Yes I am back again with one for the books on this Sears Heroes Wish Registry Situation. For the record this will be my last video and time I speak on this issue ( I hope) since I don’t want to seem like I am fueling the fire, but you know me I can’t shut up sometimes. After seeing the below comment you will know why:

I removed the poster's name for privacy reasons...Although its probably still on FB!

And of course I really just had to respond:


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



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54 Comments on I Can’t Believe She Just Said That!!!…An Apology To Sears On Behalf of the Thankful People!

  1. OMG I LOVE YOU!!! haha serisouly so sick of the ppl bitching about it acting like they are entiltled it. there is always next year if they didnt make it this year they SHould be grateful that sears even runs this program inn the first place! they dont have to do it every year they have ppl complaining im suprised they keep doing it.

  2. “Is this chick for real? I mean really….. is she for real?”


    “Booboo, you need to get it together.”

    Krystal, you’re fantastic.

  3. I tend to sit in my corner as you know Krystel but I have to put my two cents in. I have never in my life encountered more self centered, bratty, “entitled” people as I have dealing with the Military. I cant believe people actually go on the website and bitch and complain about something that is FREE. What the hell? I liked this a lot better when hardly no one knew about it lol. But honestly, I called Sears and said sorry for all the bratty spouses. The other thing I see is people telling who needs and doesnt need this…Listen, I could give a crap about my husbands rank…if we need it, who are you to tell us we don’t? I swear…girl……… Thank you for what you do bc I would go off every other second dealing with these crazy ass spouses. This is exactly why I stepped down as FRG Leader……

  4. Thank Youuuuuu!!!! I could not agree with you more. FAMILY is what makes the holidays, not a gift card! I understand that the lower enlisted do not make that much, but is absolutely no reason to act like such an ungrateful child! Sears is the ONLY business I’ve even heard that does something like this for the military and they can decide they don’t want to do it anymore at any time, and I think people forget that. Whether or not my family gets the gift cards this year is not going to dictate whether or not I enjoy my holidays. There are many, many things to be thankful for!

  5. If the entire military community starts complaining their asses off and being ungrateful for the 20,000 slots that are available who is to say they won’t take it away then you will NEVER get the chance to do it again. If your child constantly complains about one thing as a parent you stop giving them that because they are ungrateful and it isn’t worth your time to do it anymore and you want to teach them a lesson. Maybe we need to pay attention to the lessons we teach our children and apply it to our daily lives

  6. OMG!!! I really hate when people think they are entitled to stuff!! Sears does not have to do this and I also want to thank them for doing this i am very appreciative. Plus, this lady wants to complain about having 2 kids and not having enough money, hello I have 4 kids and my husband was an E-3 last christmas and we did fine at christmas. people like that really make me mad.

  7. I got through the process both times without issue and without having to try over and over again. Now perhaps she couldn’t online until later in the registration, but I thought Sears did the fair thing given the situation. They allowed the batch of people who unintentionally were able to register through on Wednesday. When they realized it was their error that certain people weren’t allowed to register on Wednesday they apologized and did the whole thing over to allow everyone a fair chance. And that’s what the whole deal was, a chance. It was never a guarantee in any way. Honestly, I almost didn’t try and register the 2nd time because of all the negativity that has come out in the some military spouses online. I’m honestly quite embarrassed. I would not be surprised at all to learn that Sears discontinues the program and that the donations this year dwindle compared to what they were for whatever other years they’ve done this. So very disappointing to see this side of things when normally I’ve only seen a lot of support in the community.

  8. OMG I cant believe someone did that, ugh seriously makes me upset someone would get that mad for a sign up for charity!!!

