an awesome thing for you to do! With a military ball in my near future, I’d like to see a blog concerning the do’s and don’ts when attending a ball. Although I am confident that I personally know how to behave myself, dress appropriately, and how to react to most customs, I think it would really benefit new Army spouses.

  7. You already cover so much!!! But something new you could add more of is spouses who have found another source of income. Or military family friendly vacation spots!

  8. Love the cover!
    I love reading all your stuff.
    Even though my hubby is Nat’l Guard (currently deployed overseas), I still consider myself an “Army Wife”, so I’d like to see things geared towards the weekend warriors families.

  9. Wow! I just upgraded from my crackberry to an iphone today. I love the blog and made a friend through your facebook page and helped her & her family during their PSC to Fort Riley. I love the idea of a guest blogger telling others the good, bad and/or ugly about their current duty station. Congrats on the opportunity to go to the conference and keep up all the awesome work with Armywife 101!

  10. New cover would be great! Since I’m currently using my sisters! I like hearing updates about deployed soldiers since mine is currently deployed!

  11. Congrats on getting to attend such an amazing conference! I just got an iPhone myself! I live you blog and think it would be awesome I have a day when your readers get to submit their experiences as army spouses/significant others ect. It would be a good way to get our stories out to each other and relate to each other. Keep up the amazing posts, you rock!!

  12. I would like to let you know your blog has helped me so much! Everything from answering/ dealing with deployment to planning our Disney vacation. A topic I would like to see on your blog is ets info and advice for families regarding health insurance after active duty. May more blessings come your way.

  13. Yes, I love that iphone cover! I love reading your Blog, it’s full of information. Thank you for being so resourceful!

  14. I love reading your blog. I’m no longer a mil spouse myself but I still have friends that are. I am getting my first iPhone soon…this giveaway came at the perfect time!

  15. I’ve just recently started following your blog but it’s wonderul so far! We’re moving to Germany this fall so I would love to have some information about moving overseas and places we should visit while we’re there!

  16. I’m a dual spouse currently serving and I love reading wyoyr posts and watching the videos in my car, my iPhone is probably one of the most important pieces of technology I have in my life espically when my husband was on his tour in Iraq, I think there should be at least one or two blogs posts dedicated to the dual wives or former dual wives about their decision on being in the military together, the difficulties (like stealing their TA-50) leave, time at home, walking out of the house with hOuse with the wrong hat or blouse and spending so much time apart like frills props and the major difficulties of deployment…

  17. Thank you for the giveaway. (:
    I love reading your blog and enjoy reading the facebook page.
    I would love to see something on reserve retirement benefits. The hubby and I don’t talk much about that kind of stuff, and I’m interested to see what the benefits are to retiring in the reserves. My Dad retired from Air Force, but obviously there are differences and I know nothing about the Army [Reserves] benefits.

  18. I’m a regular every day and look forward to seeing what’s in store every morning I log on! I’d really to see more information possibly on deployment returns & our men transitioning back into their family lives. My husband was injured in Afghanistan and the last year has been a tough one for us. Things are slowly getting back to normal but not without a fight! With the recent news about the soldier killing civilians overseas, I think everyone (not just those who are military affiliated) needs to more educated on the affects of war and PTSD. It’s a serious subject that I’m very passionate about and I think it’s often times overlooked.

  19. I love your blogs. I would love tO hear more about traveling deals and best spots for families to spend leave.

  20. I truly enjoy reading your blog and have turned to your site for help on numerous occasions and I always find my answer that way. I also enjoy reading about the various topics you have covered, but I have to agree with Kristina, as tough a topic as the war and PTSD is, there are many families that it affects. Further information and places to reach out, stories of those who have overcome it to encourage those still in the middle of it. I think it would do a world of good.

  21. What a great experience for you! How I would have loved to be in your shoes! I have learned SO much from Army Wife 101. I love reading all that is posted. It is nice to read difference of opinion(respectfully)that gives someone like me a different view that I hadn’t already known. I think I would like to know more about military friendly vacation areas and more about what things to do before getting to the new duty station. And everything else. Thanks!

  22. Seeing the heart I am reminded of when…. women are left at home with medical conditions. My hubby was sent to JBLM and leaving me back in MN with an 18 month old. a 14day old baby, 7days out of the ICU in heart failure. I know I am not alone in this situation, but I think some women would like some support bor encouragement to get through!

  23. Sweet!
    I’d like more info on deals or ideas on getaways
    or date ideas to rekindle the flame after long
    deployments or trainings.

  24. I love your blog :) the one thing I think should be spoken about would probably be life after the army since the army is cutting back so much there ate those that will have a hard time adapting back to civilian life not just the army man and woman but their spouses as well. Thank you for all your advice and humor :)

  25. Wow that’s a very nice iPhone cover I would love to win this and if I do I’am happy to be women ;-)!!! I wold to see post about how to save more money on her because being on the island like myself it’s so hard Hawaii is so expensive and I would love to check out more info on how to be saving more money thank you and have a great day;-)!!!

  26. I think it would be cool to feature a post a week and have people share their experiences of them so people who are PCSing have a resource.

  27. I would love to read more about navigating the ins and outs and dos and don’ts while being a new army spouse. There are little things that I don’t know and it makes it a bit more difficult to learn while a new spouse with a deployed husband. I have managed but I can use all the help I can get :). I appreciate you and all of the info you give on your blog. And I would love the iPhone case :)

  28. I just happen to me an iPhone. I hope I win… Lol. But if not good luck to everyone else.
    When it comes to your blog girl you cover just about everything. I am so excited for you though on your adventures that you have been on. Congrats on everything and keep up the great job. You are AWESOME!!

  29. This is a great giveaway :) I would love to see more info about PCS’ing & living abroad. I live in Japan but came over by myself after being newly married and my husband was already stationed here. I know nothing about the actual military moves or what to expect in the future!

  30. Love your blog first of all! I would love to learn more about you and your experience being an army wife. How was it at the beginning? The process of getting used to the changes? How do you think your life could have turned out differently? The hardships, etc. It would be nice to dig into the more personal part of this experience.

  31. Very happy to see you had a wonderful time at the summitt. Can’t wait to read your full review. What I would like to see more talk about is how to help your spouse and family members prepare for retirement. Esp. with the new RCP guidelines I think there will be more and more families faced with making an immediate life style change; and during this economy that can be very scary.

  32. How awesome a new iPhone cover, mine is falling apart! I love reading your blogs can’t think of much to change or add. Maybe stuff dealing with Special Forces, and cheap vacation spots close to bases.

  33. You cover a great deal already, not entirely sure what you could add military related that you haven’t already added. Maybe something about the Residency Relief Act? I’m still slightly confused about that. Or PCSing tips in general? Not that I know if we’re PCSing anytime soon, but the only time we have PCSed is when we joined and moved from home to here. We’ve been here for … almost four years. My husband is switching his MOS though, his class date is in 2013 and I wonder if we’ll PCS after he switches? I’ve tried to find some sort of site that says “This MOS is most likely going to have to live on this base” but I haven’t found anything like that… LOL Does a site like that exist?

    I never have told you how much I love your site and I prefer your site to others. I used to read SpouseBuzz but lately I just don’t like their posts..

  34. Love the iPhone cover and be really pleased if I win it!

    I’d like to read more about etiquette (online, walking life), opportunities for professional spouses, remote PCS, PCS to Puerto Rico, Hispanic spouses, raising bilingual children, and PCS’ing with different types of pets.

  35. super cute iPhone case!! I like to see more OOTD, & I really like to see all the different home coming outfits.

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