Sorry guys I know I was supposed to post this last week but I have been traveling and internet access was not that great at least for uploading videos.

Last night’s recap will be up by the middle of this week.


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2 Comments on Krystel’s Final Thoughts: Army Wives Season 6 Episode 3

  1. Roland & Joan’s son was announced to be HIV+ when they first got him his mom transferred the disease to him; not sure if it was drugs or what. They just basically dropped that in and left it maybe wondering how the viewers would feel about it. I totally get the Denise thing she is acting like this chick is a best friend lost or something nevermind Claudia-Joy has been there for her all alone. And Roxy is just being what she really is she’s not ready for the good life yet!

  2. Yeah, Avis (above commenter) is right, it was announced that David was HIV+ when they adopted him.

    Charlie, is the Youth Center lady, and I don’t really like her, I find her pushy.

    Jackie, also really bothers me. From what I could gather from last episode they were doing the fundrasier through the FRG. But in the “real” army, they cannot exclude any rank for an FRG event. That really bugged me.

    I kind of feel that Claudia Joy is jumping the gun at not liking jackie. I mean, she really hasn’t done anything yet that terrible to her… But I don’t know. I may have a bit more optimistic attitude.

    Now, with Denise and Jackie… I think it is weird that Denise is all of a sudden spending all this time with Jackie, but it was stated that they had been friends in the past. So I guess it’s not all that weird.
    I watched last night’s episode just now.

    But, I cannot wait to see your recap of last nights episode!

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