I received several messages and email asking about the newly created Facebook page where random girls show cleavage pics for troops. Alot of military spouses were in a uproar about it and want to see the page go away.

Watch as I share my thoughts in the video below:


I’d love to hear your thoughts good or bad in the comments section below!

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58 Comments on Does “Knockers For The Troops” Bother You As A Military Spouse?…My Thoughts!

  1. The way I look at it is, if he (my husband) were walking around the grocery store or the gas station or the pool or who knows where and see just as much cleavage. I have bigger and better ones..lol I know where he’s gonna sleep when he’s not deployed and if boobs were to make his day better why would I care? It’s just boobs..lol

  2. I ABSOLUTLY agree with you! I think its a fun page that I was actually going to send my husband because I know he would think it funny (hes deployed to afghanistan) and I can just picture him and his buddies sitting there going “hey look at this pic” and laughing and having a good time with it. I dont have a problem with this page at all and I think these people who want it removed should be more worried about getting the sticks removed from their own behinds! LOL

  3. There are way worse things in this world that my husband could be doing/looking at…on deployment or at home…I have other things to focus on in my life to be worried about girls posting boobs on facebook…there doesn’t need to be a dedicated page for guys to go to, to be able to look at some random girls boobs…if they’re gonna do it, they’re gonna do it…and on a long deployment you cant tell me that there isn’t a lil of this being floated around between guys anyway…could be wrong, so dont judge me…but come on… lol

  4. Lust of the eyes is lust of the heart. They can look and those images will come in to their heads at the worst moments to the poi t where thy might want to heck out other things that may make them temporary happy. It’s not ok. If they want to o to websites to see other women there are plenty out there without making the military trashy specticals.

    You women that say it doesn’t matter. It’s just boobs… That’s where it begins. It will always be just another over step boundery away.

    My opinion is. It’s by necessary. It’s trashy. It’s disrespectful.

    • Trisha I respect your opinion , I guess I feel that if they are lusting that hard , then they were lusting long before those pics on FB. If that’s the case then let’s ban adult sites too!

      • It’s just another thing. If we think its ok. Then ts just another step closer to more curiosity. I’m all for supporting our troops but I don’t believe a married man should be going to strip clubs. Or hanging out in bars filled with women. My husband had an issue when we first got married and we fought. I didn’t know about it but suspected something was up. I believe this is just a slippery slope to saying it’s ok your husband can have a mistress. My husband and I gt through it and now j have no trust issues. We got through it. But it started with me not “Caring” if he lOoked at other girls. It’s a beginning and it’s why out marriages end in infidelity and divorce. Because of our thoughts ” there just boobs” how would you feel I a woman was texting your man pictures of her boobs? The same? Or different? Cause I can assure you. There not just looking.

        • i feel like looking at random, faceless pictures of cleavage is not even on the same playing field as a woman having my husband’s phone number and them texting inappropriately. your husband could go to a public swimming pool or the beach and see ten times more skin then the pictures on this website, do you keep him from going to those places to? if the website isn’t for your marriage thats fine, but there is no reason to take it away from the SINGLE soldiers with no relationship. and as for not letting husbands go to bars filled with women, if he’s not paying the females any mind why does it matter? same with the page on the internet, if your not visiting the page and neither is your husband why does it matter?

        • Just because your husband strayed like a prick doesnt mean they should take it away from the single soldiers. It is up to the married soldiers to respect their spouses and not look. Not the girls posting on the page to not post because of the chance a asshole decided to try to cheat on his wife with her. I have been on the “talking to other women” situation and I still think the page was amazing.

  5. It don’t bother me….Heck it’s normal for men to look at things of this nature! I look at hot men & to be honest if I see a beautiful woman, I usually say, ” Look Lover isn’t she hot!”….I have FULL confidence that he loves me & only me!!!

    • I agree…it takes a strong relationship to not let things like that bother you…this world is full of BOOBS on view…dont need some FB page to see em!

  6. I thought it was actually quite funny…. note that they have a site for Military women as well called Hot Bods for Military Broads…… C’mon guys, lighten up…. if my husband wants to look at some boobs, look away, at the end of the day, he is still gonna hang his uniform next to mine in the closet…. time to quit spazzing about something so little.

