Updated: Soulja Boy Apologizes

Do I believe it not really but whatever!

Also AAFES will not be selling his Album as per their FB Page:

I’ve had several emails and people ask me via Facebook how I feel about this Soulja Boy controversial lyrics situation, so I figured I would share my opinion. You should  be warned that you may be surprised at what I have to say.

Recently there has been controversy unleashed thanks to the two hit wonder and rapper “Soulja Boy”.

In a recent song of his he says ” “F**k the FBI and the army troops … fighting for what? Be your own man …
… I’ll be flying through the clouds with green like I’m Peter Pan.

Naturally many service members, their families and veterans are offended by the lyrics.

My Take:

First and foremost this “so called talent” has like two famous songs!

Sure he said some offensive lyrics but at the same time how many of us spouses go around screaming that our husbands (wives) fight for people’s freedom of speech. My take on this situation is simple if he wants to go around rapping stupid lyrics let him. In my opinion the rapping of those lyrics is nothing more then a publicity type plea to draw attention to his album which if nothing else he has succeeded at.

Many of the people in a uproar most likely never even heard of this rapper and definitely never listened his music and now we’re giving him this much attention? To take it a step further if you have ever heard of him it probably was from his most (and probably only) popular song “Crank That”. Go on youtube and you will see many everyday normal parents with their kids doing the famous “Crank That” dance , yet you will be surprised to know exactly what those lyrics mean…google it!

I was reluctant to even discuss him on my blog , so as not to even give the garbage a link to come up in the Google search engines. The more we focus on this the more attention he is going to get.

In an article the commissioner for the L.A. County Veteran’s Advisory Commission stated that ” [The rap] is inrresponsible especially for a person who is an entertainer for the youth of our country.”

I agree to an extent at the same time everyone is not going to support the troops just because they are an entertainer. He is still a person with an opinion, albeit a disrespectful one. Soulja Boy is not the parent of your kids, it is up to you to explain what our troops sacrifice on a daily basis.

At the end of the day he has freedom of speech on his side whether it is positive or negative. What we need to understand is that we are the ones who gives what he says power or not by choosing to entertain it or disregarding it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

As for what I’ll be doing…”Who Is Soulja Boy again”?



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28 Comments on Updated:Why Are We Giving Soulja Boy’s F$#@ The Troops Comment Any Attention?

  1. I agree. That is what I have said since first hearing about it, he means nothing in my life, he does not take away what my husband and the rest of our soldiers do. He is alowed to have his own ignorant opinion.

  2. I agree. Soulja boy is a one hit wonder and will be broke soon. He is in need of attention so chooses to be controversial. He has no talent and giving him all of this attention, although negative, will only feed his ego.

    What has happened to real music?! Nowadays, anyone becomes famous.

  3. I hadn’t even heard about this until I saw your blog. From the few lyrics you posted, I assessed that this rapper is a self absorbed idiot with no character. If you can’t see what the troops are fighting for and you only care about making money, then I feel sorry for you. And I certainly am not going to take anything you say seriously. I’m not offended by him or any other celebrity. Most if the time they have no clue what they are talking about.

  4. Agreed and very well said. No sense in entertaining stupidity. I haven’t even personally heard the song, and I don’t really care to hear it, but I have heard all the hype about it. The sad thing is he is not setting a good example for kids, but like you mentioned it’s up to us as parents to not allow our kids to listen to this type of music.

  5. I think he he is jsut looking for attention. Let him think and say what he wants he dosent really matter and his music is annoying anyway..LOL my kids loved Crank that and I just wanted some earplugs to make the noise stop.

  6. My problem is that he has pulled the race card. I don’t care what race you are personally. On the Census I put HUMAN. Bet they LOOOOVED me! I have a HUGE problem with people pulling the race card in general. I figure we are all HUMAN and if you really wanna get technical, I am American! My ancestors may have been English or Irish or Polish. But I am American. I was born and raised in America. I do not accept the idea that African Americans are owed anything due to the fact their ANCESTORS were possibly enslaved some 150+ years ago. MY ancestors were enslaved only about 100 years ago. And I will not ask Russia for compensation for the former Czar forcing my grandfather into the military against his will to fight a war he was opposed to and his wife to knit socks. Instead, they had the opportunity to get a hold of some of the last exit visas provided and came to America where they promptly learned English. They instilled the value of family traditions into their children and made it clear to hang onto your heritage but you are to accept English as the primary language. Obviously Soulja-whats-her-face has yet to learn English. Last I checked half of his vocabulary is undefined.

