As the holidays approach I am rejoicing in the fact that my dear hubby is home, and we can be like a normal family and spend the holidays together. On the other hand another part of me is constantly thinking about the military spouses who have to spend the holidays alone this year because their loved one is deployed.


I decided to write this post because I wanted those of you who will be without your spouse on these upcoming holidays to know that you are not alone. I wanted to share some things you can do to make “a blah” holiday better. Now if you live on post and are going home to be with family for the holidays then that is great, and chances are the information below won’t really apply to you. If your spouse is deployed and you staying on post for the holidays then continue reading.

Cook It Out With A Friend

1. If  you are actually looking to be social on Thanksgiving or Christmas then grab that one friend whose spouse is also deployed , plan a small menu and each cook a few dishes. Let the kids play and enjoy hanging with someone else also in the same situation.

Cook It Out Anyway With the Kids Or Even By Yourself

2. If you are the homebody like me make it a family night for you and the kids or if you child free–yourself. You might not feel like cooking, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a hearty dinner. Venture on over to your local commissary and place an order for a Thanksgiving meal. It usually includes a turkey with all the trimmings, two to three dishes and a dessert. Other fun places to eat out on the holidays are places like Golden Coral.

It’s Movie Time

3. I am a Christmas fanatic, so the minute Thanksgiving comes I know many of my favorite holiday movies are scheduled to come on that night. Make it a family night with just you and the kids curled up in the bed or on the couch together and let them get their first taste of “Home Alone”.

I See You

4. On Christmas morning if at all possible I have managed to get hubby on webcam (while he was deployed) and he was able to partake in watching the kids open their presents.

Dinner And The Movies

5. If all else fails, take the kids out to eat at a restaurant and then head to the movies. I love the movies on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

One Last Cry or Laugh

6. Lastly, once the kids are down for the night, take some “YOU” time! This means finding that chick flick that will make you ball your eyes out because trust me a good cry is in order on the holidays alone or watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation…guaranteed to crack you up.

I know many of these tips are common, but they are all tried and trusted by me or someone I know. Holidays alone suck! The key is to make the best of it, and also realizing the day doesn’t have to be perfect.

Have you ever been alone during a deployment? Share your tips on how you coped in the comments section below.




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6 Comments on 6 Tips To Cope With the Holidays During a Deployment

  1. I remember when he was on deployment last year. This is such a wonderful post for all the ladies that are going through what you went through last year! Glad you documented it :) I hope you and the fam had a great vet’s day. Tell the hubs happy vets day as well and thanks for his bravery. I had a good time, all this free stuff has me with my eyes wide open LMAO!! Talk about jackpot hahaa. Anywho, thanks for this post girl I enjoy reading your daily posts and have our little chit chats :P Take care sis,

  2. Thank you for this. Found your site today, you’re great.
    This is hubby’s first deployment during the holidays. We talk daily but I know I have to be strong for our 4 year old during the days that I want to bawl my eyes out the most.

  3. I was fortunate enough to have really good friends to spend the holidays with. This year we will do the dirty Santa together. We will take a group picture of our little friend circle and everyone will go buy a frame that represents there individual styles wrap it up and use that as our dirty Santa presents. I will always cherish these friendships. And our children will do the same only that they will create there picture frames with art supplies while mommies play the dirty Santa ;) and when they are done they will get little goody bags.
    I wrap the presents for my husband for each holiday he misses and when he returns to us we will have them all in two days celebrated. Along with his favorite dishes from each holiday he misses. Gosh I miss him, but I know he misses us even more.

  4. Great Job Krys!! You’ve pretty much covered it and I wouldnt change a word. I am grateful that my deployed hubby chose Xmas for R&R so I will see him in a few days. Past years have been very hard but the kids helped make it better. Staying busy is a major key as well, idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Merry Xmas Ladies from one Military Spouse to another….

  5. back home with my parents for deployment..but my mom is going to chicago to see the rest of the family and my dad is going to be quitting smoking while she is gone AND doesnt celebrate…so im all alone this holiday..i have my friends but there all going to be with there family..any ideas? honestly im trying to forget that there is even a holiday next week… :(

  6. A Dirty Santa gift exchange over FaceTime or Skype can take the edge off of being separated for the holidays. It adds that bit of something (a distraction) to forget the facts on the ground.

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