  7. Haha, wow. Last week twats, this week knockers. Gawds I love you.

    I wonder how many of the same women complaining wear v-neck tanks, push-up bras, strapless dresses, swimsuits? Sorry, ladies, but if you’re so insecure that you’re worried your hubs is gonna leave you after looking at cleavage, your relationship has FAR bigger problems than tits.

      • If that’s matrimony, then in all honesty, what’s considered bondage? How is a look at cleavage different than, say, a wife finding an shirtless actor handsome, or reading a romance novel? It’s really not.

        “A happy marriage perhaps represents the ideal of human relationship – a setting in which each partner, while acknowledging the need of the other, feels free to be what he or she by nature is” -Anthony Storr, The Integrity of the Personality

  8. I don’t really have a problem with the site…it’s just whatever. But I think it is strange that they think showing cleavage is ‘supporting the troops’. Want to support the troops? Volunteer at the USO. Send a care package to a deployed soldier. Donate to the Wounded Warrior Project. T&A won’t be giving my husband much support….but those are just my thoughts :)

  9. What happens when your man is now facebooking one of these women?? Any thoughts here ladies? Anyone want to tell me that you would be ok with this??

  10. I don’t really know what my opinion is per se. My concerns focus more on the potential for this to reinforce a general stance that it is okay to objectify women. This leads to other problems at home and on the job and those problems are more what I am concerned about. The potential is there for someone to look at those images and images like them and then look at their shipmate as nothing more than tits and a piece of toosh available for their pleasure. It seems to me that far too often the phrase “boys will be boys” is used to justify these behaviors when they come to light.
    These are the same phrases used to justify sexism in other arenas.
    I wonder what it says about us as a community that we justify the objectification of women as part of deployment and at the same time, if a woman is in charge of her own sexuality, we consider her a slut?
    I think this discussion is about broader issues of who we are and how we interact with the world, beyond a simple “Do you or don’t you care if your spouse looks at pictures of breasts?”

  11. This is just a unique way these girls found to support our troops. Is it out of left field, yes but that doesn’t make it wrong. And just because these girls are posting cleavage, it doesn’t mean they are tag chasers trying to get into our husband’s ACUs!

      • Then if that is the case, do you limit all of your spouses contact with everyone of the opposite sex? Because frankly, anyone has the potential to be a tag chaser. Just because they are showing cleavage doesn’t make them bad people. While you have your own opinions on the subject, assuming isn’t the way to go.

        • What I think the majority of you are forgetting is that the page is called Knockers for the TROOPS, not for the MARRIED SOLDIER. I’m a fan of the page and it looks to me like the majority of the men on there are either single or have their wives blessing. If they’re single then you have absolutely no business telling them what they can and cannot look at. If their wife is alright with it, then you have no business saying it’s not ok. That’s between the husband and wife, not the husband and wife and some totally random stranger. So let’s pretend that there are a few guys on there who’s wives don’t want them on – it’s a SOCIAL NETWORKING site. It’s not like the husband will be able to hide all the comments he made PUBLIC ALLY from his wife for very long.

          So yea, there are some girls there who probably want an ID card and wouldn’t mind chatting a married soldier (despite the fact the majority of the men on there are single). And there are lots of girls there who just want to have fun and made a few soldiers smile. Trisha, just because YOUR husband had an issue does not mean that the rest of all soldiers will as well. That’s HIS demon to fight, not ours or our husbands. We cannot simply destroy or remove all temptation – if we do, soon all women in america will be wearing abayas or hijabs. That is a freedom that is not available everywhere in the world, so let’s not start taking steps backwards in women’s rights. It’s up to our men to control themselves and act in a manner that they (and their wife) think is proper. It’s really not fair to stifle everyone else simply because you’re insecure in your relationship or because your husband has a problem with fidelity.

          As many other women have stated, I could send my husband to WalMart or the local pool and he would see much much worse then whats on that facebook page…

  12. I’m with Trisha. It starts from there. I don’t have marriage problems but I feel that if my husband looks at that, then what’s the point of me being here for him? I’m here to pleasure him and for him to look at and enjoy, not those girls. It’s just disrespectful and degrading to women everywhere too.

