As I sat glued to my TV this Sunday and typing on Luther (yes my laptop has a name …don’t judge me) my Twitter feed was exploding with the chatter about #ArmyWives.

I had my usual chatter:

But it was these words that freaked all of us long time “Army Wives” fan out?

Like anyone else I almost live more for the next week previews then I do the actual episode. I always look for certain keywords and most times I hope what we hear is true because it will make for a juicier episode. This time the voice over guy threw it in there so fast, that no one would knew what to make of those frightening words above!

The truth is though Army Wives has been a great show for me and I honestly will never forget how it got me through my first deployment. My world had been turned so upside down by that 15 month deployment and nothing felt stable because I was truly worried whether hubby would ever come home. “Army Wives” provided stability for me. It was the one thing back in that 2007 period that I knew I had to look forward to for an hour that would take my mind off of Dre. This seems like a total contradiction because the show focused on all the things most military wives going through a deployment want to avoid but it made us feel like someone got it…to a degree!

That being said because I am a true fan of the show and because some reality has to be implemented , we all know that Army life doesn’t last forever. People in the military do actually PCS and I often wonder how long can the show go on without a PCS and what looks like the lost of the main enlisted couple on the show. Like most of my friends whom I discussed this with we don’t want Army Wives to jump the shark but I do think possibly adding some new cast members in or even changing the post they are at would definitely make the show stretch one more season.

While “Army Wives” doesn’t necessarily depict military life accurately all the time, it does bring military life to the forefront which is always a good thing to me.

Either way we only have three more episodes left to find out the final verdict *sad face*

Do you think this is the end of the road for “Army Wives”?

Check out the preview and judge for yourself.



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36 Comments on Is Army Wives Ending…Is It Time For It To End?

  1. Yes, it’s time for it to end. I mean seriously, I don’t know anyone who has had such dramatic things happen to them in a lifetime, let along a few year span. It’s getting ridiculous, seriously.

    • My life this year would make a help of a drama maybe better then this show. You say no lives could be that full try having to go to court same day your father goes to the hospital has surgery two days later then your brother ends up in same er and then admitted to the same hospital. My father is in the 4th floor and my brother is on the 5th floor. Out of 4 hospitals they don’t have same insurance this was not planned. Then last month my fiancee had a life threating surgery got him home 2 days had to take my mom to the er she was admitted in too. All this going on and the manager of where I live is trying to push my last nerve including breaking in my home while I was in it and no I am not behind on my rent and I own my mobile home. I didn’t even start on the crap my ex husband is pulling. So YES some one can have that much drama in ones life. What don’t kill you maiden you stronger well then I’m one strong Bit@@!

    • I have to say there are some of us that have.lot of drama in sometimes its easyer to deal with my life when. I see others are just as bad if not worse if that is possible.

  2. I’ve enjoyed watching it, but there is so much stuff that happens now… it seems like in every episode something dramatic happens. I do think it’s time for it to end or get some fresh new faces that actually stay for more then a few episodes.

  3. Oh no I hope it is not the end. I love the show. It is torture waiting between seasons. I also started watching army wives when my husband was deployed back in 2008.

  4. I hope it’s not the end. Hopefully they mean just this season. I agree I feel they need to throw in pcsing and some new characters. They could stretch it for a while. That is like a show I used to watch called Degrassi the second generation. The first generation was aired in the 80’s and the one I watched was their children. Definitely a thought there also.

  5. I’m not ready for it to end. I think they can pull off another season or two. Maybe the Army can pull Chase back in and we get to see more of Pam and him back at Fort Marshall. Someone could PCS… bring a new wife onto the cast. I don’t know. I’m just going to be really sad if it’s over for good :(

  6. I sure hope it’s not the end! I am a huge fan, and like you I can honestly say in times like deployments it gave me that hour to look forward to one day a week. I would laugh and cry with them, and still do :) But being real, we all know no one stays at the same duty station as long as these characters do, so to keep it real eventually they are going to have to write in some PCS orders but hopefully they’ll switch it up and bring on new characters such Gloria (whom I love) to keep it going. Though I do LOVE the cast, I would rather them switch it up than it to come to an end….guess we shall see!

