It’s no secret everyone is looking to save and with the coupon hype who doesn’t want coupons.

I recently came across a site called who sends out coupon inserts bimonthly by postal mail to commissary patrons.

I received my first one yesterday and boy I was happy.  As I mentioned in past coupon rants I don’t mind coupons for stuff I can actually use and food products that we eat. Yesterday’s insert included coupons for Turkey Bacon,  Can Veggies, Bagged Cereal, Dole Fruit Bowls and much more.

Look at all the coupons inside!

You can visit Commissary Shopper to register for your coupons.



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13 Comments on Coupon Site for Commissary Shoppers Will Send You Coupons In Mail!

  1. Hi Krystel,

    Are you my Krystel Spell of Spring Lake subscriber to CommissaryShopper?

    Thank you so much for the kind words and feature on your home page.

    If I can answer any questions you may have, please contact me.

    Marketing Services Manager

  2. CommissaryShopper is a free printed coupon feature with valuable manufacturer coupons exclusively for U. S. Military commissary patrons.

    When our manufacturers have special offers and coupon opportunities, they contact CommissaryShopper and we collect them in our bi-monthly issues.

    You can get our free coupon feature at select commissary handout demos, or by subscription at the website. You only need to subscribe once to continue to receive CommissaryShopper. If you have a commissary store or mailing address change, or wish to unsubscribe, you can contact us at

    Our overseas patrons can also receive CommissaryShopper by mail when you subscribe. APO/FPO addresses are preferred for mailing.

    Please review our Privacy page. CommissaryShopper is dedicated to delivering manufacturer coupons to our military patrons. We will not offer or sell your subscription information.

    CommissaryShopper is not sponsored by or affiliated with the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA). CommissaryShopper is not a secret government program, so please tell a friend and help them save more at the commissary too!

  3. I have a question my husband is at AIT at the moment graduates in october anyhow, i wanted to sign up for the coupons but the closest military base is 2 hours from my house for the commissary I plan to go and use the commisarry when i need to do the big grocery shopping thing but not sure if I qualify to sign up for them or not or if i need to watit until we get sent to our first duty station. any info would be awsome ty :)

  4. i know i can go to any commisary i was jsut trying to sign up for the coupons online and it askes for my commissary we are not stationed any where yet my husband is still at ait in for eustis. the closest base is 2 hours away would i just use that to sign up for the coupons?

  5. Thank you for this tip. I actually subscribed about a month ago and received my fist set of coupons. I love creating recipes so having these coupons helps with getting the products that I need at a cheaper price!!!!!

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