This is a sponsored post on behalf of FunkAway odor eliminator. Although “getting funky” isn’t necessarily a bad thing, dealing with military gear funk is a different story entirely. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Oh my gosh… what is that smell?

You check the trash. That’s not it. You check the baby. Nope. You check the litter box. Uh uh. And then you discover the source of the stench wafting through your once comfortable home. You can almost see the greenish-yellow cartoon waves as they emanate from your spouse’s laundry hamper. Just to be sure, you walk over, give it a sniff, and — yep —  the mystery smell has been detected. It’s a collection of dirty PT clothes, military uniforms, and socks, all wrapped up in a camo bow.

You briefly fantasize about finding a clothespin (or gas mask) for your face, while you hold your breath and toss the load in the washer. You wonder how long your spouse has let this mixture of sweat, camo, and who-knows-what simmer. You consider pouring an industrial-strength size bottle of vinegar in just for good measure, but instead, decide that the best thing you can do is close the lid as soon as possible.

Whew. What was that?

That’s the smell, ladies and gentlemen, of freedom. Our hardworking service members wake at the crack of dawn to be in formation and go for a run, before most of us have had our first cup of coffee. It’s the smell of field training exercises, stress, pressure, firing ranges, intense office meetings, being away from family, and deployment to far away lands.

Freedom isn’t free, nor does it smell like a bed of roses.

Fortunately, there is a solution that is as dedicated as those willing to fight for our country. FunkAway is the odor eliminator for clothes, shoes, and gear. I sprayed it on my couch too! It is available as a spray (travel size too), and a laundry detergent booster. By the way we don’t assume you do your spouse’s laundry. In my home my husband does his own laundry most times.

You can use FunkAway anywhere your military family experiences unwanted odors. Ideas include:

  • The back of your car where you spouse left all his/her gear after a training exercise.
  • Before clearing housing.
  • That mysterious funk in the house that you just PCS’d to.
  • Your teenage mil-kid’s smelly shoes.
  • The carseat your kiddo got sick in while flying to your new OCONUS duty station.
  • Your yoga mat that you haven’t used since your last duty station.
  • On your outdoor furniture so that you can entertain and make new friends no matter where you get stationed.
  • Smelly odors from pets marking or being stressed about their new home.
  • All the laundry for PT gear, uniforms, and civilian clothes too. (Did I mention the socks?)
  • As a useful gift while your service member is away for training or deployment. (Fun fact, when I asked my husband what Basic Combat Training was like, he replied, “It always smells like someone farted.” Awesome.)

FunkAway doesn’t just cover up smells with a flowery scent, it actually breaks down the odors until they no longer exist. Their exclusive OM Complex™ guarantees that FunkAway will be so game-changing they offer a money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose! 

Available nationwide at various retailers and also on, FunkAway may be the answer to your question: What is that odor and how do I get rid of it?

This can be a game-changer for military families! To learn more, please visit



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