  13. To each his own…I feel that each marriage is different…what works for some may not work for others…

    If you dont feel threatened by FB pages like this so be it…If you are threatened by things like this then that is your opinion and thats the way YOU feel…

    I love my country, I support my husband and I support our military…its because of the things they do that we can have the freedom to have pages like this if we wanted to…simply because we have the freedom to do it…

    I’m not saying i condone it but it doesn’t bother me that it is there either…

    Have enough confidence in your men ladies that it isn’t going to lead to anything more…and if it will then clearly you might want to question the loyalty and foundation of your relationship…

  14. This cracks me up! I’m totally not worried about it. My husband looks at stuff like this for entertainment, usually with me or right next to me! And when he’s in Afghanistan (if he ever gets computer access) I’m sure him and his buddies will have a great time with stuff like this. I agree that if this is a problem, there are bigger and more serious problems already in the relationship. I mean, the guys are over there mostly just miserable, let them have some fun! There is no harm.

  15. OK so I had to go look at the page and SERIOUSLY?? I went to the mall Sunday and saw more cleavage walking about than what is posted on that page. I don’t see what the big deal is. If you don’t like it then don’t contribute to the page or view it???? Seems pretty simple to me. Lets face it most men love boobs. I found some of the comments by the men more offending than the pics. Just a harmless form of entertainment in my opinion.

  16. I could care less. If it’s a morale booster for the troops, I say more power to the girls. Having been in Iraq, I can tell you, anything to look at is better than nothing hahaha. It’s just cleavage. My hubby sees more in Maxim, etc. :)

  17. I had to go look to see what all the uproar was about also. I find it pretty funny actually. My profile photo on FB is of my cleavage. My husband loves the photo. I have recently lost a lot of weight and was feeling good about myself and the fact I didn’t lose my “Girls” with the weightloss as some women do, so I had a photo taken and I made it my profile photo. Everyone is right, you can see just as much cleavage, if not more, out in public. I see it all the time. As a woman, when it is staring you right in the face it is hard to not look. Yes, there are worse things men could be doing/looking at. I, for one, am going to tell my husband about the site, so he can have a good laugh.

  18. I am not an army wife but what can I say… men like boobies. I have seen more on some of my friends’ personal FB page. I think when I was younger it would have bothered me. Being a “seasoned” married adult…ah, no big deal. I checked out the page. It was no big deal. There are worse things on the internet!!

  19. Well for starters, a site like this not something that we agree is okay in our marriage for either of us and I would expect my husband not to seek that page out just like I’d expect him not to be on a dating page or a porn site. That’s a standard in our relationship that has nothing to do with lack of trust or being uptight, it’s just out of respect for each other and our marriage.

    To demand it be removed, well, there’s a miliion other site offering far more. It reminds me of a spouse meeting where some wives complained that the place their husbands would be going on the ‘decompression’ (a Canadian military forced rest time after deplyment) had access to prostitutes. well, honestly, there’s access to prostitutes here, too. His choice to seek them out or not is his own.

    The same with this site. If it’s not okay in your marriage, your husband has a choice to seek it out or not. Just my thoughts.

    • I think you’re exactly right. It’s about setting whatever boundaries you want in your own marriage – and making sure you are meeting each other’s needs. My husband knows what behavior is OK and what is too far and he would never even teeter that line.

      Good point!

  20. My concern comes from a morale and biblical one. I think our values have gotten way to lax, and I have a problem with this. I am 41 and very secure in my marriage and would have a problem with my husband looking at this. The Bible tells us if we lust with our eyes we have already committed adultery in our hearts.

    How can you argue with that if you are a true believer in Jesus Christ. Also how would you feel if that was your daughter men were looking at? Food for thought.

    • I respect your Christian beliefs as my husband and I are firm believers in Jesus Christ.

      That being said my daughter is 12 so she better not be on there :)
      If she was an adult I would hope that she continues to have the morals and values we instilled in her but I still would have to respect that the fact that she is an adult and all i can so is say how I feel and hope for the best.

      For those who who keep saying how secure their marriage is ,you shouldn’t have an issue with this because you already have said your husband wouldn’t look at this. Frankly to my husband it’s silly and he isn’t interested in a page like that but I am not going to go as far as some people said to divorce my spouse for looking at something he has seen many of times involuntarily.

      I sincerely appreciate having a different point of view and thank you for taking time to share it here :)

  21. I agree with most of what has been said here – they’re boobs for pete’s sake! My husband is probably going to look at pornography or photos online, so why not let these girls “support” our men however they want?

