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I remember when my husband was deployed feeling like I had to rush back home so I could get online to catch him on Skype. Sure you can video chat on phones but it’s never the same as a computer and the signal can be shotty.

As military spouses there are many occasions where WiFi is needed. Think about all those PCS moves and living in a hotel for a month or more at a time where internet access is shotty. I remember when we PCS’ed to Hawaii and were staying in base lodging, the internet signal would be okay during the day. The minute everyone returned the internet would barely be accessible. I also remember our PCS drive from North Carolina to Georgia. It wasn’t a long ride but having a steady WiFi connection would have been great for the kids. This is where AT&T Netgear would have came in really handy.

I know you are probably thinking “I can turn my phone into a hotspot”! That may be true but at what cost? AT&T Netgear lets you have a hot-spot afford-ably , not to mention it allows you to keep your phone free for calls and text. Running a hotspot on your phone is a serious battery drainer.


The NetGear AT&T Unite includes:

  • Ability to connect up to 10 WiFi devices
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • An intuitive touchscreen
  • WiFi network details and data usage on the homescreen
  • A guest option: the ability to create a second WiFi network for one-time users
  • The ability to block/unblock specific WiFi devices directly from the Unite

As you know I work from home which means I really work from wherever I can. AT&T Unite will allow me to do work from the car (as long as I am not driving) and just about any place I travel too. For military spouse entrepreneurs keeping on top of business emails, inventory and more on the go is of major convenience. I love my phone but sometimes I need a bigger screen. Having internet access for my laptop or ipad on the go helps.

I really love the feature that allows up to 10 WiFi devices to connect at one time. First and foremost I don’t have to have my nine year nagging me to play on my phone because now I can hook up our Ipad and my daughter can connect with her Ipod Touch and everyone is happy. Vacation and leave time will be a breeze!

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