I always receive questions that are really important and that a spouse really should know. Some of the below may seem rather common sense but what’s common to one person may not be so common to another. So rather then try to answer every individual email I decided to compile what I feel every military spouse should know. Feel free to share this with a new spouse as well.

1.Social Security Number

Yes the good ole SS# is a must have. I know my husband’s better then I know mine to the point of when I am asked mine I stutter because I’m in shock that I was asked that. “How dare you ask me for my SS#, you know I haven’t had to give that out since I got my ID card”! No but seriously ladies your spouses SS# is basically the key to anything you need to do in the Army, whether it means going to the clinic, making an appointment or dealing with any type of Army related business…you will need it.

2. MOS

The infamous stands for “Military Occupational Specialty”.  You should know  his/her soldiers MOS (their job in the military).  MOS usually go by two numbers followed by a letter. For instance my husband is a 15N which is a Avionics Mechanics. So when your sitting around your next group of Army Wives and someone says what does your husband do… now you know. Yes people ask that but I rather they ask that, then rank. For a list of MOS you can visit this MOS List. Keep in mind MOS #’s change quite often for whatever odd Army reason.

3. Unit Info

It is extremely important to know what your spouse’s unit info at all times, but more so when they are deployed. In the event anything happens to you or a family member and you had to send a red cross message, you would need to know this info. Make sure you ask your spouse to write all this information down for you and keep it in one spot.

4. The Name of The Post & Where They Are Stationed

Please spouses– when hubby or wifey gets orders take time to look up the Army post listed on the orders. I have seen many people call Schofield Barracks Fort Schofield or Hunter Army Airfield Ft Stewart Airfield. This is important for the reasons listed above, but also because typing in the wrong name in google can lead to confusion when looking up specific information about a Army post.

5. Understanding Important Documents

Of course my husband has to be complicated but he did make a good point , he suggest soldiers go over their ERB (Enlisted Record Brief) with their spouses in the event the soldier is unable to communicate with you, then you will have a general understanding of important information that can assist you in obtaining benefits the soldier is entitled to should the situation arise.

The items mentioned are just some of the most important factors in the military lifestyle. Although I may joke about them it is essential that you memorize them and familiarize yourself with them, should the need arise for this information.

Share items you think every military spouse should know in regards to their service member in the comments section below.



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8 Comments on The Top 5 Important Things A Military Spouse Should Know About Their Service Member

  1. I do the exact same thing when asked for my social!! I wish i had all this information when he first joined but i had no internet access! so before i would go places and look like a looser when i didn’t know his information!lol.
    On a serious note one question i get asked a lot being in germany is his ETS date & unit phone number.(:

  2. Understand that Power of Attorney is a MUST have when deployed, or even when they’re home, especially if they go to the field constantly. Also, Housing power of attorney when deployed ( learned from personal experience.. got a house on post while hubby was deployed.. and playing internet and phone taking telling him I needed him to sign one)

  3. Ok. I have not heard from my husband in a week and we are new at this. I do believe he is telling me lies I don’t know what to do somebody please help me I am loosing my mind. Another question is I work full time hours and go to school and my husband does not pay anything for me but I think he is try to file my can he do that even though we jst got married 2 months ago.

  4. This was a huge help! My husband left the Army when we first married and now 3 years later rejoined. He leaves next month and wont be back until next year. I’m preparing myself and this deffinately helps! thanks!

    Also I heard that a POA (Power of Attorney) is always good to have. Is this true?

  5. I know all this stuff, but I love that you made this post! Especially with the high rate of deployments these days it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to know this stuff. Also, because your life changes and things change it’s helpful for you to know these things os that your soldier remembers to change things without forgetting, Power of Attorney and Servicemember Group Life Insurance information is impossible to change while he or she is gone. For the last post as well, whther your guy gripes or not GET A POWER OF ATTORNEY!!!! It’s better safe than sorry, because you never know what can happen while he’s gone. Also, my suggestion is to go to JAG with him so as he’s filling it out, you can chime in if he starts to skip something he doesn’t think is important. This is not saying he is trying to keep things from you or that he has to give you access to his entire everything, but he may not think certain articles will be relevant while he’s away, and there could be situations that arise. Everything has the possibility of going crazy during a deployment, and you can’t predict it beforehand. That being said, I’ve also known of many wives who’ve had fully filled out and open POAs and royally screwed their husbands over in the long run., so don’t be surprised if he’s hesitant about certain things. That’s why it’s helpful to go to the JAG office with him so you can see all the articles as well and try to guess in a worst case scenario, some of the things you may need to do in his absence. Some of the things on there, may just not even occur to him. That’s just my advice :-)

  6. Seems someone wanted to give you more fans on that silly OSMW fb page
    “number 4 made me laugh” (quote from the person that shared your link to this page)

    Very good list and helpful for people that don’t always know where to ask questions! :)

    • Thanks some stopping by. I am glad you found the list useful as well :) I don’t know when some of these silly little pages are gonna realize that everytime they post my stuff they just bring me more traffic and readers hehe!

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