    Any concerns that women have are concerns within their own marriage. It is my business (and my husband’s) to make sure we are meeting each other’s needs, emotionally and physically. If I am worried that he’s checking out a pair of breasts online, then we have bigger issues in our marriage.

    That said, my only concern about this group is that women are safe with their images and never show their faces. It sounds like these are just regular gals, like us, who are confident in their bodies. Good for them, but I worry about people putting these images out on the internet. As long as their being careful, then I say, bring on the boobs! :)

  22. After reading this I just had to go check out the FB page and honestly I dont see the big deal! I told my husband about it this morning and he thinks its a great idea! If you go and look at the hot bods for military broads you dont see a huge uproar there…and those guys are showing waaay more skin then those girls are. If you are secure in your marriage things like that shouldnt bother you because you know who your husband is coming home to at the end of the day.

  23. If you have no problems with your husband looking at pictures like these, well that is up to you. I on the other hand have a problem with it. A big one. I also have a problem with how it portrays the military. I looked through this site today. Well to all you married women that trust your husbands so much, there are men on there asking for these women to send them personal pictures and to message them. As well as women trying to hook up with these men openly. This site has turned from “just” pictures to being a place to “hook” up with someone that the men know will be easy. Difference between pornography and this site is that the men and women can actually contact each other. Honestly I can’t believe how little self respect women have for themselves.

  24. I totally agree with you! I like the page and my husband does too, who is currently deployed, as long as he’s looking at clevage i really dont care! I bet almost every deployed soldier has porn, some clevage is nothing to be worried about! And its over 7000 likes right now so maybe by tomorrow it will be 10000!!!

  25. My husband is not military, so I’m an “outsider”.. but I happen to support the page. I like it and I’ve posted on it a few times. A lot of people who have commented on my posts on that page say thank you for doing what we’re doing. A lot of them are overseas and don’t have actual women AROUND them, so they enjoy the site. If it makes them fight harder to come home.. then so be it. I think it’s a great page.. it’s quite funny. It’s not like it’s “Vaginas for the troops”. You see more boobs in a bikini on the beach than you do in any of those pictures. The site owner has been specific about what pictures are NOT allowed. I show cleavage 24/7.. but I just have big boobs. It’s hard to keep them contained. If you honestly think that your husband (no matter how secure your marriage is) doesn’t look at another woman’s breasts.. you’re naive. Men look, that’s what they’re built to do. As long as they’re not feeding into the promiscuity, or touching.. then let it alone.

  26. Hello, everyone this is the hubby of armywife101, my wife and I was talking about the this FB page and all the issues that some people have with it. Here is my opinion, first to my understanding this page was established mainly for the single service men. Now for those of you that are making the argument that married men should not be looking at this page, I can understand your reasons but I have to say this to all of you. If a man is going to look married or not then there is nothing you can do about it, it’s up to him to control his eyes and trust me soldiers don’t need this FB page to look at some boobs down range. There are female soldiers that are too willing to show off some cleavage after duty hours, ok. I’m stationed here in Fayetteville and trust me if I went to the mall here I would see much more than some cleavage. In response to married men contacting the women that have posted pics on this FB page and conversing privately with them….. I mean really, if a married man decides to do such a thing; let me tell you this. HE’S TALKING TO OTHER WOMAN ALREADY OUTSIDE OF FB. Now to answer the question that I know is brewing in the minds of all that oppose this page, No I will not be visiting this page, why you might ask? I don’t have the need too for one and secondly I’m in control of my own actions. I’m a firm believer in Christ and know the passage of scripture quoted above, any true believer would not entertain this page and would resist the temptation. Every man is in control of their own actions, so if a man is lusting in his heart that’s because he wants too. So please don’t judge those who support this page, remember they are exercising their rights as an American and if you don’t like the page then exercise your rights and don’t visit the page.. It’s that simple….

  27. No, but what does bother me is “Overly sensitive military wives” group…calling all military wives fat money hungry slobs…..and then they go on to complain that knockers for troops sets women back 60 years….

  28. Did y’all know there’s a guy version of this site for female troops as well? There’s equal opportunity for ya. Who cares it’s just boobs!!

