For those who don’t know Sears opened the doors to register for this year Heroes Wish Registry where donations are split onto electronic gift cards which are then disbursed to military families for the holiday season.

The saga began (at least for me) the day I made the “breaking news” announcement. Wives were already complaining about the dates and all in all alot of confusion was going on.

The true saga begin this morning when Sears was internally testing it’s site and somehow the registration form managed to go live earlier then the announced time of 1pm CST. I along with many others who had been part of this program before went and registered thinking that somehow they were opening their doors earlier to alleviate the floods of people who would bombard their site at 1pm in hopes of receiving a gift card. After that is a blur but many tweets were sent many fb questions were posted on the Army Wife 101 fan page and the Sears FB fan page.

During the registration the main glitch people were experiencing was the system not accepting certain birth months or birth years. It was at this point Sears had to close down the registration to fix this problem. From there just as I had predicted the verbal barrage of insults towards Sears began.

You know I couldn’t shut up because this same thing happened last year and I shared my feelings on it and this year I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

Check out the video below:

(Warning I look extremely hideous as I have been literally glued to my Facebook page and the computer all day…Don’t Judge me :)


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Krystel is the mom of two and an Army Wife. In addition to Army Wife 101 she is the Co-Founder of a digital media agency that connects brands with the military market. She has appeared on MSNBC ,FOX LA and formerly was a weekly contributor to HLN's "Raising America". She has written for various outlets including Sheknows and Lifetime and is a big fan of cupcakes and french fries.

79 Comments on Ungrateful Military Spouses :The Sears Heroes Wish Registry Aftermath Part Deux

  1. I must confess I have not watched your video response but I can pretty well guess what you said. I was one of the ones who did not get in and had issues the whole time. That being said as soon as I saw Sears post there sorry its closed page, I posted the following : “Sears, I would like to say thank you even though I did spend the past hour trying unsuccessfully to get registered. This is a program that you guys do not have to do and that we should all be grateful for…wish I could have gotten on but I will try again next year :-)”. I find the amount of disrespect towards Sears and the people who donated completely unnecessary and even downright shameful. It saddens me to see peoples’ true colors coming out…

  2. Agreed a thousand times over! It’s this sense of entitlement some military wives feel that makes us all look bad. Don’t complain when people have donated their time and money to provide a GIFT to military families. They don’t have to do it and we shouldn’t expect it.

  3. You are a saint for even trying to make sure that fellow Military wives dont miss out on this amazing opportunity! Thank you for saying what I am sure majority of us were all thinking!

  4. First…well done.
    Second…Kerri- EXTREMELY CLASSY of you! Way to represent a true Army Spouse!

    …I doubt that Sears will do this again next year. When did it become acceptable to expect a hand out from corporations just b/c we’re military Spouses? When did it become okay to be mean, nasty and downright rude if people didn’t get what they thought they were entitled to? We’re not entitled to anything! Millions of Spouses and Families served before us with less recognition and discounts, fewer entitlements and benefits, less support, less money, less communication from our deployed Soldiers, fewer resources, farther way from home, longer deployments with less certainty or armor and they b****ed less than us, expected to be handed less than us, did more than us for each other and the Army community and SURVIVED IT! And if you don’t like my opinion, delete me. (*gets off soap box*)

  5. i agree 1000000000% also i would like to say i love your page and i think what you do is wonderful

  6. All I have to say is I couldnt agree more. The entitlement of the spouses is ridiculous and we need to be thankful that a corporation is showing support of the military in the first place. Heroes at Home is a wonderful program…we need to be thankful that Sears went out of its way to try set this up in the first place…regardless of whether or not you will receive a giftcard.

  7. You know last year I tried for hours & nothing. But it wasn’t such a bad thing the local fvw sponsered my family for christmas, my son got everything he wanted plus some. This year I still couldn’t get threw, but my friend did & she registered for me. Now I’m not saying if you don’t get it bug the vfw or anything, but things do work out. RELAX. The saddest part about all of this is that it’s for the MILITARY…we of all people should value holidays & how it’s about FAMILY NOT GIFTS. Be thankful your even given the chance to apply for something. GEEZ how old are we 12?

