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I think we all have a  desire to somehow save the Earth even if it’s just by recycling the occasional newspaper or soda can. I for one have been wanting to utilize that “famous” green reusable grocery bag that I proudly remembered to buy on one of my visits to the commissary.

The Problem

I can’t seem to remember to bring the damn things with me when I go to the commissary. It’s kind of similar to how I run this awesome blog for Army Wives but 95% of the time I forget to bring my business cards with my site name on it to the places where I am most likely to run into tons of military spouses such as the commissary!

Lastly I admit I have a stupid fear about those bags. I always think I am going to buy to many groceries to fit the number of the bags I have. I am one of those people who over thinks things, such as “how in the hell will I get the bags to the bagger before they start packing my stuff so fast”? I also think will I look weird having half green bags and half plastic bag…doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

Share Your Thoughts!

Spouses I want to know do you use green reusable commissary bags and what is the proper number of them to have?



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10 Comments on Those Darn Green Reusable Commissary Bags!

  1. I do not use them at all, haven’t bought any, and don’t plan on it. We just reuse the plastic ones for dirty diapers and doggy poo cleanups. If we get the paper then we just recycle them. I have a hard enough time remembering to get my family out the door dressed with shoes on. Half the time I am going back forgetting the diaper bag so I know I would forget those bags, lol. Plus truthfully I am not all that green. I recycle cans, plastic, paper etc but that is as far as I go.

  2. I do not have the commissary bags but I have tons of other types that I have bought from other stores and I use them at the commissary. I bring my whole stash with me stuffed into one bag and I put them on the belt before my groceries so that they do not start bagging without them. I have bout $300.00 worth of groceries and used about 15 bags. If you ever have more groceries then bags they have no problem putting them into paper or plastic for you. I love my bags, I even use them at other stores such as target or over here in Germany I use them off base all the time.

  3. I use to forget mine all the time, and do occassionally still forget. I make sure I have them all in my car right after I have emptied them. I use one bag to put all of my bags into then put them back in my trunk. When we go to the commissary I make sure I assigned on kid bag duty (if I have kids with me) and if not I clip them to my cart. When going to the line (you know THE commissary line) I put my bags on the top of my cart so when the bagger or cashier asks “paper or plastic?” I can just hand them my bags. There have been times when they run out of bags but have found that the baggers under pack the reusable bags. You can carry a lot more in each bag. Give it a whirl!! :) Its sometimes worth the 0.05 back per bag!! :)

  4. I use them often; here in Germany some stores do not even have bags; or if they do you have to buy them (even plastic ones) so I’ve learned to use my cute little basket and keep the reusable shopping bags in the trunk. Each time I go grocery shopping the bags go back into the car’s trunk once they’re emptied. And yes, if I buy too many groceries I end up with some plastic bags from the Commissary. My favorite bags are the thermal ones for my frozen foods :) I also just put them on the top of my first items on the belt and the cashier just passes them on down to the baggers.

  5. I have about 12 roughly we’ve had them for almost 4years & they’re still in good condition. I always take them all shoved inside one green bag & thats the first thing i put on the belt so the baggers have them and if you have too many they just put them back inside each other. I do occasionally forget at times but being in Germany we are required to recycle & do all that “Green” stuff but I will admit I feel like i’m saving the environment when i use them….just a little.Lol ;)

  6. I keep my reuseable bags in the back of my car. This helps me to remember to take them in. I do go back to using plastic bags for my groceries when I am running low on them at home. We use them for picking up the back yard after the dogs have done their business. When I have enough plastic bags stockpiled, I go back to using my reusable bags.

  7. Yes! I use them all the time. I don’t have the commissary ones but a million others from Trader Joe’s, etc. I take about six or eight with me and if I have extra, great. If they need to give me a plastic bag or two, I will take it and recycle it later. You shouldn’t feel silly. Every reusable bag you do take is one less paper or plastic bag used.

    I used to forget them all the time, too. What I do now is after I empty my groceries, I force myself to put all the bags together and take them out to the car RIGHT AWAY. If I hang them up and say I’ll take them out later I always forget, so I just make it my last step in my grocery routine.

  8. I look at it this way – some green is better than NO green. And we reuse our plasticif we do get them. I wish stores here recycled them like they do in Germany. And if it makes you feel better – I never remember mine either. And I have a TON from living overseas – some of them huge Globus ones. I never remember my coupons either. *sigh* My mind left when my last baby arrived! LOL

  9. I use them and have 6! I always have them hanging in the garage right by the door so I remember to bring them or if I know I’m going grocery shopping (ie when I’m making my list or cutting coupons out) I quickly put them in the car. It also helps that my local grocery store gives back 5 cents for every reuseable bag used. I run them through the wash occassionally to cut back on germs etc and I have them hang right by my purse before I check out and if I don’t, I quickly remember and just yell to the cashier “I have bags.” This has been a process and definitely didnt happen over night. Good Luck!

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