Recently a FB friend shared the above photo with me via another military spouse. The caption of the photo details a shortage of the most basic items at Kadena AFB in Okinawa, Japan.

Via Photo Caption on FB:

This commissary services more than 20,000 airmen/women who live on the air base. I live off base and drive 30 mins once a week to this commissary as many others must do as well. I am able to shop off base and most of my groceries especially produce , because the ones you stock are mold ridden or wilted,come from local markets. I do not read Japanese so when I go to the markets I am unable to tell what many boxes, canned or dairy items are so therefore those are bought at the commissary. I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do that, some do not. Those that live on base without cars must shop at your facilities, and those people most likely can’t afford the organic milk which was the only 1 gallon selection you had today. If you can manage to have a surplus of turkeys, hams and even “turduckens” on your selves you are clearly able to manage obtaining butter, yogurt, fresh spinach, and lettuce. I am voicing my frustration because this is a common occurrence.

So What’s The Deal With The Empty Shelves?

Spouse Buzz Editor Amy Buschatz  details thoroughly what happens here.

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