For those who don’t know Sears opened the doors to register for this year Heroes Wish Registry where donations are split onto electronic gift cards which are then disbursed to military families for the holiday season.

The saga began (at least for me) the day I made the “breaking news” announcement. Wives were already complaining about the dates and all in all alot of confusion was going on.

The true saga begin this morning when Sears was internally testing it’s site and somehow the registration form managed to go live earlier then the announced time of 1pm CST. I along with many others who had been part of this program before went and registered thinking that somehow they were opening their doors earlier to alleviate the floods of people who would bombard their site at 1pm in hopes of receiving a gift card. After that is a blur but many tweets were sent many fb questions were posted on the Army Wife 101 fan page and the Sears FB fan page.

During the registration the main glitch people were experiencing was the system not accepting certain birth months or birth years. It was at this point Sears had to close down the registration to fix this problem. From there just as I had predicted the verbal barrage of insults towards Sears began.

You know I couldn’t shut up because this same thing happened last year and I shared my feelings on it and this year I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

Check out the video below:

(Warning I look extremely hideous as I have been literally glued to my Facebook page and the computer all day…Don’t Judge me :)


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79 Comments on Ungrateful Military Spouses :The Sears Heroes Wish Registry Aftermath Part Deux

  1. I have attempted to sign up for this program every year for the past four years. This time I was lucky enough to get registered without a problem. I think that this program is wonderful, but I understand that they need to cap it at some point. Anything extra we may get from this is a blessing, but we would have been just fine with not getting it. If you get chosen, feel blessed…if not, be happy for the fact that the program is in place to at least help some of the military community and to bring attention to the lives of the military families!

  2. Okay, I am opening myself up here by posting what appears to be the only comment to partially disagree. Please note that I am only partly disagreeing! We are among those with an August birthday that prevented the form from being submitted. We did not complain as a result, but we did ask questions, feel disappointed and frustrated, and had thoughts that it was “unfair”. NOT because we felt entitled, not because we thought the gift should be ours, or any other crap like that. It was because we felt that the system was set up to give everyone an equal opportunity to APPLY to be considered as a recipient of the generous gifts that Sears will be organizing, and we were not afforded that chance as others were. If there were a soup kitchen offering free food to the homeless and a huge group gathered to eat but some were not allowed in on the basis of their birth month, that would cause them to feel that it was unfair. I’m not saying this is the SAME, just using that as an example to demonstrate the idea that the feelings people had of anger at the lack of communication and better setup, frustration at the situation, etc. were VALID and a normal human reaction. It isn’t that people like me weren’t appreciating the company and it’s amazing program, just that the situation was, well, lame, for those that couldn’t get the form to work. Personally, I just look at it like we entered a raffle and didn’t get chosen, and I’m totally okay with that. However, it’s more like we didn’t get chosen because our ticket got lost and wasn’t in the raffle basket. Does that give us the right to whine, complain, and yell at the raffle organizers? NO! But I think it does mean that we can rightfully feel that the raffle organizers could have been more careful in their execution of the raffle in order to keep it fair for everyone involved.

    All that said, I do agree that it was out of line for anyone to bash Sears, berate any employees, get verbally abusive, yell, whine and complain, or otherwise act like a child. Yet I think it was fine to question, express frustration, and wonder what was going on.

    Finally, I’d like to say thank you to everyone for their opinions- it helped me see things from different perspectives. Thank you to the blog owner, for offering this information and sharing the day with everyone. And thank you to any donors to Sears charity program… it is wonderful that they even think of military families, let alone give of their hard earned money when they could probably use it themselves. We will be giving to the Sear Heroes at Home program this year too, even if it’s only a couple of dollars.

  3. I agree with Lalo because I have never had an opportunity to either apply or get a gift card and we are in DESPERATE need. We couldn’t even provide Christmas last year. It should be based on rank and need. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful that the base gave to us last year. But its strange because I saw people walking out with several bicycles and other toys. The only thing we got was a snow globe, a winter hat and one toy. Better than nothing, right. But there are too many greedy military spouses that take away from the people in need.

  4. I didn’t even know about this program my first year. I can’t believe so many people went nuts about this. I believe if Sears see’s this again they will close the program. It just goes to show, like you said, how many ungrateful people there are in this world. Thanks for your vent <3

  5. i know i made a comment that it would except my birth year, i found it amusing that it said i wasn’t over the age of 18. well that being said, i said screw with trying mine i used my husbands knowing he wouldn’t care. i can say im glad there are things like this. heck while i was deployed thanks to a program like this i was able to get a live tree in Iraq and that made not only my day but Christmas that much better over there. so hats off to those that run these type of programs. but also at a certain point the whining does need to stop. just be grateful they have programs like this to help us out. when there are other families in the us that cant even afford anything for Christmas. so stop taking things for granted.