  8. You are SO right! The ppl that are whining make programs like this not want to carry on for years because of these ppl. It really did amaze me how many grown ppl were complaining about not being able to get in on time and whining about ppl not knowingly who registered early. I mean really. That is why these things are few and far between. I would love to thank Sears for carrying on with the program even after last year I seen all that drama too. Its sad because it makes all of us look ungrateful since there is So much complaining. They should just be thankful…well said Army Wife 101 :)

  9. Totally agree. Its like any other giveaway, you win some and you lose some. There have been a lot giveaways that I wish I would of gotten, but the truth of the matter is, you can’t win them all. And at the end of the day life goes on.

  10. I want to thank you for saying what I was thinking myself! Im embarassed that they are giving such gracious companies a bad taste in thier mouths towards helping military familes… I personally am very thankful they help families out and cant believe the ungreatful addituudes many have shown. It makes me sad to know grown ups act this way and I hope the next generation learns this in by no mean acceptable.

  11. I was thankful to even hear about it this year because it seemed to happen a lot sooner! I had a friend tell me about it and I also had problems with the page coming up, Like I said though.. I didn’t have it before today and I might not have it after today and I’ll be greatful if we do get it :)

  12. I must say I also have not watched your video, but I would like to say I think the Heroes at Home program is a fantastic program that is a bonus and I know myself personally could not be more grateful to Sears for setting it up. We were really on hard times last year while my husband was deployed and we had 3 young children. The assistance we received from the Heroes at Home program made my kids able to have Christmas. Glitches happen and unfortunately not everyone gets in the program, but THANK YOU SEARS for doing what you do and to all of the people who donate to it.
    It hurts my heart to see military spouses that can’t be grateful for any type of gift or assistance given to them because they feel it’s OWED to them. It’s not owed to any of us it’s a gift from people saying, “thank you for what you do and we know you don’t get paid enough for what you do, but here’s a little something to maybe help you some during the holiday season”.

  13. I agree with you. This was my first year for doing it. I posted something to find out if anyone was getting what I was getting with the page, to see if I was basically doing something wrong.
    But…What I did was put the form in my browser earlier when they had it up and submitted from there, although I didn’t submit right away, hell I don’t know why, don’t ask…lol..I guess I was afraid I’d blow it and not be able to re-submit. Well, I finally did, about 10min later. So, we’ll see if I actually made it. If not, no biggy. It was a privilege anyway. They don’t have to donate shit, but they did and do. Like you said, there will be more opportunities for other things.
    Life is too short to fret over the small crap.

  14. I agree with what you said, it’s a blessing to have such programs as the Sears one that you’re talking about because really It’s out of the goodness of people’s hearts that they actually donate their hard earned money so that Sears can run a program like this.

    I find it disheartening that some people have such a self serving attitude to such a good cause that supports our service members and their families.

    Its embarrassing that we as military spouses may get grouped into the madness and I certainly do not want to be categorized in with the other ungrateful people who complained about such a great initiative…

    Did I register? yes.
    Would I complain if I couldn’t? No.

    Simply because its something that isn’t a given right for being a mil family, its something that’s an opportunity afforded to a lucky few.

    So all in all i’m grateful that something such as this even exists!

    oh and an extra special thank you to armywife101 for being so gracious and helpful during the mass hysteria!

  15. I am one of the people who had never even heard of this give away before now, and even then I only found out because of your website so thank you for that :) For all those that didn’t get to sign up I’m sorry and I hope you have better luck next time. I’m truly grateful that Sears is nice enough to be offering this to us at all because they don’t have to. I hope that everyone will realize that is it a gift that you may or may not get even if you registered and that they should be grateful just for the opportunity. I know whether I get a card or not I’m thankful that Sears even offered it to us. So thank you very much Sears for doing it and thank you Army Wife 101 for putting the info. out there!