  7. I do think that unfortunately, they have had their run and it may be time to call it quits. I love them and it it did get me through our 1st deployment as well, when I was brand new to Army Life and excited about everything. Now I miss episodes like crazy and have to watch them online.

  8. I will be very sad to see the series end!!! I have watched since the beginning and, although it has been a little slow going this season, I won’t know what to do without watching it every week. It is finally a show that brings the military to the forefront.of people’s minds!!

  9. I sure hope not! I always record Army Wives & watch it when I have my “ME” time! I love the twist & turns it has had the past couple episodes. I feel like so much is happening! There are so many wives that look foward to it coming on while their husbands are deployed!

  10. I am absolutely not ready for Army Wives to end!! Like you, this show helped me through my husband’s deployments ( well, the last 2 of 4). I totally have an emotional attachment to this show. I remember balling my eyes out when they deployed the first time and balling even more on the episode where they came home because I was preparing for hubby’s return.

    I know at some point it has to end; just like anything else in Army life. People PCS, retire, and ETS. Im just not ready. I really liked them adding Gloria and Hector until he messed up. Think they made a big mistake with that storyline. Either way, I am grateful to the show for entertaining me and giving me something to look forward to every Sunday night.

  11. I hope not, but they definitely need to make some changes if they are keeping the show for a while longer. No brilliant ideas here yet, but something has to give. There is a line between the drama they portray on the show and what actually happens in the daily life of most of us. :) We shall see.

  12. Cthrine Bell (Denise) said right after Season 5 that the next Season would be the lst Season of Army Wives. So when this Season started I thought it would be the last… BUT then they added som new Episodes after a short break and I thought: Hey, maybe this isn’t the end… maybe they changed their mind… BUt who knows. Everything good has to come to an END some time. Better to end it while it’s good than ending it in 2 or 3 years and everyone gets bored with it… But I will stillbe sad if it ends… :(

  13. No, I don’t think it is the end (for now, at least)! I think they are trying to diversify by adding new characters and story lines, so I think there will still be at least one more season. I definitely will be sad to see it go though!

  14. I hope it’s not the end.
    Every week my Mom and I watch “together” although we are hundreds of miles apart. We call each other and discuss the show and look forward to the next episode. It seems to help us feel closer together although Army life have separated us!

  15. While it has been a great show and brings military life to the forefront, I think it is time for it to end. There really is not much else they can really touch on. It’s a good time for it to end.

  16. I hope it doesn’t end! I think some new families or some how follow one of the excisting families to another post and branching out there?

  17. I just ready that they are having issues with Claudia Joy and being an alcholic, and that Denise just signed a contract for two more years. The same article said that the fate of the show is still up in the air, but that her contract was signed for two more year. It would suck if they decided just to stop the show. No warning. And for the record we were at campbell for 9 years and we met some people that had been there for 13, or their entire career. It does happen.

  18. I’m behind about 2 weeks. That being said I wouldn’t wanna see army wives go off the air. For me it doesn’t really depict army life realistically but it’s a source of comparison for my friends who are not army wives. They come to me and ask if this part is true or if that really happens and I get to explain to them the truth (or attempt to anyway)
    As for the show, if Hector and Gloria split (again I’m 2 weeks behind) then they should at least try to replace them before considering canceling the show. It does have to end eventually but I don’t think how is the time. A PCS won’t work either because it would be highly unrealistic for everyone to end up on the same post.

  19. Just when i have my husband watching well kinda lol
    it is all going to end :(
    I have enjoyed every episode and I do look forward to the re runs
    but all good things must come to an end :(,

  20. I am glad someone finally notice the “until it all ends!” he said it last week and everyone was telling me i was crazy lol. I love this show and will be sad that they didn’t do an actual farewell season. Oh well, thats the army for ya!

