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PCS’ing is a pain in the butt! I think we can all attest to how stressful it can be. There’s packing things you want to take, making sure the movers don’t break anything, finding a house and then of course setting up all your utilities.

For many of us cable is one of those utilities that we enjoy. If you are an avid TV fan who wants to move somewhere and have to worry about that too? Cable, Internet and phone service are one of those luxuries that I personally appreciate having after I move somewhere and still have to wait for the rest of my household items to arrive.

Check out this quick video tip on how to deck out your rental and we know military does alot of renting!

For those reasons I thought it was pretty cool to share CableMover.com with you. CableMover is a free service brought to you by several major cable providers. It helps people moving to quickly get their cable services hooked up , as well as give you useful moving tips.

We all know Summer is officially the PCS (military) moving season and in celebration of moving season,Cable Mover also wanted me to share about a fun contest they have right now that they would just love for you to join in on.

“Make Our Move”, CableMovers new Facebook app focuses on a virtual couple that is preparing for moving season and they need your help to choose between two iconic American cities!  You  can vote for the city of your choice for a chance to win instant and weekly prizes as well as a grand prize of a 32” smart HDTV! Take time to visit the app and not only have a chance at winning great prizes but, also rep your city and tell us why its the best place to live. In addition help other by sharing moving tips and more.

I actually just did it and it was super easy and it’s an instant giveaway so you find out if your a winner right away. You can play daily until .

Click Here To Play Today

Speaking of giveaways CableMover wants to give one of you readers $50 to spend on something for your move or dinner out on the town plus a fun gift pack.
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19 Comments on Let CableMover.com Make One Part Of Your PCS Moving Process Easier+ $50 Giveaway with Prize Pack

  1. This will be our first PCS and I’m dreading it. I’m so nervous about little things. Thanks for such a helpful tool!!

  2. Colorado Springs is wonderful because it has amazing hiking trails, great clean-eating restaurants, and a wonderful community atmosphere.

  3. The Raleigh, NC is wonderful because there are lots of companies, good weather, and the beach as well as the mountains are equidistant.

  4. Manasquan NJ is an awesome place to live, it’s historic with the museams, origional colonial homes and the underground rail road but we also have the beach, boating, parasailing and so much more! Between small coffee houses and big adventures we got it all! And we’ve rebuilt with pride!

  5. Fredericksburg, VA! It is amazing and I didn’t think I would miss it as much as I do. Fredericksburg you have the best of all worlds. Cute downtown area on the river, plenty of rural country living. They have built up the surrounding area with shopping and you are in the middle of Richmond and DC. Plus close to lots of bases/post, Quantico, Belvoir, Lee, AP Hill and Arlington/Meyer. You get the joy of all the seasons. And a not to far from VA Beach. I absolutely love and miss VA! It will always be my home!!

  6. Winlock, WA is my hometown and I couldn’t be more proud. It’s a small town known for the worlds largest egg. People here are different from the city, everyone knows everyone, and always willing to give you the shirt off their back in the time of need. There’s no malls or Walmarts and we’re all okay with that, there’s hunting or fishing that can occupy our time! When we PCD’d away from our hometown it made us realize everything we had and where we want to raise our kids, in Winlock!

  7. I love and cannot wait to get back to Clarksville, Tennessee. The community is awesome. There are plenty of great places to eat. Nashville is a short drive away. It is perfect!

  8. I live in Central North Carolina & it’s awesome b/c we are a short drive to the beach AND the mountains. There is tons to do & lots of good places to eat.

  9. The best city to move to is Memphis, TN- southern charm, fantastic food, great music, low cost of living, and nice weather year round- what more could you ask for!!??

  10. Just finished my fourth PCS (husband’s second). Well, technically we’re not quite done yet as there are still a few more things in the storage unit but we’re *almost* done! SO glad to be back at Fort Carson where we belong!

  11. I cannont tell a lie its not the best its horrrrible dont move here lol serisouly there is nothing only a walmart to shop at no target no nothing!!!

  12. My area is the best (Nepa) because you don’t have to deal with the traffic and crowds of the cities, but you are still 2-3 hrs away from lots of places to visit NYC, Philly, the NJ shore, etc. We also have lots of great outdoor activities.

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