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Let’s talk commitment. Some things are easy to commit to — your spouse, a military career, your pet and your friends. Some things are more difficult to stick with like diets, hair color, or worn-down mismatched furniture from the side of the road.

As a new milspouse, you want to create a home that you are proud of. After all, you and your favorite servicemember are building a new life together and having a cozy nest will set your future on the path to success.

Home Decor on a Budget

When you’re starting out, you have to be creative and think outside the box (the moving box, that is). If you’re living on-post or are renting, here are flexible options to make your house feel like a home.

  1. Wall decals. Although a splash of color can add personal flair, many rental or government houses don’t allow painted walls. And if they do, you have to repaint just before you PCS, and no one wants that extra stress. Dress up a room with wall decals, easily found online and at discount stores, to add a personal touch.

  2. Photo collages. Print up some of the incredible photos you’ve got on your phone. It’s a great way to highlight your personal relationships with friends and family. To create uniformity, have the images printed in black and white. From there, arrange them on a bulletin board, buy frames from a discount store, or tape them to the wall and frame them with patterned, decorative tape — all easily removable when you PCS.

  3. Command hooks. Removable plastic command hooks allow you to hang art, wreaths, baskets, scarves, chalk boards and other items for organizational and aesthetic purposes.

  4. Colorful accents. Carry color themes through rooms with rugs, pillows, throws and colored glass vases or jars. You don’t have to commit to expensive patterned curtains or linens that may or may not work in your next home — go basic and let the accents set the tone of the room.

  5. Creative lighting. Utilize a variety of lamps, colored bulbs, holiday lights (white or colored strands), and point light in various directions to create drama or comfort in a room. Cheap desk lamps hidden behind a table that are pointed up to the corner of can create a nice vibe.

  6. Aromas. Make your house feel like a home (no matter how empty it might otherwise be at this stage), with scented candles, oils and incense.

  7. Foliage. Plants (whether silk or real) add a warm, cozy, fresh feeling to any room. Don’t have a green thumb? Opt for plants like bamboo or cacti that don’t require much light or water. Really don’t have a green thumb? Go artificial, all the way.

  8. Fantastic furniture. What truly makes your new house a home are the couches you relax on, the table you eat at, the desk you work at and the bed you sleep in. But wait — furniture isn’t really in the budget! Ah ha…so you thought. Are you aware that there are entire furniture packages based on the size of your home, your needs, and all with pricing for military families.

Save Time and Money With Furniture Rental

What if, instead of stressing over furniture shopping from store-to-store, disagreeing with your new spouse, and deciding if you both want to commit to a particular piece for the next ten years, you just rented for the time being and that was it?

Ah, for a committer like you, this sounds nice and non-committal!

You know you’re only going to live there for so long and you want to enjoy time as newlyweds, so why not get the furniture you want at a reasonable price for only as long as you need it?

No debt, no arguments, no wasted weekends on furniture shopping. Instead, you get to enjoy the flexible, freeing option to rent furniture that is delivered and picked up for you! Talk about pure convenience!

CORT Furniture Rental is the national industry leader in the furniture rental space, and they understand our transitional military lifestyle. Here is how CORT can save you time and money:

  • Furniture on-demand. It’s only there as long as you need it.

  • Attractive options. From coffee tables to recliners to contemporary pieces, you can find comfortable and functional furniture to fit your style.

  • Flexible financial options. No need to drain your bank account or accrue debt on furniture purchases.

  • Less hassle. When it’s time to go, there is less to move, get rid of, get damaged, and there is more time for you.

  • Affordable military packages. CORT offers special pricing on military packages starting at $99/mo. Simply present your valid military I.D. before delivery to receive this exceptional deal on military packages.

About CORT Furniture Rental

CORT is more than just a furniture rental company. They provide services and solutions to  individuals, like military families, to help ease life’s transitions. Their family of trained professionals can help you find a place to live, navigate your new area, and furnish your place for however long you need it. For more, please visit CORT Furniture Rental and the CORT Blog .      

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