Ahhh, homecoming! I don’t care what they say about Christmas … HOMECOMING is the most wonderful time of the year! And you’ve waited for it! You’ve longed for it! You’ve dreamed sweet (and possibly dirty) dreams of it, and it’s almost here. But you want it to be perfect, right? Well, I’ve crafted a no-fail recipe for The Perfect Homecoming in 5 Easy Steps.

5 steps for a perfect military homecoming

1.Devote 6,000 hours to shopping for the perfect dress and shoes and another 600 hours deciding on a hairstyle (pin-up or beachy waves? pin-up or beachy waves? what do I do??).

2. Put in a solid 48 hours mad-cleaning every corner and crevice of your already-clean house like you’re putting it on the market tomorrow! He never noticed the perfectly styled bookcases before, but do you really want to take that chance NOW?

3. Spend 2 hours crafting THE PERFECT HOMECOMING SIGN – pretty, clever, and with loads of sparkles – and then 6 more hours sweeping up excess glitter …

4. Spend two weeks of late nights on Pinterest trying to choose the PERFECT Homecoming Day dinner recipe, two days shopping for fancy ingredients you’ve never cooked with before, and two hours burning it because you were putting on make-up.

Here it is. The big day arrives. You are dressed to the nines, have the perfect pin-up curls, and your make-up is perfection. The house is clean (if perhaps a little more sparkly than before), and you’ve lighted enough Scentsy burners to hopefully disguise the burned pot roast smell in the kitchen. Your totally awesome Homecoming Sign is ready to go (and has only lost 2 pounds of glitter in the back seat of your car).

The time is now! Here comes the bus! You see your man!

5. Hug and kiss your man for the first time in months! Pick up McDonald’s. Drive home. Where did I leave that sign? Lose the dress and mess up the hair (wink-wink), and spend the rest of the evening eating french fries and watching crap reality TV snuggled up next to your sound asleep best friend. Know you are the luckiest girl in the world for having this same amazing moment over and over again!

Ahhh, homecoming!

Jodi is a Navy wife, a mother of three beautiful girls, a coffee-aholic, and a sun worshipper currently living in the rainy Pac Northwest. Find her at http://www.backonland.com



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