Maybe I’m past the stage of wanting to shout to the world that my husband is a soldier , or it could be the incident that occurred to an Army Wife at Hunter Army Airfield recently.

According to the wife who wished to remain anonymous the following note was placed on her car due to the famous “I Love My Soldier” decal which is popular amongst many in the military spouse community. The Army wife sent the below note to her local news station WTOC-TV which was posted on Facebook which she says was left on her car outside of the base.

Image Credit: WTOC-TV Facebook

It’s obvious we don’t need to discuss the moron who wrote this note because their unfortunate letter full of ignorance tells me there is no reasoning with someone who has that mindset. The catch 22 is the people this person is so repulsed by are the reasons why they can spew their ignorance. The reality (whether we like it) is no matter how wrong it is not everyone is as supportive about the military as you and I maybe.

The Issue Of Safety

It does bring to light (imo) the issue of safety when it comes to these stickers. At the very beginning of my marriage I was very much #teamhooah and a big fan of wanting to showcase my hero to the world in the form of teeshirts and decals. My husband quickly shut my having any kind of decals or stickers on the car when he deployed. Actually it was before that because it was a bit too girly for him when he drove my vehicle, but his point was that bumper stickers were attention grabbers. He was more concerned about the possible negative attention then the positive. At that point I too became leary of having any kind of stickers in public view because I knew all to well that one crazy person could mess it up for the whole bunch. This was the reason I also avoided putting on any stickers referring to the elections. Other stickers that are dangerous are the family stick figure ones and the obvious “half my heart is deployed” decals.

I hate that one bad apple spoils it for the bunch but I will say to my fellow military spouses please be mindful of the negative effects of having these stickers on your vehicle while your loved one is not with you. Safety is a priority and unfortunately this note proves that military spouses can be targets. Practice situational awareness and take time to consider if that “I Love My Soldier” sticker is really worth a possible verbal or even physical attack from a lunatic.

I would love to hear others thoughts on putting military support stickers on your cars.

Have you had them on your car and do you think they are safe?




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1 Comment on Are “I Love My Soldier” Decals Dangerous For Military Spouses?

  1. I would never had thought that a harmless “I love my soldier” decal would incite this kind of hand written letter. The person who wrote this obviously has other issues they have yet to deal with. Still, good post highlighting an important issue….

    Is it safe to have these decals? I would think twice…

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