Today I shared a picture on Instagram and on my FB fan page that drew some criticism . I know I don’t have to explain I mean heck this is a blog people LOL…but I felt the need too.

In addition we were all gasping at last nights “Army Wives” join me below as I share what I thought!

By the way I talk very fast sometimes so excuse that!




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8 Comments on Krystel Explains The Neighbor Instagram Pic & The “Army Wives” Season Finale Discussed

  1. This is exactly why I love you… you speak your mind.. how boring would your blog be if you were “politcally correct” on everything
    as far as new neighbors.. I know exactly how you feel.. I was at Fort Irwin so long I seen every neighbor on my road move out and new ones come in and my biggest thing was .. “oh god don’t let them be the kind of people that like to party till 4 in the morning while I have kids trying to sleep” or the guy that thinks he has to sit and rev his motorcycle up at 530 in the morning when leaving for PT and wake my newborn up everytime.. till I went off on him :)

  2. Loved your commentary on Army Wives…. But yes the video was way too long! The only reason I watched was because work is super slow. You honestly could have cut out the first two minutes. Really NY do we need to know why you stopped posting videos and how people told you to post etc. just do you! Im a Queens girl so I can say this! Lol

    • LOL ok thanks for your commentary! The funny part is that normally I try to avoid all the chatter but because I hadn’t done one in a while I decided to let it be known. Have you ever watched any of my other vids ?

  3. Yes, I have. They pretty funny but sometimes really too long. I liked the one on OSMW and the one on how you worked so hard on your blog and now that it’s successful people are hating. Thought that was hilarious. Lol. But honestly sometimes I don’t get through the whole video.

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