Who doesn’t enjoy curling up on the couch and watching a good love story? I know I do! I am the first to admit that I am a sucker for a good military love story because I can relate to it, just as I am sure you can.

To celebrate it’s release I have been given the chance  to giveaway a copy of  the DEAR JOHN DVD, the movie from the creators of “The Notebook.

Help us celebrate the enduring love of John and Savannah by sharing how you keep their love strong while separated due to patriotic service. Every day military families and their loved ones face the real-life trials and tribulations brought to life in Dear John. It’s their real sacrifices and steadfast bonds that make Dear John so powerful.

You can also have a chance to have your messages of love placed on the official DEAR JOHN website by visiting the official Dear John Facebook and Twitter page . Make sure to end your tweets and updates with #2wks<3

To Win the DVD starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried simply:

*Leave a quick comment below telling me how you keep the love alive or plan to while your spouse is away?

Contest ends Thursday June 10th 2010. Leave a valid email with your comment so that I may contact you if you are the winner.

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32 Comments on Dear John Giveaway *CLOSED*

  1. 23 yr old Navy Wife. Here in Jacksonville :D Me and the hubby play games together and are always playing around. I love to tickle him ahahaa! We play video games together. When he’s gone for the day when he gets home we fall in love all over again, it’s a beautiful thing. When he’s away to sea we do video chats and things like that to suppress the time until he returns. I do scrap booking and send it to him. He sends me random things and their the best. He found a pearl while crabbing I had it turned into a necklace. The little things count the most.

  2. How do I keep ♥ alive? On my end, I keep positive. I remember all of the loving times we share and I have pictures up that remind me daily of how much I love my soldier. It also helps me to stay strong during the deployments. I send him packages/email/e-cards often and always include something positive to help him remember his love is home waiting on him. Love is taken for granted daily, but remembering how much a person loves you and knowing you will reunite with that love is motivation for anyone who has ever experienced true love.

  3. My husband is going to be leaving for basic, and we have been married for 2 years with children. Our letters have always meant so much to us, so we will continue to write, every day. I tell him in letters why i respect him, and he tells me why he loves me. It is what has gotten us thru the tough times.

  4. The timing for this giveaway is all too perfect for my hubby and I. We will celebrate 15 years of wedded bliss this Wednesday, June 9th! I recently flew to Colorado to spend a long weekend with him while he was TDY there. No kids, no work, no school. Just the two of enjoying each others company and exploring a new place together. That weekend got our flame for each other roaring again! LOL The flame always burns, but some times it’s brighter and stronger than other times. It’s important to stop, take a step back, make time for each other, and let reality slip away for awhile. Even if it’s as simple as sending the kids the babysitters house or Grandma’s and curling up on the couch together to watch a good movie. Don’t answer the phone, don’t check email, and only answer the door if it’s the pizza guy! :-) In short, the best way we have found to keeping our love strong is to make time for one another no matter what! :-)

  5. When my husband was deployed, we would have ‘skype’ dates. Also, i would send him dirty emails with pictures and he would send the same back to me. There wasn’t much else, but we did what we had to in order to keep the spark there.

  6. We keep a kind of journal, and mail it back and forth… we record random thoughts about anything ,each other, our days, the kids, etc …. just so that we keep ‘in tune’ to the day to days of each other’s thoughts. Works for us when he’s gone!

  7. When my husband was deployed i always sent him different things all the time. We were able to talk alot on the phone but i always loved to actually send him a box of goodies. i would write him a looong letter each time i sent the box. it would remind him of how much i loved and missed him. to me nothing is better then a hand written letter from the heart. the box would be filled with his fave cookies and pictures of our growing daughter and my growing belly from the pregnancy. even though we were miles and miles apart i felt that we were holding our bond together even tighter by putting extra effort into making sure enjoyed every box he recieved from us.

  8. To keep the love alive the first go around I wrote letters every single day (nothing was set up over there yet). Although I worked, we only had one child @ the time. This time around we have 3 kiddos, we plan to do a lot of Skype, email and I.M.. I always send boxes of his favorite goodies, which makes him smile. I believe as long as you are both trying to stay connected as much as you possibly can, there is nothing that can stand in the way!

  9. We send video msgs saying how much we love and miss each other, we actually write love letters mmore than anything to keep it interesting like ill spray some of his fav perfume of mine on the letter to remind him of mii sent a kiss wit lipstick on it etc. Its not much but it helps us get thru da tough seperation it makes it feel like we are right next to each other

  10. We keep the love alive by making sure once a week, we have our night where we have date night. We go out for dinner then come home and just cuddle on the couch all night and just talk. When he deploys next year we plan on video chatting and I plan on taking a picture of me doing something special once a week so he doesnt feel like he is missing out on anything back home. This will be my first deployment with him. I made him a dog tag with a picture of both of us on it with our favorite saying on the back. He wears it with his other dog tags so wherever he is I will be close to his heart.

