Most of us appreciate when a company graciously offers our service members a discount and it’s even better when they extend it to dependents. The sucky thing about military discounts sometime is that finding them can be kind of a hassle. It would be easier to have a updated directory where you could go and find discounts available in your area…right? How many times have we seen a post where someone is asking “Does ___ offer a military discount?

The new site Military Discounts & Veterans Center provides an updated database of over 232,000 + military discounts nationwide. The other great features of the site are that it is completely “FREE” and new discounts are added daily. Every city in the US is covered which means all of us have a chance to save.

Lastly MDVC allows military and their families to join the discount movement by giving us the opportunity to add discounts that we have found in our towns and cities.

I’ve already signed up to receive discount alerts and I have been extremely happy with the site. You do not have to worry about emails cluttering your box. You do receive notice of new discounts but that is the extent of it.

To start receiving and adding discounts visit



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2 Comments on New Military Discount Site and It’s FREE!

  1. Thanks for this link!
    We found one yesterday – Elmwood Zoo in Norristown, PA gives free admission to all active duty AND their immediate nice!!!

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