  16. AMEN.. Krystel, it is ungrateful people who punish all the others. I understand it does suck about the birthday mix up but seriously it is not an entitlement no one is making sears give this away and like you’ve said if they wouldn’t have told us about this then what would we have done ? Suck it up and quit being selfish ungrateful people!!!!

  17. Amen! Preach on for real. Someone has to say something. I get so annoyed with other wives who do nothing but complain. This is a fabulous gift that is available for us to receive. I was one of the lucky ones who did get it last year and it was fab. I really thought I wouldn’t because so many apply and to be perfectly honest if I were to get it this year I am thinking of doing a secret santa type thing for another needy military family. There are people out there who aren’t in the military who would love just the opportunity to enter to win something like this. BE GRATEFUL not Hateful. We aren’t entitled to anything unless we work for it. Its just like playing the lotto people. Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. Chill out and be grateful for what we do have and if you get the extras, great. I do understand the frustration but getting heated and angry never solves anything. And serriously girl don’t apologize for being in ur tshirt and sweats. That’s how real women roll! Hahaha. Just wanted to put my two cents out there. ;)

  18. Krystle really don’t even worry your pretty little head about these ungreatful greedy spouses! I will be calling and emailing Sears to apologize and to tell them that it’s an embarrassment to me and many other military spouses. I will also suggest they shut this progam down for good. These wives acting like this don’t deserve anything given from the goodness of others hearts!

  19. I am waiting for Sears to just say ‘F**K IT’ and not bother due to these ungrateful a-holes. Nobody had any patience on the Sears site this morning about the situation with the link coming up early, people didn’t bother to read a damn thing, and choose to post the SAME DAMN QUESTION over and over. People KEPT CALLING the 1-800 number, even after they read and were told that MULTIPLE pieces of DIFFERENT information were being put out. Is it too hard to fathom that if corporate didn’t have an answer, that Joe Bob in the customer service department doesn’t either?? I feel so sorry for the people answering the phones today, and the people manning their FB page (especially the one lady copying and pasting the same ‘waiting for information, will let you know as soon as I know” reply she posted to ALL the people with SAME question. I know she was dying to post PLEASE BE PATIENT FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!!). We are LUCKY to get what we get, ie military discounts, free admission to things, etc. We are not entitled, we are not owed. People do this out of the kindness of their hearts, and for you to be ungrateful for not getting something you aren’t entitled to makes me sick. And I swear, if I start seeing the posts about how lower enlisted DESERVE it more than senior enlisted/officers do, I’m gonna smack a bitch. Obviously everyone deserves it, and if Sears could help out everyone on the Armed Services, I’m sure they would. If you didn’t get it, deal with it and suck it up, and if you did, good for you.

  20. You are so right. I didn’t register, I don’t have kids so I think it could be better to go to someone else. At the same time I still went to the website and said a thanks to Sears for just having this program. This is what upsets me about being an Army Wife is seeing all the disrespect to Sears. Yes it sux that some people couldn’t get it but that’s life! They don’t have to do this for ALL of us! Thanks Sears I will even shop there more knowing u have this program. Sears having this program is a perk to us NOT an entitlement!

  21. It is truly amazing how greedy people can be. Some individuals need to realize that there are worse things in the world than not being able to register for a giftcard!! Thank you for not being afraid to say it like it is!!

  22. So True and you are so right….some people need to be grateful for things they do have and if they need help there are other avenues they can try for besides just the sears program to get some help for Christmas…some military posts offer assistance so they should check into those as well and Salvation Army offers assistance as well….It is not the end of the world people…calm down

  23. Thank you for posting this! I could not image what non- military members on the Sears website are saying about some of the rude comments on there.

  24. I so agree with you, we are not entitled for this, this is a gift for our military families that are in need. I was one that the dob didnt work, you know what I did instead??? I dontated money. Get over yourself women. loved your video too!

  25. I myself am appalled by some of the comments that I read on Facebook. Nobody is obligated to do anything for anyone in this world unless they choose to. It is ridiculous for those to have an ungrateful mentality! Seriously though? Every individual that displayed such behavior “You need to check yourself & look up the word charity in the dictionary.”