  21. I will be majorly upset if this turns out to be the last season of “Army Wives”! I have watched this show from the very first episode in June 2007 and I’ve never missed an episode. It has gotten me through hard times when my hubby has been gone, through the deaths of family members when I couldn’t be there for the funerals because I was in the middle of PCSing and quite a number of medical problems I’ve had to deal with. It made me feel like I wasn’t so alone and that someone else understood all of the feelings and emotions I had that made me feel so mixed up inside.
    I have TIVOed every episode on both of my machines just in case something happens and one doesn’t record it properly, even if I am watching it live just in case something happens and I get interrupted.
    My husband knows better than to disturb me when I’m watching “Army Wives”. It is one of my few “Nancy Hours” and I am pretty sure that this show is one of the few things that keeps me sane! As long as my husband is home, I put my phone on vibrate and leave it in a different room when I watch, just to be sure I don’t get interrupted.
    I love that this show brings Military Life to the front of people’s consciousness, even of it doesn’t stay there for too long. It is one of the few programs out there that shows our lifestyle in a positive light and even portrays it somewhat accurately.
    I do think that they should bring a few new people in via PCSing. It would be nice for their to be some new faces, with new storylines, plus it would be a bit more accurate. Let’s face it, there are very FEW soldiers that stay at the same post for that many years. WE know that the majority of the time we would be PCSing at least 1 (if not 2 or even 3) time(s) in the 5 years the show has been on for. In my case, in the last 11 months, I have lived in 3 DIFFERENT STATES (VA, TX and now we are in NC)! I know that’s not typical, but it illustrates a point. When your spouse is in the Army, you KNOW you will be moving, and most likely, moving often.
    I feel like Denise, Roxy, Claudia Joy, Roland and Pamela are friends and family of mine. I am 1 of 11 kids (3 older brothers, 3 older sisters and 4 younger brothers) and my sister Ereena and Roxy share many traits as does Roland with my brother Bart. Trevor and my older brother Drew are so similar that it’s scary and if you combined Claudia Joy and Denise you would have my sister Donna. I have laughed with them, worried with them and cried with them. 
    If nothing else, this show should remind each of us that we are NOT alone in this. Our families may be thousands of miles away but there are people near us, perhaps even next door, who know what you are going through and how you feel. There are other Army Wives who are there for you, because you are NOT alone. 

  22. Couldn’t they PCS and we have episodes from each of the various places? New Army Wives to get to know in each place? Dealing with new people, finding their way around, new schools – almost like real life! Meantime dad is off training and deploying, etc. They could still do so much! The problem is, it’s a commitment for the main characters.
    BTW, did any former Charmed fans notice the twins’ names? Wyatt, the “bad son” and Drew, Chris, the good son’s real name (aka Trevor LeBlanc). I’m loving the connection!
    Also, I agree on being addicted to the show. I work an 80 hour week, but I insist on being home during Army Wives!

  23. I am sooo sad my show is gonna be over. I got my husband into it so I could have some one to talk to about it :( I havr never missed an episode and it always felt like part of my life. My DVR will miss you Army Wives *tear*

  24. It will be sad to see the show go. To see Claudia Joy (where is she by the way?) and her husband break up, I would rather see the show end. But, it does seem like its going in that direction. With Roxy and Trevor going to another Base. It was fun while it lasted. I wish it would stay and entertain us for at least another year !!!

  25. I thought I remember reading that the contract to film in South Carolina was ending and a renewal was doubtful. Perhaps they will “makeover” the show in another location?

    • tmm, maybe that’s what happened, so now with the Season 7 renewal, they will probably film from other locations – like Tacoma! Yay for the LeBlancs! Also, that very well could be why they “mentioned” the merger with the AF base. They can change location because of the base change. Yay!

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