  9. Ladies you are all right! I was in for 8 years, still married to an Amazing Deployed Solider.. Our Holidays will not matter about the gifts, it will be thankful that (Hopefully) he makes it home on R&R for our daughters 10th Birthday. It is not about the money. Family comes first. Sears does not have to do this, that is awesome that they do. As far as the above “comment” having 2 small kiddos, and being married to an E-3, make a budget, plan ahead, shop early and put small gifts up each month, DO NOT depend on sympathy from others because you can not plan ahead. If money is so important, GET A JOB. You ladies have made my day, at least we all look at this as a positive side. Thank you all for being fair and nice and not being in Krystals term “twats” about it!! MERRY CHRISTMAS EARLY!!!!

  10. How ungrateful!!! I didn’t get through but I would just like to say THANK YOU SEARS!!! IT’S AN AWESOME THING YOU ARE DOING :)

  11. The Sears Heroes at Home program isn’t a government welfare program. And it also is not designed just to help the poorest people or the ones who claim they need it the most. If that were the case, it wouldn’t be just on a first-come, first-serve basis, but rather it would probably have a application process involving proof of need (income vs. expense, writing an essay describing the situation, or something like that)- and it’s not that way. This is a gift program for ALL those who are serving in the military and defending our freedom and lives with their own. It is for them and their families to have a little extra something for the holidays- not to PROVIDE presents for the poor- for which there are other charity programs- but to just offer a simple gift as a thank you to the military member and their family (who obviously also sacrifices). Everyone who is serving is therefore a potential recipient. But unfortunately the program can’t feasibly fund giving every military member a gift card, so it has to have a limit. They could consider allowing everyone to register and then holding a lottery to choose the “winners “of the gift card, but there would still be complaints. So they chose to do first-come, first-serve… and that is their right since they were gracious enough to set up the program in the first place. Anyway, I’m starting to ramble on, and my main point is that I BELIEVE that it is NOT ABOUT WHO CLAIMS TO NEED IT MOST… it’s about Sears and the fabulous people who donate selflessly saying thank you to a few military folks for their service. We should all be grateful that they do so, because I do believe that the general public were not always so supportive and thankful to the military, and they may not always be so in the future either.

  12. Twatbuckets! I’m going to have to seriously use that one from now on. hahahaha! You’re so right on this one. LoL I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who talks crazy fast the more agitated they get. :) Enjoy the movies!

  13. You may want to remind her that the unit normally can help people out as well. We do not have to depend on Sears. Usually the local MWR, USO and other various organizations have toy drives, etc. At the very worst, she can also turn to her unit Chaplain as we usually have something going on or atleast know about other things that can help.

  14. If having kids is supposedly making you poor, please consider getting your finances in order and planning financially for kids before you have them! Aside from a few poor victims, generally no one forces children into your life , thereby making you poor and entitled to charity. I don’t think anyone was forced into the military either. Both are choices. Both lead to financial stress in the beginning if you’re unprepared, but that doesn’t mean everyone must support you.

    That said, I do understand unfortunate circumstances occur that lead to unexpected financial straits despite proper planning and saving. But most everyone is or has hit hard times and many have kids (some have more than TWO), so the person with 2 kids and an E-3 husband is not alone… it makes them no more worthy of a gift card than anyone else.

  15. You are awesome I agree with you and LOVE your honesty!!! I’m just thankful my husband will be home for the Holidays and we get to make memories as a family. I got through this year but didn’t last year. My husband is also an E-3 and we have 2 kids and make it just fine you just gotta know how to budget. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

  16. you know some ppl are funny. If you need the help that BAD there are other place that are willing to help military all you have to do is look. my husband is an E-6 and we have 8 yes count them 8 kids. the first time i got through the second i did not so to the ones out there bit*hing cause they did not. GET OVER IT. I’m not trying to be mean but come one if you just relay on company to help you out get a life or get out of the military. And by the way i do have friends who husbands are E-3 and have more then 2 kids and they do just fine. but on another note maybe some of these wives that are complaining i have a question for you WHERE ARE YOUR HUSBANDS AT?? cause if they are at home. RIGHT

  17. THERE is what you need to be thankful for not A GIFT CARD. cause my kids are now going on there third year with out there dad home due to deployment to Afghanistan,Korea,and Iraq. SO BE THANK FOR FOR WHAT YOU HAVE. sorry end of vent but you all need to be happy and VERY VERY THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE WITH YOU.