  7. The whole issue with Soulja Boy has definately gotten under my skin. People do have their Freedom of Speech, and obviously he is exercising that Freedom in this song, as well as any other’s he has (or will) put out. I have no doubt that he did it for publicity, and yes he is getting it, but not all publicity is good in the long run, regardless of how many hits you have on youtube. I am definately not one of those people who can hear it and just “ignore” it. Derogatory statements about the Military, and United States is just something I can’t stand to see/listen to/ hear, etc. I do agree with you though that people should just ignore it, however, I think alot are just like me and they can’t.

  8. I disagree that all publicity is good. He may get millions of Youtube hits, but now, there are thousands of people who won’t buy his album because they’ve heard about what he said. How much money does he really get off a Youtube hit as opposed to an album sale? And there are a lot of people, like myself, who won’t even listen to the song on Youtube because I’ve heard about it so much and that would only give him another hit. Because people are outraged about it and making their anger public, there are a TON of people who won’t waste their money on this idiot.

  9. I never liked the kid because he’s disrepectful to HipHop. His newest scandal is just another attempt to expand his 15 minutes of fame…whatever…I’m so over this kid…I didn’t even post on my FB since he’s so irrelevant.

  10. This is why I do not listen to any rappers…about 95% of them at some point say something disrespectful to someone and I just do not want to hear anything disrespectful. People who find this type of disrespect entertaining are not any friends of mine, so I do not care.

    • Whoa there girl. Wow is it really like that and was that necessary to say?? What if I went around saying that the music artist you listen too are disrespectful an all that crap your saying. People like you are ignorant to lump all rap artist in a box just because of what another man did. Plus if you don’t care then why the hell are you posting anything about it. I would never want to be a friend of someone like you who’s such a close minded person. Not every hip-hop artist is disrespectful.

  11. As a soldier currently deployed, I took great offense to the rhymes of Deandre Way( his real name). Myself and others would like nothing more than to see him serve in a war zone and then see what he has to say about the troops. After reading the comments on this page, I am proud of the military spouses who refuse to give in to the nonsense presented by Deandre. From the bottom of my heart thank you for your continued support.

  12. Honestly, my wife said the same thing and she actually laughed at his stupidness. On the other side, I am here in Afghanistan and ALOT of soldiers took this 2 the heart. Its a personal thing and I am not saying this does not affect some people more than other. What I am saying is alot of soldiers out here, myself included, took it a little harder because we are constantly working, sweating, bleeding, and dying….then when we use out 30 minutes a day IF AVAILABLE…..to get online or use a phone, hear about this…well you get my drift.

    I have so much respect for each and every one of you ladies and I commend you. I don’t know how you go day after dealing with us military folk. I definetly can say Id rather be out here in Afghanistan then be at home wondering and waiting. You are all very much the sole and strength of most soldiers, as we are all dying to come back to the ones we love. THANK YOU ALL MILITARY WIVES AND ESPECIALLY YOU ARMYWIVES OF ARMYWIFE101.COM

    • Jonathan and Timeris I truly truly appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedules to stop by and share your thoughts. It is greatly respected and I can definitely understand why troops themselves would take this to heart. I do realize especially for you why , you would take it much harder. I’d rather not give this non-talentless clown another second of time and maybe he will think twice before insulting the backbone of this country.

      Thanks again for your thoughts and for your kind words:)

      • Jonathan and Timeris I would also like to say thanks for the kind words to all military spouses. I would also like to say thank you for all of the sacrifices that you all do for us to live freely each day.

        And to Army Wife thanks for all of your blogs and keeping me informed. Just want wanted to say job well done :)

  13. ive just stopped listening to him and will never listen to him again. its truly sad that he went there. but its what he wanted to do and will lose a huge fan base because of it.

  14. I can’t believe this…how horrible and it seems that more and more rappers are saying horrible lyrics and putting people down and it is wrong, I can’t believe that these lyrics are actually allowed to be published!

  15. He is black listed to myslef and friends and family. He just lost the battle of music right there. I have posted and will keep posting for awarness of his ignorance and lack of respect for soldiers, thier families and themselves! My goal is to have his pockets empty!

  16. I agree with you for the most part. I don’t really care about him but I did find his words offensive. As a public figure he should be more cautious. I think the moment he chose to become one he gave up some of his rights to his freedom just like our sodiers. Especially since there are so many soldiers lives being put on the line and many lives have been lost. He should not desrespect them since because of THEM he has the freedom of speech.

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