  6. I have not read all of the comments here or even gone to the Sears FB page, however this is very embarassing to us military spouses as well as the service members.
    Yes, this is a huge marketing ploy for Sears but it also takes work on their side.
    Also, look at how much money people have donated. If you were a person who donated and seen all this bad feedback, would you donate again???
    It is disgusting to me how childish and nasty people are acting about this. Also, I understand that there are lots of families in need but that does not mean that you should receive this over someone else. Also with spouses complaining about rank, YES an E7 might make a lot more money than an E4 but those promotions did not happen just because. We were once in your shoes and had patience. Also, maybe hubby is not being promoted because he is the same type of soldier as the his whiny wife.
    Grow up people.

    • LOVE..LOL HAHAHA…WHINY WIFE!!! That’s right all ranks should be able to apply..I am a O wife and yes we may make more money than a E-4..but he was a e-4 before too!! SO get over it and keep it moving!

  7. There are people in this world that truly deserve help from the kindness of others. Unfortunately, too many peopld try to use others kindness as their crutch. If you are in a place that you can barely afford to take care of yourself, why would you want to bring a child into this world? Furthermore, children grow up believing what we teach them. Christmas gifts are COMPLETELY over rated. Christmas is not about gift giving. Teach your child to help others rather than expect gifts. Birthdays are not about gift giving either. Its about celebrating what so many others will never get a chance to… Another year of life. We should feel privilaged that there are companies out there willing to help others who feel the need to lavish their children in gifts for every occassion. Dont get me wrong, we give our children birthday gifts and Christmas gifts when we can. If we cant afford $400 each year or $50 we dont fuss. Our children just dont get as much. My children will not grow up expecting things bc society says its suppose to be. Be thankful you have a roof over your head and your husband has a job.

  8. I have actually never heard of this program. Not sure why, but I too am amazed and shocked that people could act so childish. Believe me, I’ve been handed a bunch of fustrating situations. It’s is unfortunately a part of being an Army wife. Handle it like a responsible adult. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen a wife act like she’s entitled to things. NO WAY! Think about it for a second, even without the generous offerings from companies like Sears, we still have things others don’t. Free health care, housing, shopping for dependents only. There are families who don’t have a place to live or meals to eat. Calm down and grow up.

  9. I was one of those that tried to summit the form but the birthday was the problem. Well to be honest I’m not dying because of it but I do believe that Sears could of be more careful about the this situation. Anyway on the other hand agree with a lot of people, if things keep getting like this Sears should stop this program all together. Its nuts the comments I’ve read over the past few hours. And last but not least, I hope that everyone that get one have a nice Christmas, maybe they are in very much need.

  10. I completely agree with you and you look great for not having done your Hair and such… The bashing and such needs to stop.. It’s a great Program and if you get it you get it.. if you don’t try again next Year.. I have tried to register for this program for a few Years now but always missed it becasue it either opened too early or the server crashed. BUT did it ruin my Christmas? or my Childrens Christmas? Nope never has.. Sears is doing a great Job honering those who serve and for so many to bitch, complain, whine and moan about not getting in is just really sad, I would not be surprised if they canceled this program or if noone wants to donate because of the ungratefulness that has been shown year after year. Come on people.. If you have to depend on a Giftcard Program to provide Christmas maybe you need to work on your Budget. Put $10 aside from each PayCheck towards Christmas. in 11 Months that is $220 (saving from Jan 1st till Nov 1st and you can shop on Black Friday to get more for your Money). It won’t buy everything you want but Christmas isn’t about getting everything.. It is about Christ’s Birth and many have forgotten the real reason for the Season. Just my 2 cents..

  11. I agree with this. The entire sense of entitlement thing? Yeah. My husband and I can not stand those obnoxious bumper stickers “hardest job in the Army”. Really? Umm are you deployed to a hell hole risking your life for 12+ months? No? Ok then your position (not job) as an Army wife is not the hardest job in the military. Some of these women are absolutely nutso thinking the world owes them everything because their HUSBANDS are enlisted. Give me a freaking break. I’m sure I’ll get a lot of hateful replies to that but oh well. It needed to be said.

  12. The only reason I was a little upset was I spent 3 hours trying to get in to it and enter but I kept getting an error message and truthfull this is my first year as a military wife and we needed the gift card so we can buy atleast 2 gifts for our daughter for christmas. My story is we didnt live on post so we were renting a place my husband is deployed so I went home for christmas, the people I entitled to watch my place and only bring my mail into the house decided that they were going to steall all our stuff even down to the baby things that I had got for our daughter that was due in May this year the only things that we had after this happened was a hefty damadges bill, my clothes I had taken to WA and my husbands class A’s they took everything out of our 2 bed 1 bath duplex sold it or took it and what ever they couldnt take or sell they broke they then didnt tell me when the bills came in for me to pay them so my water got shut off but they kept using the toilet anyways causing it to break they also took my husbands golf clubs and made holes in the walls, took our big kitchen knives and stabed through our doors, took food from our fridge threw it everywhere, left our fridge open and cranked our heater all the way to 100*, left the windows wide open and the air condidtioning on full blast and also left their sons dirty diapers everywhere in our home to the point they were almost permantly stuck to the floor, they threw salsa all over the walls so with the heat being on so high it cooked to the walls making it almost impossible to scrub off, they broke all the ceiling fans also. So it sucked having to go back in the middle of winter to 1. clean it (took a week) 2. pay the crazy repair cost 3. and all the cost of air plain tickets.
    I from now on will never trust anyone with my home ever again so now we are pinching pennies for me to move back to KS with the stuff I was able to get over time its going to cost 4000 to move back and once we get their me and my husband wont even have a bed the only things we will have are for our daughter what we will have is our clothes.