  26. I could have said/written all that you said. I didn’t even go to the Sears FB page because I knew it’d just set me off. I was on our post wives page, which myself and 2 other ladies shared the link, most had never even heard of it and 2 women just started going off and whining and complaining and saying how unfair it was. I had it and went off and pretty well told them what you just said above! This self entitled attitude is disgusting, and will ruin many programs that not only benefit our soldiers, but us families as well. Just to put it out there and be real, I’d love to shake them and tell them to quit being such jerks and acting like spoiled little 2 year olds.

    God Bless

  27. all I have to say is AMEN. I was telling my mom about what everyone was posting. I myself was having the birthday issue and called to ask a question about it and was told there were technical difficulties and it should be fixed soon. ok great thank you, have a nice day. so we didnt get registered and i’m heading out to work, big deal (there is also another year or another program)…anyways my mom said it would be hiliarious if sears denyed everyones application that made a rude or bad comment on some sight about it…lol

  28. I agree with you 100%! Tell it! These people complaining and moaning are ungrateful. This is a special gift from Sears. We are not entitled to it. They are going to gift as much as they can. They don’t HAVE to do this. They are doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. I for one am incredibly grateful that they are attempting to honor our families as best they can. And I am very appreciative that you posted the information when you did, as well as the continued updates throughout the day. You went above and beyond to try to help us fellow military families with a great deal. I know I appreciate it. Thank you so much!

  29. I only got in on the early sign up because of you. You saw it happen and let us know. I don’t know if we were entered or not for sure but I appreciate your sharing your work with all of us. I hesitated further sharing because of numbers, but that’s not what it’s about.
    Last year was rediculous with the amount of time it took so I’m also greatful at their attempts to maybe make this year less crazy, even if it did backfire with the accidental release. It’s a gift, not a right.
    Our USO sponsored us last year and my infant got 3 year old toys and my boy got girl toddler toys. We returned them with a warm heart because they would bless someone; just not us.
    It’s Christmas. It’s not about us. It’s a gift.

  30. You do know that this is a great money making move for Sears. They don’t care how the women act about this. If they get $250,000 in donations to give in gift cards…then that is $250,000 they make in sales. It’s easy money for them. It’s great they sponsor it and started it up, it really is a wonderful thing. But it is a sales tactic.

  31. LOL Love the video I am so high fiving the screen! This was my first time to register for it, I totally missed it last yr.

  32. Agree with your video 110% people are so ungreatful! I was one of the ones who couldnt get through.
    Thank you Sears for doing this!

  33. oh my goodness, i cant believe how rude some folks are. i know i posted they shouldnt have opened early , but oh well some folks were better prepared then others. i was greatful so many wives gave me the website. I thank u for that i was able to submit my apllication thur my phone. The information was very confusin at frist about what was goin on, but i was able to be patient and not call the company and just ask for help on the internet with other wives who knew more about the program. i agree with everything u said krystal , some folks just dont understand the meanin of a gift and not a benefit

  34. People are a TRIP!!! I try to sign up for things all the time and the site crashes. I move on. I can’t stand ungrateful folks!! Love you Krystel!!!! :-)

  35. I didn’t read all the comments and I’m not sure if this was said already but if you look on the FAQ page it doesn’t say it was gonna open at 1pmCST. It only says that it will close at 3pm so for those who are on the Sears page saying it was unfair is pretty ridiculous. Yes I know the Sears page said it would open at 1 but it never said that on the official FAQ page. They need to get over themselves and stop acting like they are owed something.

    Good post by the way!!!
    God bless!

  36. Thank you! I am so happy to see someone say it. Our husbands/wives do a job thats it.. Is it harder than the “normal” job? Yes… But would we trade it no and for that i dont think we are owed anything. I do think we all owe Sear’s a big THANK YOU and Hooah for providing our families with a wonderful chance. Those who want to whine how they didn’t get to register with an Aug birthday think of this.. On the 1st and 15th of this month you will still get your check but the mom who lost her job down the road doesnt get a special try to win a Sear’s card for her family nor does she have that check coming in so be greatful for what you do have!