  29. Heres a concept: Let’s call a spade a spade here. This is simply voyeurism at it’s simplest, safest, and (pay special attention here)… most socially acceptable.
    What’s the difference between chicks who go on their own facebook page and post pictures of their own tits for everyone they know to see and girls who go and post pictures of their own tits for people they don’t know to see? Answer: Accountability. It’s the “internet” at simplest form – a world where anyone can be anyone, or no one, and never have to face the negative repercussions (society’s view) on whatever they are doing.
    You have completely random women (more like “girls” and most of which are logically not spouses of military men) posting pictures of their tits for any person on facebook to view. Again, logically, 99% of these viewers will logically not be deployed service members and it is all done under the socially-favored banner of “Support for the Troops”.
    These girls would be labeled whores, trash, and skanks if they were to go and do this under any normal circumstances – but by god, go and slap a “U.S. Troops” stamp on it and all of the sudden it’s “just a joke, fun, and in some comments… “The duty of American women”? Uh huh… and Bush went into Iraq because he thought Saddam was an imminent and potentially catastrophic threat to the U.S., too, right?
    Ask yourself… why are the women posting here? Why are the men commenting here? Well, for the guys perspective – I can answer that quickly: Guys like to see tits. Period. Human Nature. THAT is the benefit of this page to all men, as shallow, primitive, and instinctual as it sounds. Now, what is the motivation behind the women’s actions? What do they get out of it? Drum roll please…… tons… and tons… and tons of compliments, attention, and desire – which I would like to take this moment to point out is also JUST as shallow, primitive, and instinctual – thus, making it “natural”, thought not socially acceptable outside of a medium specifically designed to MAKE it seem “ok”.
    Ask yourself…
    1. Do these women really BELIEVE deep down that showing “deployed troops” their tits is symbolic in anyway of “support” or that it helps to tangibly accomplish some sort of selfless task? No.
    2. Do these women really believe that their tits are being viewed by deployed troops? Are they not intelligent enough to be completely aware that 99% of the viewers are Bob from down the street and Mike from the gym? No.
    3. Is the creator of the page equally naive? Neg.
    The page should be called “Girls who want to make themselves feel better by comment fishing to an endless sea of internet nobodys”. GET REAL. These girls are out there exploiting the very concept that has produced SO many age-old steriotypes for the male gender. You have got to be completely simple-minded not to see through the intentions of both the posters and the commenters. Is what these girls are doing illegal – of course not. Is it feeding a humanistic instinct at it’s truest – absolutely.
    In summary, this page is nothing more than chicks showing their tits to guys so that they can fish comments and compliments. From a guys perspective, it’s just a bunch of tits to look at to pass the time.
    In closing… I say again… let’s call a spade a spade here, really.

  30. @ Trisha McDuffey – I respect your determination and steadfastness, btw. Women won’t think it’s so cute and funny and be so quick to justify it with the obvious reality that there are other “tits” out there to look at when their husband is banging one of these skanks from fb. Wait for it..

  31. There is seriously nothing wrong with KFTT. I have posted my clevage a couple of times and am proud for helping to cheer up soldiers during stressful, grief filled, lonely times. All men look at breasts or asses and any man who says he never looks is lying. its human nature. I have a loving bf and he LOVES seeing my pics up there and gets a kick out of seeing the comments i get.
    to address a few of the concerns about the site yes we show clevage but there are strict rules about it. no pasties, hand bra’s and nothing tasteless. pics that dont follow the rules are taken down and people have been banned for it. yes there are married men on there, doesnt mean we’re trying to hook up. yes I HAVE recieved messages from some of the married men. i politly tell them im involved, thank them for their interest and call it a day. people can be banned from the site for being creeps to us and the people who run the site stay on that ball. as for us being tag chasing skanks…wth is your problem? I’m a fulltime college student with a 3.8GPA as a psych major. i do NOT sleep around, do NOT mess with married men and am NOT disease ridden. I take care of my kids and my house is clean. just because we’re posting pics on there does NOT make us sluts. dont presume to judge us just because you dont like what we’re doing. I have gotten many messages from guys who inform me that they really appreciate what ive done and it makes a shitty time suck a little less seeing something that cheers them up. yeah some of these guys wanna talk, but its nothing sexual, just someone to talk to.
    there are so many worse things that men could be checking out online and you see more walking down the street or at the beach than what is posted at the site. the human body has long since been considered art so let it be and mfind something real to be upset about. have a smurfy day! :D

  32. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it unless you keep ur husband on leash. It’s called trust which trisha doesn’t look like you have much of.. why don’t you just say what u really mean.. you make your husband wear horse blinders. Oh and Dana let not throw the word skank around to lightly.. is that how you met yours.? From Facebook? Cause it really sound like your little speech is coming from the heart. Sorry hunny but if your that worried about a Facebook page then you either got something lacking in your marriage, body or mind.

