I had the pleasure of reviewing a storybook from a new line of Recordable Storybooks by DaySpring.com . This item is perfect for Deployments!

Check out my thoughts below:



(2) winners will have the chance to win a Bedtime Prayers & Promises Recordable Storybook RV $29.95

How to Enter: Simply leave a comment below telling me how you would use a recordable storybook for your child.

Contest ends Thursday July 28, 2011 at 11:59 EST and winner(s) will be picked via Random.oRg

Winner will be notified via email and has 48 hours to respond or another will be chosen in place of .


Disclosure: I was given a Recordable Storybook to review and facilitate this giveaway. No other forms of compensation were received and all opinions are my own.



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29 Comments on *CLOSED*DaySpring Recordable StoryBook Review & Giveaway

  1. I would use it for my kids. Have my husband record the story so they could use it when he is gone on deployments, field time, ranges or even CQ.

  2. I would mail the book to my husband so he could record his voice in it. Then he could mail it back to our 2 y/o daughter who is always asking me to go get daddy. It will be quite a while before she sees him again.

  3. This could be really sweet to use while my husband is deployed. We have a 1 1/2 year old who simply adores her daddy.

  4. I would use it for the days my daughter could not speak to her daddy. She is two years old and is starting to notice that her daddy is far away but other people (like cousins) have their daddy’s. She knows he is at ‘Work’ but it’s just hard to hear her calling for him. This would be an awesome way to keep her upbeat and happy on those days when mommy just doesn’t compare!!

  5. I would have to send it to my husband who just left on our first deployment so he can record his voice for our 2 kids (4 & 2) who are already missing him.

  6. my husband just deployed for the 3rd time. My daughter has gotten really close to her daddy and my son is only 10 mths, I would send it ot my husband so he could record it and send it back so my kids could hear their daddy.

  7. My husband is going to his first deployment in a few weeks. I have been trying to look for ways to keep my son and my husband close while he is away. My son is two years old and he is very close to his daddy. I am sure that he will love to hear his daddy’s voice every night before bed.

  8. My husband is leaving to his first deployment in a few weeks. I have been looking for ways to help my son to stay close to my husband while he is gone. My son is two years old and he loves being with his daddy. I know that he is going to be hard on him not seeing his daddy for a long time. I would like the book so my husband can recorder his voice so my son can hear his daddy’s voice every night before bed.

  9. My husband is currently deployed to Iraq so this would be wonderful! I am 34 weeks pregnant and we’re hoping he’ll be home for the birth but we just don’t know. I would start using this right now even in utero so the our baby can get used to his voice. And since they’re shutting everything down over there skype won’t be available for much longer… This is great!

  10. I would have my husband record his voice on this. My 2 1/2 year old would love to hear his daddy’s voice reading him a bedtime story when my husband is deployed!

  11. My husband is facing his second deployment and this would be a perfect gift to keep him in my daughter’s heart!

  12. I would use it for both of my kids since they are still really young so that they could hear their daddy’s voice when he deploys. I think it would make a perfect gift to the kids since he reads to them every night and we are facing our second deployment.

  13. Deployments are hard on everyone, especially the children. Our son has Autism and change is very difficult for him. My husband is currently deployed, so I would send the book to my husband so that he could record himself reading the story. Even though his dad wouldn’t physically be near, his voice could be.

  14. I would have my hubby record the story so the kids can hear him when he’s deployed. This would be a great way for my hubby to still be involve in their lives even when he’s away.

  15. My father lives out of the country – i will send it to them to record the story for Isabela…how fun!!

  16. I would use it to send it to my husband who just deployed so he can read it record his voice and at the end do a special message for the kids.. this is our first deployment and its a year long deployment he just left today.. we have an 18month old son and a 2month old daughter.. I never want them to forget daddys voice and that he loves them.

  17. I would use it for our 2 children. We are started this new journey into the army life and are very excited for it. The changes will be tough and I am sure our children would love this to listen to at night or anytime they miss their Dad. I know hearing Daddy’s voice will help on those tough days.

  18. My husband could record it for our daughters so they can hear him whenever he can’t be there due to deployment, training, staff duty etc. Our eldest (4) freaks out whenever daddy’s not there for bed time, so maybe this would help her calm down.

  19. I would love to have this book! We have five kids under the age of 9 and my husband is on his 2nd tour to Afghanistan! It would get soooo much use at our house! Can you say, bedtime story?! :)

  20. We have 3 kids and have used the recordable books while my husband is deployed. The kids really enjoy hearing his voice, and listening to the stories. I’ve found that it helps to calm them down, and is a great part of their bedtime routine!

  21. These are wonderful books. This way our daughter, when daddy isn’t home, can still have her daddy read the bed time story.

  22. I would use it for my 2 daughters – Daddy will be deploying in the next year and hearing his voice while he is away will help ease the separation some.

  23. My daughter and I went through our first deployment with my husband when she was only 5 months old. She will be 3 next week, has a sibling on the way [I’m due with our 2nd child only 2 months after he leaves for his 2nd deployment]. With our first deployment, he made videos and they helped our daughter remember her daddy. This time I’m scared that our baby will not even know his/her daddy’s voice. This book will introduce our second child to the voice of his/her father and is something that our daughter can share with her sibling. It’s so important for kids going through deployment to be able to remember their parents. Our second child will be at least 6 months old before my husband will even be home to hold him/her. This can make that a little less scary. I really hope we get the chance to have this amazing gift. It will be put to much use!

  24. My husband and I have always enjoyed reading bedtime stories to our girls and they always miss that so much when he is away. They would absolutely love a book that could record daddy reading to them instead of just mommy! :)

  25. I would send it to my hubby and have him record it and send it back. We have a few recordable books and love them! We listen to them everyday so our 8 month old will know daddy’s voice when he comes home!

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