  11. How I try to keep the love alive its kinda hard after 13yrs of marriage… well i like to write him love letters everyday to encourage him and let him know that we are waiting for him and his safe return. While he is home i like to write little love notes and stick them into his ACU jacket pocket, or wallet, or in his lunch just somthing wishing him a good day and telling him how much I love him. Also when he comes home from a long day at work i like to just sit at his feet and take off his boots while asking him how his day went. Its just my way of telling him I love you and I am greatful for all that you do.

  12. When Bryan is away we send emails and talk through IM. If he has phone service we to talk every day. When talking through emails we send each other topic questions. One that really got us talking was goals we have for our family. I still have the list of goals we each wrote out. They range from keeping our family centered in Christ to being financially stable. The questions help us to be focused on what our marriage is about and to learn new things about each other too. It also gives me something else to talk about than the mundane things of normal life and helped him focus on something other than the mission for a few moments.

  13. We been married for 25 years and still very much so in love, his deployed right now and will be back in a few months, I hide a lot of sticky notes with I love you in the box , when he came home on R&R I would put sticky notes in his Jacket and travel bag he would find some months later lol
    I am very lucky and get to talk to him almost every day. I am very proud of my soldier

  14. We’ve been through 2 deployments……….romance is great. It’s not always like in the movies where they have long monologues of love, though. ;) I show love first and foremost by making sure that my husband knows that I am thinking about him, and that I am making him present for the kids through projects and new traditions. I send a LOT of care packages, with many things that are essential, but also things like books, games, romantic cards, and pictures of the kids. I tell him about how we pray for him every day–the kids say hi to daddy through webcam. Recently, I’ve discovered that I can hide love notes in all sorts of places where he will not find them for a long time. The next time he deploys, we will get a flat daddy and take pictures of the kids with it whenever we go on a field trip out of the house, and email them to him so he knows that we are keeping him close in our hearts.

  15. He received orders so we sped up our wedding and 2 weeks after he was into his training I sent him a picture text message of a positive pregnancy test. He said “I KNEW IT!” and I got irritated because a few days before when I was crying on the phone he told me it wasn’t like me and that I must be pregnant…lol It’s little things like that that make us realize we are one anther’s soul mates and it’s the even littler things that keep the LOVE alive. This deployment has been a learning experience for the both of us and to me – sending him care packages of things that remind him of home keep the love alive. I will spray some perfume on a card and send it and/or send his favorite foods. Before he left I made him an actual dog tag from PetSmart and it had his name on it and on the back all my contact info lol. At the end of the day though, put all materialistic things to the side, the love is kept alive through appreciation and respect. We have learned a THANK YOU has a deep impact while deployed. We’ve learned what one another has to do to keep things afloat and appreciation and trust is formed. When he gets back I know the love will be more alive then it’s ever been, because if we can survive a deployment, we can survive anything! Things happen for a reason and now I know why: we have a stronger love and respect for one another and it’s all happened in this deployment, in time for our son that’s due soon :)

  16. While my husband and I are high school sweethearts and been together for a total of seven years, we have been married for two! In that time we have grown to know each other almost better than we know ourselves. He is currently deployed on his first tour to Afghanistan. While he is away we both do many things to keep the love alive. Together we both keep positive and talk to each other as much as possible. We don’t hide anything from the other one and openly talk and express our feelings and emotions with one another. We are best friends so we tell each other everything (he has to keep some things from me due to opsec, but that’s okay). On my end, I keep pictures of him and us everywhere in the house just a visual reminder of our memories together. I also spray some of his cologne on a pillow that way his scent is around and I often drift off to days of us cuddling together. I am not exactly sure all of what he does on his end, but I do know that he keeps a picture of me with him at all times! One of my favorite things to do for him while he is away is to send him care packages. This is a great way for me to keep the love alive while he is away from home. It gives me a chance to express my creativity and show him how much I love and care for him. Each care package is different and always has a something special in it, that I have worked hard on. Weather it be a dvd of me and the family telling him how much we miss and love him, pictures of events he might of missed or good memories of when he was at home or songs that remind me of him. These are just a few of the things that I do to keep the love <3 alive while he is away.

  17. I’m a 24 yr old Army Wife and we have 3 kids. We are on our 2nd deployment. While hes home, we try not to take eachother for granted, we spend quality time together and with the kids.
    Now that hes deployed, we talk as much as we can on the phone, we take TONS of pictures.

