While on my friend Susanna’s site Military Duty Stations I came across a funny post she and Abby from Steals and Deals did called Commissary Utopia in which they discussed what their dream commissary would consist of.

It got me to thinking , if I had my way what changes would I make to the commissary to make it better and more efficient. Some of my ideas are totally dreamworthy and the majority are real ideas that could be implemented.

1. I have been to several commissaries that weren’t open on Mondays.

Do we not need to grocery shop on a Monday? Commissaries should be open everyday of the week just like any other grocery store.

2. The Hours:

What is with these Early bird hours? If you are going to let the early birds in let the 15+ item folks in also .

3. The Electronic Voice Line Monitor

That thing sometimes confuses me…Could you make sure it works like it’s supposed to so that I don’t have Revolutionary War vets yelling at me for not knowing when to go to a register.

(Click here to learn about my run in with the Civil War Vet)

4. Prices

Don’t raise the prices on stuff you know I need on a weekly basis for these crumb snatcher kids of mine and then say the prices aren’t raised. Commissary brand Poptarts tare usually $1.59 and then happen to be $2.10 coincidentally on the 1st and the 15th. Raise the prices on stuff I don’t need often.

5. The Lines

How about opening some more registers when the line goes back to the milk section?

6. Bananas

This maybe not be commissary wide but in Hawaii I want two years without ever being able to get ripe bananas !

7. Kids

 I am not afraid to say that screaming kids makes my eye start twitching ! My solution a play area in the commissary with childcare would be perfect!

Seriously I am extremely grateful for the commissary but like anywhere else something could always be better!

What ideas would you love to see in your version of “The Perfect Commissary”?



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9 Comments on The Perfect Commissary

  1. More Samples!! Like Costco and Sam’s! I would also like a Deli where if you decide to eat lunch you can sit down and enjoy it!!

  2. Aisles that are wide enough for two carts to pass each other. They have so much merchandise stacked in the middle that everyone has to weave in and out of the boxes to get pass each other. Drives me nuts.

  3. How about consistency in the prices. I pcs from Ft Sill to Joint Base Lewis-Mcchord and guess what the toilet paper is $2.00 pricier here than in Sill :/ wth is that??? I made the exact same grocery shopping here that I used to do in OK n I pay twice as much and I told their prices were more or less the same since they r regulated by congress. I get better deals at walmartn the food here is non-taxable so why bother going to the commissary anyways.

  4. Bamberg’s commissary is a joke. It is literally the size of a shoe box, tiny isles, and being in Germany with the Euro to Dollar ratio what it is right now, it’s the only place to shop that is affordable. They’ve literally taken 3 buildings, tore down some walls, and crammed them together. The stockers are ALWAYS out when it’s the most busiest and nobody can get through because they won’t move, won’t help you if you have a question, and generally don’t care. Never mind the fact that if they are out of Lactaid milk, I have to drive an hour to the next base to see if they have it. There ins’t any “commissary brand” items anywhere, and the prices are outrageous. Our grocery bill more than tripled when we moved here, and that’s with coupon usage. I love having the “comfort” of home right on post, but it seriously needs changes done to it! It’s the only part of Bamberg I dislike! lol.

  5. Being a military wife for many years, I really don’t ask for much. Just 2 things…
    #1 Pease stop jacking up the prices around the 1st and 15th.
    #2 If surrounding markets carry FRESH fruits and vegetables, there is no reason I should have to sift through rotting produce with fruit flies all over. This has been a running theme at every Army Commissary I have shopped at. It erks me to no end when they put out sub standard produce.

  6. I haaaate the commissary with a passion. All my friends are able to save money there but we do much better going to WalMart or HEB (tx). After the surcharge it’s nearly as bad as tax anyway. Some of their items are cheaper–like Starbucks breakfast blend I save about $2–but some are much worse. And I agree 100% with the in store child care area. That would be too cool. :)

  7. Oh my word. I was dying reading these!

    As a wheelchair user, I’ll be honest — I don’t even shop at the Commissary. It’s just too difficult, and people are RUDE. It’s not like I’m driving one of those huge motorized shopping carts either, I have a power wheelchair.

    I just can’t do it.

  8. This posts made me laugh so hard! Screaming kids are terrible. Also, would it kill them to make the aisle ideenough for two carts?

  9. I’m pretty new to the army way of life and I find the commissary very intimidating!! I rarely go because it just stresses me out. Its not worth it! Between the nasty produce, volume of people, checkout line where I don’t know what line to go to, and the crazy size of the place, its just too much!! Its so big I can’t find anything!!! Last time it took me an almost 2 hours and I didn’t even get everything on my list! And with 3 kids (yes, my 2 year old is sometimes one of those loud kids, sorry) its just not worth it!!

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