So by now you can tell by some of my blogs I tend to be a certified complainer. As patient and as kind as I am I find annoyance in alot of things.

So today’s annoyance was my husbands units Deployment Ceremony.

Ok simply put what is the point of it?

For those who may have not been to one , it is pretty much a ceremony where the General speaks, maybe a LT COL some soldiers do formation , they do the color guard thing and then they release the soldiers and tell the wives you may go get your soldier….

Umm notice the highlighted part above and then think about all of this is BEFORE the deployment even begins. I guess the part that truly annoys me is not really the ceremony itself, but more so that it’s already hard having your spouse leave but ceremonies like this always seem so final to me. It’s almost like the deployment is being rubbed in your face.

I chose not to go to this one because I had been to one last deployment.

At the end of the day I’m all for formalities but this is one formality I can live without.



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  1. OMG I thought I was the only person that was annoyed by it. This is my first deployment and my husband’s second. I was just over it so I didn’t even attend. It really does seem like they’re rubbing it in your face like you don’t already know that IT IS IN FACT coming up. Oh and what made it even worse for me was that even though everyone in my husbands company knew they were deploying and soon they still didn’t give them a final date which added frustration to me already being annoyed.

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