    • When you say “unless you keep your husband on a leash” don’t you think that’s a bit much? I have seen girls throw out demands at their husbands. And it’s just not right. Your husband is not your pet. He is your other half. He is equal to you. I don’t think that phrase should be used. Especially if you think you have to keep your husband on a leash, there may be something lacking in your own marriage. Trust? Maybe I’m going about this all wrong, but my husband is a human being. He walks on two feet and is his own person. What he does online, on facebook, and in his e-mail is his business. I don’t go sticking my nose in there. I have no reason to.

  33. Oh and by the way.. nice going for those of you whined and cried about it… The only thing you managed to do was push them to open and actual website instead of Facebook where you could have atleast monitored your hubbys on a leash. Now they can do it without you knowing about it… You really showed them huh?

  34. I fully support this website! It is something different and some of the pictures are great! If it boosts their morale, then YES! Keep Knockers For Troops going!!!!! I had heard somebody mention a website called “Muffs For Troops.” I asked my husband if there was such thing. Never seen him run so fast to a computer to either confirm or deny these reports! HA! He was sad to inform me that there is no such website. LoL.

  35. The only thing I have as a complaint to pages like that is some of the girls trolling it and then inviting your husbands to private anything goes groups and they are getting guys, yes even the married ones to also post naked pictures. Some have even exchanged numbers and took it further. Sexy Pics for the Troops is one of the most notorious for this practice. The girl posted on the page has all the guys add her, she has many private groups filled with military guys, most of which have gfs/fiances/wives and the girls post naked pics then get the guys doing the same. Their last group she was exposed for posting fake naked cropped pics off the net. She just moves on and makes more groups. She may be a minor so I suggest before she ruins your mans career like shes trying to do to one soldier now.. check and see if he has the girl posted on that page in his friends. Thats not the only girl out there doing this with your men. Playing in Private Support the Troops pages on FB is the newest past time of your men. A group of soldiers that she has in fact used for gifts while they were deployed and then she dumped then before they got home are banning together to warn soldiers and put a stop to girls like this. Yes, my husband I found out was in a few of her groups, yes he posted his junk on there in hopes the girls would post even more, and yes the girl posted her phone number for any of over 100 men to text her etc and yes he did say he found her from other married men in his shop that are also in there and some of which are trading naked pics with her via text while they are at work… maybe its your husband. I’m all for Knockers if thats where it stops and no one gets used, hurt, or career ruined. Don’t be so naive about why these girls are really on those pages!

  36. I participated in that facebook page…my man is a marine, he’s home but many of his friends are not…I don’t see why wives would be bothered by trying to boost moral for the guys, do these wives have any idea how horrible it is to sit over there separated from everything you know? Have you ever been anywhere where you miss the simplest things in life? If it can get them out of their funk, WHY NOT!!!!!!!!!! They’re not cheating on you, geeeez. Anyway, I’m not going to elaborate any further, I’m just going to say this….WHY DIDN’T YOU PARTICIPATE???? It could have been more fun to have these men pick out their wives chest in all that….wow how that would have gotten their minds off of allot of stress. Trust me, same goes for the guys who would’ve gotten upset over their wives showing there knockers. LIVE LIFE BE HAPPY….nothing wrong with a little fun in this hectic world….

  37. The girls doing the private groups is another story, but again, why don’t the wives create a private group for just them and their man, and I’m sorry, but if your men are doing what they are doing like that, they aren’t for you after all. My man’s ex wife cheated on him while he was deployed, so it goes both ways ladies. Being a wife doesn’t mean the end of being a flirt with your own man. TRUST ME, they’ll love you even more for it. They married you didn’t they….be that girl, the one that won them over….

  38. Hey there, first time visitor here I run a site like the one your talking about, we show way more, but I really enjoyed what you had to say girl. Seriously whats the big deal, if people are against knockers for troops then dont go look, but dont critize those of us who want to look at nice knockers, lol – As for me, I will look and I will like, now I gotta go check out that group and join lol

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