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It’s the holidays and many of our military spouses are dealing with loved ones being away for the holidays. Everyone is looking for ways to get through what is supposed the “most wonderful time of the year” with their special someone being thousands of miles away.

Recently I was sent this new awesome webcam by HP known as the HD 5210. It is full HD , color shows up great and it comes with lots of fun software to do creative things to your videos.

You can learn complete details about it here.

Check out “yours truly” in the video below as I share my experience with the webcam and also talk about using a webcam to communicate your loved one.



(1) winner will receive their very own HP Webcam HD 5210

Simply click the green “Do It ” button below , answer the question and click enter…That’s it!


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17 Comments on *closed*Keeping In Touch With Loved Ones with HP Webcam HD 5210 Review + Giveaway!

  1. This is an awesome giveaway! I was excited about having a laptop with a webcam when I got it, but then when we used it for the first time I wasn’t as excited anymore…lol.. like you said the quality of the built in webcams are HORRIBLE!!

  2. I am answering the question but when i click enter it says awh shucks we didnt get your entry try again. I have clicked enter a couple times and it wont go through. any suggestions???

  3. Umm….I so need this as hubby is on his way to Afghanistan as I type. I must say I am immensly thankful for technology as it does make the distance a bit more bareable. Ummm….Pretty please….me me me….Pls….Ok, I’m done…Now…where is that GREEN DO IT button?

  4. Love it!! Sooooooo crossing my fingers for this one!! My hubby left in Oct for his 4th deployment and I’m pregnant with our first child!! I would LOVE to have this camera!! He’d love to see the growing ‘bump’ and of course once the baby’s here it would be used ALL the time!!! :)

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