  18. Yeah…being chosen for this program would really help out…but if you are relying on this type of program just for DIAPERS, then you have bigger problems than Sears would ever be able to help you with! People like this make me sick!

  19. I just have to say that if this particular spouse is that hard up for a gift card, then it is time for her to do some sensible extreme couponing and start her own stockpile of baby stuff so she doesn’t always have to worry about buying at retail. I also have to say, I am constantly amazed at people who think they are entitled to everything. She should be grateful that Sears is even sending out gift cards to military members. I tried to sign but not sure I made it. If I did, awesome, if not, there is always next year. Just my 2 cents… Have a great weekend everyone. Thanks Krystel for the videos.

  20. I am laughing hystarically at your phrase “twat bucket” … GENIUS!!! Thanks for everything you’re doing and I couldn’t agree more with you!

  21. Very sad. This is a gift; NOT a right. I did not care if I did get through or not (of course I hoped i did) but even the chance to get through not one, but TWICE was an amazing opportunity. All I have to say about this persons attitude is Karma is a b*tch. Last Christmas we were not able to buy our children any Christmas presents and I NEVER belittled anyone who had the good fortune to do so with programs such as these (or others). What we did for Christmas was teach our children the true meaning; we spent out time with our family and taught them to appreciate what we have NOT what we were NOT able to get!

  22. Maybe she needs to go to work. I work full time, and my husband is active duty army. Maybe getting a job and helping the household wouldn’t hurt, along with living within your means. What if Sears didn’t have this program then what would she do?

  23. WOW.. AMAZING VIDEO! I couldn’t have said it better myself. FIVE STAR FOR YOU (and your Crocked wig)…LOL… I LOVE YA AND ALL THAT YOU DO! I refuse to go to an FRG due to this kind of DRAMA!.. I believe it’s the WIVES who are the ACTUAL “MILITARY BRATS”. I’m starting to think thats how it came about with that name…lol. Then they just wanted to hide and pawn it on the kids when it’s really the WIFE…Oh well ENJOY your movie. Chin up good ones, and good things will happen. LOVE, PEACE, and HAPPINESS!

  24. WOW.. she has lost her mind!.. First of all I got through the first time and got registered and completely lost track of time and missed it today!!.. am I tripping over it..nooooo.. there is always next year.. my life will go on and my kids with still get Christmas whether or not we would have got that card.. it would have just been a bonus!!.. I also have a kid in diapers… CLOTH DIAPERS!!.. and love it.. not spending hard earned money on something that will get used for a couple hours then thrown away!!.. I practically diaper my daughter for free.. I made most of her diapers and also sold some I made which payed for the ones I made her!!.. problem solved.. If you are so hard up for money you need a gift card to diaper your kid.. you need to start looking for alternatives!!!

  25. LOVE IT! Your response that is. I am with you. They are twats. Thankfully I missed all this. YAY being in Canada. But seriously it’s a gift card that they are doing to be nice and say thank you. No one is entitled to it and hell just because you are a military spouse does not mean you deserve special treatment. Wah wah 2 kids and whatever ranks your husband is lady. You and him made the kids not sears so diapers are your problem and not anyone elses.

  26. How about she gets off of FB and utilizes her time more wisely. I know we all need a time out now and then, but if your family is hurting that bad, I’d be brainstorming other options rather than flipping out on FB.

  27. Girl you had me rolling!!!! This is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Thank you for saying what so many of us grateful wives want to say. As for your twitching and itching I have no idea what that is but I have it too! I don’t know about you case but I know whenever I get fired up I have so many emotions(mainly anger) all trying to get out at once..maybe that’s the case with you too :)

    Side note..Thank you for being real!

