Me with fellow Army Wife Tye from Met in Hawaii and she just PCS'ed to TX.

If you follow my blog you know that I announced a few weeks back that I was PCSing to Fort Bragg NC. Oh don’t fret you all know how I feel about Hawaii, it’s no secret!

In the spirit of keeping things fun and techie-licious, I am going to attempt to do the first ever “Live PCS”. What is that  you ask?

Well for some odd reason there are a great number of you who actually like me and want to know what I am doing at any given time. With that said I will be doing live videos (as much as I can) “Checking In”, Four Squaring, Tweeting and Facebooking it up live from 30,000 miles high. I also will be interacting with you all during layovers, since we have 3 of them.

Wait that’s not it before I actually leave, I will let you in my home as the movers pack us up, our hotel stay and our last few days here on this “Oh so glorious island”! From there join me and the Army Wife 101 clan as we arrive at our temporary final destination ,check into lodging ,and then begin the housing process. Tired yet?

I hope you will engage and spread the word, as interacting live is extremely fun to me and I love tweeting, facebooking and video recording in real time. Heck Army Wife 101 started in my hotel room while we were PCSing to Hawaii.

How Can We Join You?

The “Live PCS” begins Feb 15th ! Stay tuned to the Army Wife 101 Facebook Fan Page for all the updates.



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5 Comments on Live PCS Begins Soon!

  1. We’ll be moving soon after y’all are settled. Would you like to come help us and show the joys of pcsing from overseas? If you speak Arabic, that would be a bonus. I can’t wait to interact with the movers.

  2. I”m looking forward to seeing you go live and make sure to include EVERYTHING..if you know what I mean the good and the bad!! BTW I love the pic of us shown above..we look fabulous as always :-)

  3. Thank you very much for sharing all of this with us. I am new in the Army life and I will be doing my first PCS in March. As always all the information that you give us is a lifesaver for me. Thank you!

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