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sears-heros-at-home-wish-registryEvery year Sears and it’s customers do an amazing thing and donate gift cards to military families. For a couple of years my family was fortunate enough to be the recipient of the generosity of the Sears Heroes At Home Wish Registry.

People have been asking me on and off since the beginning of the year when can they register for the Wish Registry and I am happy to announce you can on August 29th.

Thousands of active-duty soldiers will be away from home this holiday season. Sears is calling on America to help bridge the miles and make the holidays a little easier for the men and women who serve our country through the Heroes at Home Wish Registry.

The Wish Registry, a seasonal extension of the Sears Heroes at Home program, gives deployed service members a chance to send their love home by providing the means for them to purchase practical gifts such as clothestoys and holiday decorations. The program distributes 100 percent of funds received back to military families across the country. Through the generosity of Sears customers and associates, we’re proud to have raised more than $18 million and helped more than 100,000 families since the Wish Registry launched six years ago.

Registration for interested active-duty member of the military opens at 1pm Central Time on Thursday, August 29, 2013.

You can register at the following link: as well as find FAQ’s and other details there.



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5 Comments on Mark Your Calendars: Sears Heroes At Home Registration Opens End of August…Details Inside!

  1. I have tried to register every year since my husband has been in, and I have never even gotten the registration form through. I really hope that there is a chance for us this year, some family’s really need help during the holidays…

  2. I think this is a great program. I do wish that they would make it to where others could get a chance as well. I know some families that get it every year, while other that really needed it have never got in. Like another commenter said that for families E5 and below would also be a great idea. I have been a military spouse and I don’t think I am entitled to this and never applied for it, hoping someone less fortunate would be helped…I Hope those that really need it this year are able to get one =)

  3. Idk why everyone has this suggestive cut off of E5. My husband is e6, we have 6 children, 3 in college starting this semester. Ages 2-19. why would anyone think our family is raking in the $$$ an officers family is? Yall out your dang minds. We dont have an entitlement attitude, but some of yall braggers sure do. 20 years in, combat tours blah blah blah. So did thousands of others. yall never got it but you got everything else thats offered. Big deal. Go rant eleswhere, like at church.

  4. Some of you should just not comment. Your lack of respect and gratitude is part of the reason many places stop doing things for military families. The size of your families is the decision of the parents and that doesn’t mean your situation is worse or more deserving than another! I think that this is wonderful! My family will never be able to participate due to my husbands rank, but I am glad for those who get receive.

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