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How important is washing clothes in a military household?

Well let’s see, you have:

  • Sweaty PT everyday
  • Rolling in the dirt during Field training
  • The daily rigors of military work
  • The sand smell from being deployed

So as you can see washing clothes in the military household is not just a priority, it’s essential. Not to mention adding your stuff or the kids clothes in.

Because of that having a great washing/dryer set that washes well is important. And, what if there was a great washer set that not only took care of your household needs, but gave back to the military community too? There is and I recently welcomed the “Patriotic Pair” into my home.

I’ll be honest in that I was a bit skeptical of placing a washer and dryer with a big flag sprawled across it. That being said the vision I had in my head and what actually was on there was completely different. The only part of the washing machine and dryer that has a flag is the console area where the operation buttons are located. It’s sleek and looks pretty cool actually. The rest of the set is white so it will blend in with type of home or laundry room decor.

The Washing Machine


While I loved my previous washing machine it had a spinner in the middle which took up a considerable amount of space. The Kenmore Top Load Washer has no spinner in the middle and has over 4ft of cubic space. This means I am able to put way more clothes in there than normal.  It has compartments for your detergent, bleach, and fabric softener. The console also offers tons of options to give you the cleanest clothes. The washing machine is really quiet. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a load size setting. It seems to figure it out on it’s own. As of this post the washer is on sale for $497.99.

“This Kenmore washer delivers a powerful and worry-free clean, allowing you to tackle laundry day with the press of a button. Designed with intuitive controls and easy operation, you can clean big loads with little fuss – up to 19 towels in one load. Kenmore has built its legacy on durability and performance, and this top load washer with stainless steel tub brings serious cleaning power that will last you and your family through the years. A Triple Action Impeller revs up cleaning power, and nine powerful spray jets and three unique wash basket motions work together for deep cleaning using a high-efficiency design.”

The Dryer

The Kenmore White Electric Dryer W/ Smart Dry Plus is great size and has a sensor to detect when your load is dry. I haven’t quite figured out if I am using the correct settings because sometimes the sensor will go off right after I turn it on. However, my daughter seems to have gotten it, so for now it’s not biggie. What I am really in love with is the size of this dryer. It has over 7 cubic feet. That means I can dry my comforter and bigger thicker items with no problem. There is also a lint detector sensor that tells when you when it’s time to clean the lint trap. I personally think that’s cool since I would sometimes forget to clean mine. The sanitize setting is great for anyone who uses cloth diapers and for removing germs off bedding. The dryer currently retails for $597.00.

“This Kenmore dryer was designed to make laundry day nice and simple. Whether you’ve got a pile of soaking wet towels, a duvet or a delicate blouse that simply needs refreshing, this Kenmore electric dryer has you covered. SmartDry Plus technology keeps an eye on especially damp laundry while Wrinkle Guard prevents set in wrinkles after the dry cycle. Spend less time babysitting your laundry and more time doing what you want with your day.”

Sears Gives Back With “Heroes At Home”

Sears has has a long standing relationship with the military through various initiatives. They are once again showing their love for our service members with their annual “Heroes At Home” program. The HAH program helps to make repairs, improvements and modifications to military members homes. $40 from each pair (or $20 per piece) purchased will be donated to Heroes At Home up to $200,000.

“Other ways Sears shoppers can give back this holiday season through Heroes at Home include:

  • Craftsman Hat – The Craftsman brand will donate $1 from the sale of each beanie to Rebuilding Together, with a minimum donation of $4,000.
  • Ornaments – Two collectible moose and bear Christmas ornaments help raise funds for Heroes at Home this holiday, and are the perfect, meaningful addition to any tree. With every qualifying in-store or online purchase through 12/24, Sears will donate $1 to Rebuilding Together to help military families in need, with a minimum donation of $20,000.”

If you’re looking to purchase a laundry set and do it with good reason head over to to get your limited edition made in the USA “Patriotic Pair”.





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