There is something special about cigars — they’re celebratory, traditional, classy and add a certain flair to any event or milestone. Initial images that come to mind include the jovial new father with an “It’s a Boy” cigar, or a collective of groomsmen partaking in cigars and brandy as a last hurrah before their friend says “I do.”

Whether a wedding, parenthood, graduation or new job, most men light up over the opportunity to enjoy a cigar with the guys. Admittedly, many of those who identify as non-smokers have still partaken in the occasional celebratory smoke. And it’s not just the men — many women enjoy cigars as well.

You can put that in your pipe and smoke it. Or, your humidor, rather.

So now, take these civilian reasons and add in additional military moments and milestones on top of that, and you’ll find numerous opportunities for your favorite military member to enjoy the unprecedented pleasure of a celebratory cigar.

Cigars and Deployment

Want to know a secret that your spouse may not have told you?

My husband is in the Army and spent six months in Afghanistan this year. He shares, “During deployment, you don’t have access to your favorite fast food, you have no man cave, and there is no alcohol allowed. In all honesty, the smoke pit is the social hub during deployment. Even if you don’t smoke, the smoke pit is where you go.”

I will clarify that my husband does not identify as a smoker and has never smoked a cigarette in his life, but cigars? Yes. He’s enjoyed them during bachelor parties, nights out with friends, and to unwind during deployment. Cigars were so appreciated and socially accepted, that my husband adds, “Cigars were a hot item for care packages. In Afghanistan, there were stockpiles of travel-sized soaps and powdered drinks, but there were never enough cigars.”

It makes perfect sense. When you look at it, during a deployment, our servicemembers spend months at a time away from home, work every single day, and put in 12-hour shifts. It’s exhausting, stressful and potentially dangerous. The “smoke ‘em if you got ‘em” occasional cigar night with battle buddies is a true highlight and a morale booster for many members of our armed forces.

Cigars and Military Celebrations

Have we turned you on to a new element of military culture? If you’re now brainstorming traditional or military-related reasons to gift cigars, we’ve already done the legwork for you:

  • Holiday gifts
  • Care packages
  • To boost morale
  • Graduation from training schools
  • Military rank promotion
  • Bachelor party
  • Groom’s gift
  • New baby
  • Deployment
  • Homecoming
  • Anniversary gift
  • ETSing
  • Retirement

So now, where do you start? Where do you find cigar gifts for the holidays, or for a military care package? And where can you find the perfect cigars to celebrate that next event in your loved one’s military career?

Holt’s Cigar Company Military Discount

Fortunately, Holt’s Cigar Company has done the work for you. Not only do they offer a 10% military discount and ship to APOs, but also, their website breaks it down into convenient categories such as:

  • Cigars for beginners
  • Gifts by occasion
  • Gifts by price
  • Sample packs
  • Individual cigars
  • Gifts and accessories for the seasoned cigar aficionado
  • And customer service representatives are available to assist you

Not sure if cigars are for you? Well, good news — for the perfect gift for him, check out Holt’s Cigars “Man Cave Essentials.” Just in time for the holidays, you’ll find gift ideas to include glassware, poker sets, flasks, and more, all with a 10% military discount.

Holt’s is proud to salute all the men and women who serve in our nation’s Armed Forces, as well as our First Responders. They share, “We are eternally grateful for the sacrifice and dedication you and your loved ones contribute.”

Surprise Them With A Unique Gift

Based out of Philadelphia, PA, Holt’s Cigars has been in business since 1898. Their entire menu of over 550 premium, handcrafted brands, as well as machine-made cigars, cigar samplers, cigar accessories and more is eligible for their 10% military discount. (Please note that the discount does not apply to Gift Cards or the Cigar of the Month Club, and Holt’s only serves customers age 21 and up.)

So whether your favorite servicemember is a cigar aficionado or a novice who occasionally dabbles, keep Holt’s Cigars in mind for a special surprise, care package or a unique gift. This year, look to Holt’s Cigars for something different, classy, traditional and unexpected.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Holt’s Cigar Company. All thoughts and opinions are my own.




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