So as I mentioned in a recent post I was of one 11 moms selected to be a Sears Outlet Signature Mom. One of my first assignments was to visit the outlet closest to me and show you some of the great deals and thing I learned about this Military Friendly store.

You can find your nearest stores by visiting

Enjoy the video…I am sure you will like !



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5 Comments on On The Road with Army Wife 101 As A Sears Outlet Signature Team Mom!

  1. Krystel that was the best post ever lol. You had me laughing at some of those parts. Such as how bad they need a sign lol!!!!
    I agree, looks like a university or something, never would guess it to be a place with appliances.
    But 3 flights of stairs??? WOW. So like if you have crutches or a wheelchair??…
    I was glad to see the cell phones for soldiers, that is great to see them giving back even more than they do now.
    So you mentioned you needed that washer and dryer hu haaa.
    Oh i just cant get over your video…priceless.
    Realllllly great job! You are better than me, you seen my videos, im like the mom of charlie brown, i never show my face haa.

  2. Krystel that video is awesome and you are so brave being front and center in your video lol!! I’m with Angela and stay behind the lens as much as I possibly can! I really like that you got the manager on video and it really gave a great feel for what the store is really like. I agree with the sign request too – from your picture it does not look like a place where a retail store would be located. Great job – can’t wait to see more!

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