  37. It makes me so sad to hear people get so angry at a company who is trying to help military families. I am so thankful when I find stores or companies who are willing to give a military discount or offer special advantages to military families. I was able to submit my husband’s information for him, but who knows if we will receive the gift cards?! I’m just happy to have had the chance. People who complain and/or abuse programs ruin it for everyone and it stinks cause there are people out there who really *need* those gift cards to get through the holidays.

  38. This is just so appaling. Again, repeat of last year! The true meaning of Christmas has been lost and that is so sad. We don’t even do gifts in my household.
    This program is for the active duty folk. It is not based on need, family size etc. Nor does it depend on rank. It is for those that are serving during a war time to be able to do something special for themselves or a family member. I see wives all over facebook saying “I got MINE” First off, it is not YOURS. It is your husbands.
    Last year an EX-wife said she was going to try for it this year as she felt she still rated it for her daughter. Now what if her babies daddy wanted to use it himself to bring some joy to his daughter? She took away from that!
    People, get over yourself. Go serve just like I did.
    If you are so worried about the materialistic things in life, then get off your arse and go get a job so you can shower your family with those gifts. Don’t expect someone to do it for you. Take care of your own family.

  39. After reading what people said about calling. I called too. BECAUSE. The form said that we need the soldiers full name as on their ID, but yet there was no place to put the middle name. Just first and last. The lady said she could not see the form so she didn’t know exactly what it said. I’m not complaining, but organization is very helpful for all those spouses out there that are very impatient and can’t read, not to mention it would help them as well. I’m sure SEARS was pretty stressed out with growling spouses blowing up their phones…lol :D Anyway, I just wanted to know if I’m filling it out the correct way. Because I “Did” read and above the form said one thing, but form did not provide a space for the middle name.
    So the lady, (Toy) said to put The full name, which when I tried to put his first and middle name, it would not let me submit with both. SO, I could only put his first and last.
    Sure I could have asked other wives on the internet, but by the time some one, who actually knows about it replied to me, It prolly would have been too late.
    I got it submitted, but I hope they don’t kick it out because of not having a middle name. We shall see :D

    • They do not need the middle inital, if you entered their name and date of birth (if you were able to enter birthday) then they will check that with the military system to see if he or she is in the military. If Sears has anymore questions on what you submitted they can email you to request more info.

      With all that. I am so disgusted with how so many have been acting on all of this. This year and even last year. It is a disgrace to all us other wives plain and simple. when donating I can tell you that seeing how many are bashing Sears and such, that would so make me want to go donate to some other cause and not this one. It would make me feel, “well they make it seem like they are entitled and greedy so they do not deserve it at all” Sears does not have to do this at all, they do it cause they care. It is not an entitlement that many feel it is to them. What in the heck would they do without it? They lived before it and they will live after it. These people need to realize there are many out there that need something like this more the military PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Last year I got it and I took our gift cards and bought stuff for those that were not to have a Christmas and then the money that came after, I went and bought more and took it to the battered womens shelter that had kids with them. I am sorry others deserve it more then us. We have a paycheck coming in all the time others do not

  40. First of all I would really like to say Thanks to Sears. And Thank you for this video. You said it like it is. I, myself also went onto the Sears site this morning and registered, but i’m not sure if mine went through. I didn’t try again at 1pm, cause I didn’t want to take away from anyone else trying to register. I just think that if I don’t get don’t get excepted then oh well,there’s always someone else out there that needs more than I. It was nice for Sears to try to help people out. Also spouses getting all upset and complaining, it’s true they are not the service member, but they need to conduct themselves in a certain manor. It reflects back to their spouses, The Service Member. Good luck to all that registered.

  41. I registered this year after hearing about it from a friend. Would it be nice to get a donation, of course but I don’t feel entitled to get it. It’s awesome Sears is even doing something like this. People should be thankful for the support Sears is showing for the military community. I too hate how some spouses feel entitled.

  42. This is the first year I’ve heard about it and thought it’s a very wonderful opportunity. Especially since it’s only the 2nd Christmas my husband should be home with his son. I understand the frustration with the birthday glitch but people should remember “Tech happens”. Things don’t work right 100% of the time and to get so upset over it is just crazy.