  28. Ungrateful little Kids.. I call them Kids because grown Woman should NOT act like this. We applied Wed and had no problems getting thru. Yesterday was another Story.. Not sure if we got thru due to blank page.. then error and then already applied message. I say if we get it we do and if not then is it really going to ruin my Day? Nope because we budget.. did you hear that people.. BUDGET for Christmas if you need to spoil your Kids. Did you know Christmas comes once a Year EVERY Year? I am thankful I had the oportunity to register this Year and I am thankful to those who will still donate and hope they don’t read all the ungrateful comments that have been posted. And I am also sick and tired of some People thinking because they are a E-3’s Wife that they are more deserving then a E 6 or a Officers Family.. Did you know a E-6 or a Officer doesn’t qualify for the WIC you are getting? Or the Headstart Program your Children can attend.. or even the FoodStamps that you can apply for? Did you know that when those E-6’s were E=3’s they got paid LESS then you did now? Yup they did.. hard to believe if you can’t make it on your now Income but others did it on less!!! Seriously People.. get over it.. It’s a GIFT not a entitlement. So sick of people being greedy and selfish. This World is getting worse and worse and worse.. CHRISTmas is NOT about how many Gifts you can give.. It is about CHRIST’s Birth.. Yes we all want the best for our Children but buying a ton of Junk they play with for a Day isn’t the Best!!! I rest my Case!!!

  29. I got in the first time, but don’t think my registration went through the second time. I am in the same boat as this girl, yet I am not bitching about it. In fact, even after it closed I went on Sears FB page and thanked them for everything they do for the military.

    I hate how some bitches are so ungrateful.

  30. People forget that this is a gift not an entitlement. Give me, give me, give me, free free free..lame!! You take (general statement) and yet you don’t give back. People can be so ungrateful!!!!!

  31. I like to add that the day I became a mother 15 years ago that it was then that I decided to start not only start early on birthday gift shopping, but also christmas. Thus to never fall into a situation.

  32. Krystal…thanks so much for posting this! This is the sort of rant that I normally subject my poor hubby to when I read stuff like this!!! I appreciate your continued “ranting” on things that we ALL feel like we could rant about! :)

  33. I agree with how ignorant it was to go on their Facebook page and post something mean and malicious. But to the poster who put get a job and live within your means….why don’t you give a reference at your place of employment. I have been applying for jobs in my area and on post and have been unemployed for 2 years. If it was no for the Reserves I wouldn’t have food on our table. Also, my husband is active duty E-4. We live well within our means and we have such a hard time making it every month. We can’t even qualify for food stamps. So before you throw stones look at the bigger picture. It’s not too much to ask that their be a criteria based on rank. Just as they did with the MYCAA program. They had to limit it by rank. I know how it feels not to have a Christmas and therefore all though she had a tantrum its easy to judge when you don’t have to worry about when your next meal is coming. Hopefully, someone (because I can’t. I am poor) will help her out this year. Instead of throwing stones. Open up your check book.

  34. get em girl I got through the first time and after all the whiny drama I didn’t even try the second time. This is what people mean when they say “most” army wives are drama. I’m embarrassed. a 50+ dollar gift card isn’t going to make our Christmas any better cuz my husband won’t be here. People need to shut the EFF UP! I love your honesty and agree whole heartedly with you

  35. LOL!!!! I tried the first time didn’t get it and honestly did not bother to try again. This is a very embarrassing situation for any military spouse.

