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As military spouses we definitely endure our share of goal postponement. While there are many educated military spouses , there are alot of spouses looking for affordable colleges to finish their education and who understand the military life .  Everyday I receive email from wives asking questions about education, Mycaa and colleges that offer programs or special benefits for military spouses.

I recently had the chance to check out some online colleges that cater and understand military life.

Ashworth was one of the main ones that stood out to me for many reasons but mainly because they truly showed on their site that they understand military life and the low cost.

Programs of Interest

As a military spouse we so often are seeking portable careers that we can carry with us to each new place we move to. For those of us who want to be the next “Martha Stewart” there are classes and certificates available in Gourmet cooking and for those who love to decorate why not take an Interior Designing class?

Lastly you have the option to pursue your Associates or Bachelors in a variety of areas.

Finances and Attending Ashworth

The cost of attending Ashworth is low in comparison to many other online schools. Classes start at $240 per class.Textbooks are free in addition to their other educational materials. Military students including spouses are able to have special access to military advisors who understand the military lifestyle.  I know from personal experience the difference in having an advisor who is familiar with the process and the programs that apply to military spouses. MYCAA for instance can be alittle confusing at times, so to be able to call an advisor who is actually familiar with it , can make for a painless process. In addition there are several other helpful benefits such as live info-sessions and social communities with other Ashworth students.

Ashworth also accepts MYCAA which I know personally has been extremely beneficial to me while attending an online school in the past. Military spouses can qualify for up to $4000 and essentially help you put little to no money out of pocket depending on one of the many courses you choose to study.

What Do You Mean By “They Understand Military Life”

In the past I have attended online schools right in the midst of a PCS when I had little to no internet. Sometimes getting a school to understand that you need an extension or to pause from a class a bit has been a hassle. Ashworth has made it clear that their programs are portable and best of all flexible. This makes it easy to pick up where you left off. Ashworth also accepts most college credit which is a FAQ many spouses ask.

Learn More about your Options As a Military Spouse

I highly suggest if nothing else just visiting the Ashworth website to see the plethora of options available to you as a military spouse. In this economy education is so important and so is affordability . It’s safe to say both of those goals can most likely be achieved at Ashworth.

If you would like to speak to an advisor who can help you with your specific situation call Ashworth at :


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Ashworth College. All views and opinions are my own and have not been influenced. You can read my disclosure policy here.



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6 Comments on Ashworth College: A Portable and Flexible School for Military Spouses

  1. When I was researching and deciding on which college to enroll in to further my education, I had also come across Ashworth, which seemed perfect for military spouses and the unique military lifestyle. After doing further research through google to search for reviews on Ashworth my opinion quickly changed and I no longer felt confident enrolling with them. This does not mean you will feel the same, but I would encourage anyone thinking about Ashworth and really any college or university to be sure to do extensive research before making a decision and enrolling. Good Luck to everyone that is searching for that right school!

  2. I was also looking at there website last night and it just seemed to good to be true so I to did some looking online and a lot of ppl were saying that once they were done with the program they found out that there degree was worthless because they arent really accredited. I just wish I could find the right school.

  3. Hi. My name is Ryan and I work with our student community at Ashworth College. It’s important to research all your options when determining what school is ultimately going to be a good fit for you and it looks like you guys currently have a negative impression based on some things you read. We’re definitely not perfect, but please keep in mind that there is a lot of misinformation and unsupported claims on the web with regards to any business, school, product, etc. We’re no different in that respect. In terms of our military education programs, I think it’s critical to note that respected military publications like G.I. Jobs Magazine voted us as one of the leading Military Friendly Schools for 2012. We’re also a proud participant in DANTES, MyCAA, and numerous other government sponsored tuition assistance programs—including Post 9/11 and Montgomery G.I. Bill education benefits. I mention this just to illustrate the fact that we have very close relationships with all branches of the military and pride ourselves on being extremely flexible with the variety of military endorsed tuition assistance programs we support. I’d like to also correct the statement that we’re not really accredited. All of our programs are accredited and thousands of our graduates have gone on to career success and/or have been able to transfer their credits to their given school of choice. We currently have the largest student Community of any online school with 130K+ active members and this Community is completely transparent and open to any individual to join, so I encourage anyone with questions about our school to visit our Student Community and interact with our faculty, staff, and students to gain feedback. I’d also be happy to discuss our military programs with anyone who happens to read this comment thread. Thanks for your time today. I simply wanted to clarify some possible misconceptions about our military education programs, accreditation standards, etc. Thanks again…

    Ryan (

    Feel free to visit our Student Community at:

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