    The part that kind of got to me is the people who complained that it should only be for those Deployed. You get paid more when you’re deployed, and yes I know.. my husband just got back a few months ago. It’s hard to be apart especially for the holidays, but it’s not like you are entitled anything extra unless people want to provide it to you. Maybe more people need to take advantage of ACS classes on Finances. Just a thought. :)

    • HA HA LAURA you are so right! FREE FREE FREE ACS Finance Classes – will help you pay for Christmas gifts by helping your family get your finances on track! Free to all! Hurry and bombard them with calls, they’ll be happy to help all they can (and be thrilled to be packed).

  43. I am not ungreatful, do not feel entitled but was frusterated with trying to submit for over and hour and being told you have to be 18 or older because my husbands birthday is in August. I think what they are doing is great but I feel that they need to work out some of the glitches with the website just to give all those in need a fair shot. Maybe next year we wll get a chance to register and also them opening it early wasn’t fair in my opinion for the fact that it is first come first server which it should be but they need to make sure it is fair for all that is my only complaint. I know I am not entitled to this by any means and ungreatful I do not think applies to people who didn’t get the opportunity to register I think that we were all just frusterated with it not working like it should.

  44. You know, I have to truly agree with you. It’s the same BS that you see when your in a deploy-able duty station. MILITARY SPOUSES loss their out look and respect to what their “ACTIVE” spouse is doing. I mean, I walked into an FRG with someone saying that the best times she had was when her husband is deploy. For the MONEY, holding up her COACH purse. I looked at her and was just dumb founded. I couldn’t stay there. EVERYONE HAD A COACH PURSE and bragging about how much it cost. When my husband NEEDS me… I”M THERE, BECAUSE he married me knowing that I was strong enough to handle the coming and going. This may have gotten of track. But my point is that, these particular wives are making us look bad and ruining the possibilities of events like SEARS. I will be SHOCK if it happens again. And I tell you, THIS IS WHY I STAY TO MYSELF. To many women think EVERYTHING is owed to them just because their SPOUSE is ACTIVE. Yes, they say the toughest job is being the WIFE… but SERIOUSLY… those ladies make us REAL WIVES look bad. I don’t care if someone hates me after this.. Cause really… You don’t know me, and I don’t know you. We’ll never cross paths more than likely. Nor do I ever wish to meet any self centered MILITARY BRAT!

  45. Ok please understand this has nothing to do with FAMILIES IN NEED or LOWER RANK or THOSE LESS FORTUNATE etc etc.. This gift is a THANK YOU! Do I think single soldiers should’ve applied HELL YES I DO! Officers? YES! Higher ranked NCO’s? ABSOLUTELY! So I want to say THANK YOU to all our ACTIVE DUTY members! I’m sorry that so many greedy spouses took your thank you’s away today.. This was supposed to be for you not for them.

  46. I 10000000000% AGREE with you!!!! Its so funny how many Spouses complain about a GIFT, I was wondering how many Spouses have ever even donated to this program? I have registered many times over the years and have yet to ever recieve one , but everytime I go into Sears I purchase something and DONATE to this program. I always feel that my donation big or small is helping another Military family provide a nice holiday for their family. Its just the same ungratefulness that comes around when its time for Toys for Tots, everyone has thier hand out to recieve, but how many are giving? Another wonderful progam my familyhappily donates to EVERY YEAR, since not so many years ago we were grateful recipients, escpecially since we had no idea my husbands unit was doing it for us. Many years we always qualified but since I’m a couponer, and I shop early and off season we did not need it for our children, but they insisted, no matter how hard we tried to tell them no thank you!! Nevertheless It brings our family joy knowing we are adding joy to others and even the kids love to help. Maybe everyone needs to take some self inventory and check their ingrateul behinds!!!!! We teach our children ” it is better to give than to recieve” maybe vome people were absent that day from school and need a refresher course! Have a great night and continue what you do, I think its awesome!!!

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