friendster myspace ban Pictures, Images and Photos
This absolutely scares me and pisses me off at the same time. I won’t bore you with an detailed explanation here is the article : Social Networking Sites.

It scares me because I wonder what military branch is next and what else will be banned?

That simple.

Edited to Clarify: I am well aware that the blocking of the Social Networks is only on DOD computers. The reason it still bothered me is because even overseas not every soldier is lucky enough to have a laptop. So my opinion is geared towards those who have no choice but to use what I assume are government computers. I am guessing this would also block MWR computers which to my knowledge are also considered government computers.

Lastly this entry was to inform any wives who may not know about this.

It pisses me off because our men and women go off for months and sometimes years at a time and these SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES are great ways to share pics and communicate.

With respect to OPSEC I hope they can come up with a better way.



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