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Krystel is the mom of two and an Army Wife. In addition to Army Wife 101 she is the Co-Founder of SoFluential.com a digital media agency that connects brands with the military market. She has appeared on MSNBC ,FOX LA and formerly was a weekly contributor to HLN's "Raising America". She has written for various outlets including Sheknows and Lifetime and is a big fan of cupcakes and french fries.

5 Comments on Acronyms: What is BAS?

  1. my husband is at AIT and i noticed in his LES there was BAS and they gave it to him then it looks like they took it away i wonder what all that was about it happend to several of us army wifes whos husbands are at ait at tx.????

  2. I am a new army wive. My husband is currently deployed and I am trying tofigure out all our finances fo when he gets back. So my question is, and might sound stupid but i am completely confused, is the BAS included in his regular pay check he gets every month? or does it get in seperate and put together on his LES?

    • Hi Lisa,

      Your husband will only get an LES. The BAS is given to him on his LES. If he is in the Army he should still be getting BAS. The Les is his only paycheck. You should receive $323.87 a month if he is enlisted. Usually allowances are split between the 1st and the 15th. I hope that makes sense.

      Best of Luck ,

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