    • I am sorry to hear about your hardshhip.. Did you have Renters Insurance? Have you called the police and given them the perpetrators Information? You could probably file charges for destruction of personal Property. Did you know those people well enough to entrust them with your Property as well as with opening your Mail? I am sorry to ask those Q’s but when I leave I have a Friend whom I have known for a while take care of my Place. My Mail is on hold and I kinda know what my Bills are so I pay them online. I hope this works out for you. This World is full of crazy People who have no regards for other People nor their Property!

  13. Sears is changing the game on this again. They just posted on their Facebook page (@2:41 eastern) that they are RE-OPENING registration on SATURDAY SEPT 3rd at 1pm CST (not yelling, just adding emphasis). The catch is that if you were able to register on the 31st you’re going to have to RE-APPLY. Sears is discarding ALL applications received on the 31st.

  14. Ok…so here is my rant/vent/opinion. It is not humble and a lot are not going to like it.

    First of all: Thank you Sears – Thank you for caring enough about the group of penny-ante, over-entitled, ungrateful snots that call themselves military wives. I apologize on behalf of all of us who are not that way.

    Secondly, I am absolutely gob-smacked that anyone would feel that they should look a gift horse in the mouth and spit. Honestly, you are no better than the single mother that struggles in the civilian world to make sure her child/children has a better life.

    Third, if you think you are desperate – go live in your car for weeks on end and tell you child that you can only have bread for dinner cause that is all you could afford. The army pays your service member. Maybe not as much as we would all like but you are paid and have a regular paycheck. If you can’t afford to give your children gifts on Christmas morning start learning how to save. Talk to ACS about how to get out of debt. My best friend’s service member just made E-5 after going “Blue to Green and losing two pay grades back to E-3. They have two kids and they scrimped and saved every single dime they have to make sure they have all thier bills paid at the end of the month. She managed during this deployment to acutally double up on their car payment and get it paid off REALLY early. So all the junior enlisted personnel that think their NCO’s make oh so much more money, think again. Work your asses off. Save your pennies. Find a job and fight for every dime.

    Last but certainly not least – and this is geared to all of the ones that say it should be based on rank and need – Wrong – How about we base everything on that? So what you are saying is because my husband is an E-6 and we are swimming in money that we shouldn’t be able to get a little reward? My son can’t get into Sure Start here in Germany because of Rank and Need. Because I am educated and so is my husband and we have worked hard, my son can’t get a good start to his education. I have opted to put him in a German Kindergarten. So no, it shouldn’t be based on rank and need. How about you can get it every other year? How about that idea? Did you know a 1LT makes just as much as an E-3 (P)? They don’t make anything so how is that fair?

    I’m sorry but you can’t get something for nothing. Hell I would tell my husband to demote if all the programs were rank and need based. All these people that have gotten it years in a row…Congratulations and be thankful for what you have been given. And for the love if Mike – Put the Christ back in Christmas. How about teaching your child how to make something? Remember the reason for the season.

    • I agree it shouldnt be based on rank..but where in world did you get a e3 and a LT PAY ..

      1950.00 PFC WITH OVER 4
      3502.00 01 WITH OVER 4..

      • From what I can remember – There a ton of other things that come back out of that base pay. It’s been about 5 years and two children ago since I have looked at the LES of one of our LT’s. It could have changed or I could be REALLY wrong…It’s been known to happen…lol

  15. I will say that I partially agree with Lola that there should be equal opportunity. So, I can understand the anger.

    However, there is a right way and a wrong way to do that. Leaving bratty and whiny comments on a retailers FB page is not the way to get things done. How hard would it have been to write a mature e-mail to Sears or pick up the phone and call them?

    I was just so appalled yesterday that a group of ADULT women would choose to conduct themselves in such poor taste. You’re also not promised a gift card. It’s luck of the draw. However, you’ll see complaining in a few months about not getting a card. I agree with AW 101 that if people don’t knock off their poor behavior, you’re going to ruin it for everyone else. Get over yourselves already!!

  16. And now… people who got through the first time and were able to submit an application are complaining because they have to reapply now that Sears is trying to give everyone an equal shot at applying. Some are those same people that were telling others not to complain. Hmm.

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