    To keep the love alive, we tell eachother how much we love eachother, and we get kinda mushy, but its really sweet, not a day goes by that we dont tell eachother how grateful we are, how blessed we are, how lucky we are to have eachother. We went on a marriage retreat before he deployed and someone asked us when we got married, we said 7 years ago, they were in shock thinking we were newly married:)

    Lots of hugs and kisses too:)

    Its tough at times, but I think the trick is to not let all the day to day stresses wear on you so much that you forget to even say I love you.

  18. We will always talk over the phone or see each other in Skype. I love sending him cards too because I know he lives them. When I send boxes I live to write around the box how much I appreciate him :)

  19. We keep the love alive but doing little things together & when he’s away we text a lot and FB and emails, Call as much as possible. We know that absence makes the heart grow fonder & we make the most of each moment together & value what we have.

  20. We stopped using email and limited phone calls. It gave us time to miss each other and the anticipation of waiting on a letter or a phone call gives me that feeling in my stomach of being in love all over again. There is still nothing like a hand written letter. Someone taking the time to put on paper how they feel about you and how much they miss you. I keep my husband’s letters and tie them up with a ribbon and I always have them to look back on when he is gone and I am missing him. They remind me that I can do anything!!

  21. Ok wow im 22 have a 1 yr old son and 3 yr old daughter. I am also waiting for Thursday so my doctor can induce my labor..lol…yep another boy. I keep our love alive just by being me and keeping it real with my man. We call each other just about everyday!!! and text, we keep in touch through facebook as well. While he gone i am the one dat has to hold everything down. And dat is the commitment i made to him on the day we said our vows; so he wont have to worry about NOThIN. I make sure i let him know how much he means to me, he joined the army becuz of me and my babies and we wanted a better life. I am so proud of him. And i am going to keep our love alive and so is he. Everyday we ask each other wat we did today. And always say we love eachother before hanging up. I LUV MY SOLDIER.

  22. We also have date night, we are spontaneous, treasure every moment we have together. We also cuddle before bed and have our before bed conversations and end it with a kiss good night.

  23. My husband and I have no problem keeping are love alive we are 20 and 21 years old. We always are open with each other and just very loving. We been together sence 10th grade year high school and just always love being with each other. We go out on date every now and then too. Just to keep thing more exciting we go for drives and get lost, jst to try and lean the new are I do admit I do get mad when I am lost but it the fun of him telling me what way to go and him asking for the our way back home ^ _ ^

  24. I have 2 words… PHONE TIME. When we were just dating my husband (then boyfriend) moved about 1000 miles away to go to a military college. 5 years later, and numerous hours of phone time, we got married. Long distance is never easy, but if you make sure to put each other first, and put in the time to stay connected it is completely possible. It is inevitable that people change over time, especially when you are separated for 12-15 months at a time, however if you make talking to each other a priority you can change TOGETHER. There are so many avenues of communication these days like the phone, skype, email, instant messaging, or even old fashioned snail mail. Taking full advantage of every possible mode of communication is what keeps our love alive during deployments.

  25. well i must say my husband and i have been married for 4 months on the 12th and this will be our first deployment together. we actually got married 6 days after we met it was and still is most definately a God thing. I never thought i would ever be able to love someone as much as i love that man. anyways as for how we keep our love alive we pray and do devotionals together and always remember that God is the reason we are together and alive. I love cooking for him and doing his laundry and housework (something i never thought i would enjoy) and those are the thins i am going to miss the most. but he always encourages me to be the best i can me and tells me how much he loves and appreciates me and i always let him know that he is the only man for me and he is absolutely everything i have ever asked for and more and it is absolutely true. i could not have asked for a better man and i believe that being apart for 12 months will be hard but in the words of Francois de La Rouchefoucauld – Absence diminishes mediocre passions and increases great ones, as the wind extinguishes candles and fans fires. and all i have to say to that is AMEN lol and God bless our soldiers and their families (especially their spouses)

  26. ♥ ♥We keep the love in many ways…. we text love notes to each other throughout the day ♥ In the morning whoever makes the coffee gets the other one a cup too & brings it to them ♥ We always hold hands, kiss or snuggle. ♥ We have been married for 17 years and he still makes my heart go pitter patter. I tell him he is like a bottle of fine wine, He gets better with age :) ♥ I am honored and blessed to have him as my husband. ♥ ♥

  27. I keep love alive by praying for and with my husband every day and making sure I have dinner ready.

  28. I want to win this!

    We keep the spark alive by talking. We talk dirty, send love messages, chat on webcam and there isn’t much that we don’t discuss. Beyond that, have a strong connection and supportive relationship keep us bonded enough to go however long we need to without the physical contact.

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