On my husband’s last deployment, we like so many military families utilized Skype to communicate. My spouse and I had date nights and the kids chatted with dad and filled him in on their daily happenings. He even shared a few holidays with us via webcam but even still that wasn’t enough. It was great to see him, but had there been a way to interact even more that would have been great.


If my kids had HomeTeam (the new Panasonic reading and game app that connects loved ones across the miles) back then, those moments of missing actual activities with dad may have been fulfilled. My spouse always was concerned about how much time he was missing with the kids during military separations. I think that’s a sentiment that most military members with children share. Now service members can have a way to engage and interact and even entertain their little ones from literally across the ocean with a simple internet connection. Military families will love this app because it will let us maintain something we yearn for so bad during deployments…normalcy.

How HomeTeamWorks?

Panasonic’s MyHometeam app is a simple download to your tablet that’s available in the Google Play and the App Store. After you download it, simply invite mom/dad or even the grandparents to download it. Once installed kids and family members can engage in multiplayer games and dad can even read the little one a bedtime story.


Our Experience

My son just turned eleven and thinks he’s “too cool” and such a techie so I was worried that his reaction would not be great since he tends to think anything I recommend is for little kids. Shockingly the minute he saw the variety of games available he was sold. His favorite game was “Robot Builder” and “Checkers”. I also loved that figuring which game to play is easy since they are labeled by age. The app allows us to literally do all the things we would miss doing while apart like laughing, having friendly competition, and just hanging out through the webcam feature. While we hope dad doesn’t deploy anytime soon, I certainly will be traveling for work and cannot wait to use this to keep in touch with my kids.

Military Families

Are you a military family ready to connect? Download a free one month trial here.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf Panasonic MyHomeTeam.




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