  36. You go girl! You tell ’em like it is. Like you said, people don’t remember the true meaning of the holidays and are very ungreatful. People like that give the rest of us a bad name and it is truely a shame. Thank you for apologizing to Sears on behalf of the rest of us :) Hugs, Christy

  37. LOVE this !! my personal opinion is that if you can’t support your children – don’t have them. i’m sure she can – she’s just trying to find excuses so people will feel bad for her. get a grip. my husband is also an e-3 ; we don’t have any children… WHY?! because we want to be able to provide for them & know they won’t go without… we didn’t join the military to get freebies. but if you REALLY can’t afford diapers for your children, i’m sure there are programs out there that can help you !

    Thank you so much for being sooooo* real & posting this ! awesome job !!

  38. Posts like that are why people tend to think the worst of military families ESPECIALLY military spouses. This in no way was an entitlement and it is a gift. Accept it as such. The fact that Sears and the other individuals participating are giving a gift to any hero is a blessing in and of itself. The additional fact that Sears even thought to redo the process to try and include as many people equally and fairly is yet another blessing. Some people will never be happy regardless of what you do for them, even if it isn’t part of your job or responsibility. Really, you are mad that you didn’t get what wasn’t yours anyway?!? I will never understand people like this, at all. The sad part is, this person is a parent to two children and how can they learn how to be grateful when their mother is so ungrateful?!? Sad.

  39. I was at Sears today and I overheard a military wife being rude to an employee about the hah program. While I could tell the employee was frustrated with this woman, she held her composure. The lady was furious that she didn’t get through yesterday and wanted to speak to a store manager about not being able to get her application in. The employee kept telling her that there was nothing the store manager could do about it because she isn’t in charge of the program and that she should e-mail Sears. Well the lady kept saying she was entitled to it and again the employee said that its not guaranteed thing to receive. Finally after yelling at 3 employees she finally left before security showed up. I went over and told them that they were right about what they told her and apologized for her actions and that not all military wives were like that. Some of these women need to put on their big girl panties.

  40. I think it’s great what Sears is doing with the HAH program! I had never heard about it until this year. So should I complain about all the other years I didn’t know about it, lol. Just kidding ladies! But really it’s wonderful what they are doing and they are including all ranks. I know another company that only lets E-6 and below use their program. If you think about it, yes it’s a big job what our military does but that doesn’t give them the right to get “free gifts”. So again, thank you to Sears and other companies that give to our military whether I get to take advantage of it or not!

  41. BWAHAHAHAHAHA I ♥ you! You are my favorite person today! I literally found out about HAH just as the registry opened last year. I made it in and I was completely and totally grateful for it! This year, I was one of those that had issues getting in the first time. DARN MY HUSBAND FOR BEING BORN IN AUGUST! I managed to get in when they redid it on the 1st. Now it is just a waiting game. I admit I voiced that I was frustrated with the glitch BUT Sears is HUMAN. They make mistakes. Technology fails. IT HAPPENS!! If I get accepted this year YAY! I am moving right before Christmas so it will be EXTREMELY tight. If I don’t I can only hope that there is a family in greater need than I that are going to benefit it. Last year it was $180. And that was $180 more than I had originally! And I am thankful for them!
    Something that people fail to remember that if you are activated as a member of the Guard or Reserve, large companies are ONLY required to provide you with a position when you return. Sears not only ensures our service members have a job to come back to but the also see that MANY lose pay when they are activated! Sears ensures that they and their families do not suffer from the cut in pay and they make sure the service member gets the difference in pay from them! They are NOT required to do this! They do this to make sure our military families do not suffer! This is far more than most companies do and Sears should be recognized for this!

  42. I think it’s stupid that you’ll complain about something that is really to help you. I got through the first time and I didn’t the second time but I complained about MY INTERNET (Time Warner Cable) because it kicked me off the net randomly; I complained to my husband and he complained to me about it (we didn’t post it on FB or anything either). You get some, you lose some. Deal with it; that’s life. My husband and I paid two rents on an E4 pay and it worked great for us because we learned to budget ahead of time. Like a lot of people have said, budgeting helps a lot plus not complaining about petty stuff. Complain about the new idea of a retirement system, not over a gift card.

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